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Part 136: Episode CXXXIII: Existence

Episode CXXXIII: Existence

“Who is it? Who's calling me...?”

“I... am... Har...”
“What is this light...?”
“I... I reside in Zohar. I am the beginning and the end. The first and the last.”

“A part of me?”
“I am defined by how people observe me. You are actually talking to a virtual version of me that you yourself create... I am 'your perception' of me.”
*shakes head* “I don't understand what you are talking about. Who, or what, are you?”

“In actuality, I do not have a physical form. I am an 'Existence' of a higher dimension. A place you cannot perceive... But in terms you understand, it is a world where everything acts as kinds of waves... It is the source of this four-dimensional universe... The place where time and space is controlled... The fluctuating void... The 'Wave Existence'.”
“What does such an 'Existence'... have to do with me...?”
“Long ago, a 'modifier', or a pseudo-perpetual, infinite-energy engine was created. That engine was named 'Zohar'. That reactor was created by an ancient people from another planet to attain what is considered to be the ultimate energy possible within this four-dimensional universe. Eventually, those people used that same engine to create the ultimate inter-planetary invasion weapon, 'Deus'... Zohar was used as its primary source of power. But the unexpected happened... During the connection tests of Zohar with the newly completed Deus, the engine started to examine infinite potential phenomena... Requiring energy, the engine connected this dimension to the higher dimensional space. As a result, that reactor 'merged' or 'synchronized' with the wave existence in that higher dimension... ME. I 'descended' from the point of contact created by the machine through the 'Path of Sephirot', or the domain you are in right now, and incarnated in the four-dimensional world. After I 'advented' to the four-dimensional world, in order to stabilize myself here, I had to exchange, or materialize, my form and enter into the 'modifier' engine... “
“I understood like NONE of that...”

“In other words, I became bound in 'Zohar'... the 'cage of fleshly existence'. Since the time I was bound in Zohar, I have always wanted to return to my own dimension... And I came to a conclusion. I had to reverse the process I went through to arrive here. I must be released by the one who instilled within me a special feature of this dimension - the 'will'... That one is you.”
“Decided it was me? A special feature??”
“Yes. I was given a special attribute of a human by you, the Contact, when you observed me... I was given... a mother's will.”
“A mother's will?”
“I'm sure you remember. After my descent, you had contact with the modifier engine, 'Zohar'.”

“Thus I came to prepare the mother's will... That will is Elhaym.”
“Elly's disposition was influenced by me?”
“Yes. My will was incarnated through a bio-computer which was vital for Deus. After combining with me, the bio-computer evolved its functions, and that bio-plant generated a central element. That is her. I was split by your contact. My physical form or flesh stayed in Zohar, while my will went into Elhaym and my power went into you. That's why I waited to unite with you. And now, it is fulfilled. My only remaining desire is to break this 'cage of fleshly existence'... In order to do that, I must become perfect by combining with Elhaym, as well as my other split physical form, 'Deus'. The only way to return to my original dimension is to destroy this physical body. In the four-dimensional world, Zohar is perfect, so in order to destroy Zohar I need the strength that was attributed to you... Zohar can only be destroyed by the hands of the 'Contact'.”

“Zohar and Deus are one. She is bound to the system by another's will to become one with me. In order to release her, it is necessary to destroy that very system that serves as the Deus weapon... However, having been created as a weapon, the Deus system seeks to unify itself with all of you for a different purpose than that of mine. Originally, her release should have been performed by me, the one who desires to return back to the higher dimension... But, I am also bound to the system just as she is, so I am unable to participate. You are the only one who can release her from the spell. Just as Deus and I are inseparable, you and her are also inseparable.”
“...I’m still following like NONE of this...”
“Go kill Deus and the Zohar so I can go home and you can save your girlfriend.”
“...Oh. That’s a bit easier to understand.”

“...Alright. I'll destroy Deus and the Zohar modifier. And I'll save Elly.”
“You have experienced much loss and deprivation in your life. It is very tragic. Our contact, and the resulting transference of power and will between you and I, most likely played a factor in splitting your personality.”
“I disagree. I can't blame anything or anyone besides myself. Regardless of what may have happened in the past, with the passing of time the cause becomes more remote. It is a problem that comes from within myself, that I myself must deal with...”
”And I just dealt with it. So no biggie.”
*sighs* “Oh... That’s a relief. The previous Contact was a bit more...irritable... Err... I mean...”

“If you have succeeded to do all these things, I am sure you will succeed in what awaits you now.”
*glows brighter* “To liberate all of us... Use... the... Xe... no... gears... des... troy... Zohar...”
”Xenogears... What IS a Xenogears anyway...? Hey, where are you going?”

The Wave Existence fades away...

Well, it took over 60 hours but there we have it...Xenogears! A giant robot pimped out by GOD! Makes about as much sense as anything at this point.

“You must come to your own conclusion on this matter.”
“That doesn’t help!”
“Such is the way of Xenogears! Also I pimped your ride.”
“...Yeah, okay. I can go without a proper explanation. Thanks higher dimensional being...god...whatsit...”
“No prob.”

Xenogears Illustration – Look, they don’t know when the appropriate time to use a plural is in the higher dimension...