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Part 23: Episode XXII: Bart, Fei, Margie and the Conveniently Placed Office Encounter

Episode XXII: Bart, Fei, Margie and the Conveniently Placed Office Encounter

Music: Invasion

"I don't know. Where does it go?"
"I'm asking you! This thing wasn't here before."
”Well I dunno. I climbed in through the roof.”
*turns to Margie* "Don't worry. We'll get you back home... somehow!"
"I'm not worried."
”So...that Citan friend of yours didn’t mention an err...escape route, did he?”
“Nope. What’s the plan?”
“I was asking you again.”
“...We probably should have thought of that earlier, huh...?”

"Hey Fei, how did the Tournament go?"
"Uh, I won... I guess..."
"That's what I thought. I knew you could do it."
”I bet there were some really badass guys, huh? Like maybe dudes that can stretch his limbs and breathe fire? Or maybe a ninja that can freeze people? Or maybe...”
“I fought an overweight guy with a club, an Elvis impersonator, a pill popping little girl, a balding redhead kid from my old village, and some guy in a mask that dodged everything and then forfeited...”
“Are we almost there yet? The air in this elevator is...a little thick.”
“Yeah well I didn’t really take a breather to wash off after the tournament and then climbing the wall to get in here... Sorry.”
“No, I don’t think it is you.”
“...I might have swam through the sewers to sneak in...” *cough*
“...And jinkies, that's the mystery solved.”

Everyone piles out of the elevator...

*whistles* “How many more chapters do you think until we steal something like that...?”
“I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

"Yeah, but look what's coming out of it...!"

”Not really.”
"Bart, we better get outta here...and fast!"
”Ah, y’all are no fun!”

The party has a really silly chase to the southern end of the base. I think the Gebler soldiers have about two frames of animation for their single file running.


” chains. And I ask you...can we ease the paaaaain of those who looooost. Can we know the cause of all this soooorrow. Can we ca—“
“Oh, what the crap?!”

“There are intruders in the base! There are three intruders...presently heading...for the dock area. The two men may be killed...but do not harm the girl.”
*sigh* “Why do these sort of things always happen on my lunch break?”

Elly exits her office...

”Alright, there. I followed protocol. No sign of anyone to report. Shee—“


"You're...Elly? What are you doing here?"
”I work here.”
"I should be asking you! ...Don't tell me you're the intruders, Fei?"
”This alarm isn’t exactly for a fire drill.”
"If she's in our way, just..."
"Wait a second, Bart! She... Elly is not an enemy!"
"Not an enemy? Are you insane? Look at her uniform! She's a Gebler officer!"
”It’s complicated...”

The Gebler soldiers decide to finally chase in after the gang, despite having been just a few feet trailing behind earlier.

It seems Gebler’s search protocol involves just Scooby Doo style chases and not sweeping the area and going room to room to check for the intruders hiding. So, ducking in Officer Van Houten’s office for a few minutes gets the party off the hook.

"Fei, can you explain to me how you know a Gebler officer?"
"I don't know where you met her, but no matter how you look at it...she's a Gebler officer! Not an enemy? Where do you get off saying that?"
”I mean, I’d totally tag her and everything. But it’s not like I’m gonna sit down for breakfast the next morning, if you know what I mean.”
"Yes. Special Forces of the Sacred Empire of Solaris...also known as Gebler... I'm Lt. Elhaym Van Houten of the Ignas Army's Third Assault Division. And...while returning from a mission to capture the newest model Gear from a Kislev military factory...I was attacked by pursuing Kislev Gears and crash-landed in your village... I wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't bring myself to... When I heard what my crash-landing in your village had caused... I couldn't tell you..."

"I overheard you talking with doc."
”Seriously, I was leaning on one arm in front of the fire looking straight at both of you just feet away. Why did you all think I was dead asleep?”
"Then why?"
"It was...all my fault. But I lashed out at you with my own feelings... I'm sorry."
"No it wasn't..."
”Nah, it’s cool. I’ve pretty much gotten over it...even if life seems to keep guilt tripping me.”
"Just forget about it. You couldn't help it... You had your own problems."
"But, Fei...why are you with them?"
“Err...let’s just say...”

"I'm cooperating with Bart and his crew. We came to rescue Margie who was taken prisoner in the castle here."
"I see..."

Elhaym turns to leave the room...

*turns back to Bart* "You want to get out of the castle, right? In this confusion you can escape through the Gear launch door."
”Will we really be able to get through security like that?”
“A martial artist that a whip...? A martial artist and the Vampire Slayer here managed to break in, didn’t they? Needless to say, this isn’t the most airtight secure location I’ve ever been assigned to...”
“...Point taken.”

"Great idea! we really buy that? I don't think so! She talks sweet, but she's probably planning to turn us over to that old bald geezer. It's a trick, Fei!"
"Wait Bart! She's not a bad person. She said she'd help us, so let's go with her plan."
"You're always like this! Can't you see...she's in Gebler!? Don't be so damn trusting!"
"That's not it, Elly?"
”...No, I am indeed in Gebler. I just said that.”
"Oh yeah? Look where your ability to judge characters got you...!"
”What is wrong with you all? I should not be the most level headed voice of reason in ANY room!”
"Fei, what about you? Do you believe her?"
*turns to Elly* "I made up my mind long ago."
"Gah! First you, now her! The whole lot of you can go jump off a cliff for all I care!"
”That might be your only option if you don’t stop arguing and follow me. Now, can we go already?”

Elly checks the area and confirms the coast is clear. Apparently her vision follows the third person camera to see around corners. They teach that at the Solaris military academy.

Elhaym leads the party to the Gebler Gear hangar storage. Since posting guards at the military grade robots never occurred to anyone in this chicken shit outfit.

“You can start any standard Gear with this code."
”’4-8-15-16-23-42’ Really...?”
“Oh...that... Yeah, the security technician for this base is a total geek.”

"This is all I can do for you. The rest is up to fate..."
"Alright! Let's go, Fei!"
"What are you doing? Hurry up!"

"You're not the type of person suited to a place like this!"
"I'm not trying to be mean or anything but...I mean you're pretty bad at this soldiering thing... Like nearly comically so."
"You're just wasting time talking! They're coming! We're gonna get caught!"
*shakes head* "Thanks, but it's impossible. I'm... a Solaris soldier... This is where I belong. I can't go with you."
”I’ve got a stable career and military position. I am not going to throw it all away to become...I am not even sure what you all are supposed to be...”
“Desert pirates!”
“Yeah...that... Thanks, but no thanks, Fei.”

Elly begins walking away...

”Welp, nice try pal but I think you struck out.”
“ kinda bombed there...”
“Screw both of you. Tch...let’s just get outta here.”

”So...anyone know how this ‘launcher’ thing works...?”
“...Well you just put the Gear on this platform and...well it locks into place and th—“




A short while later...

“Commander!!” (Commander... I've a message from Hyu...)
”Hmm.............official school........high value.........stand d...WHAT?!” *groans*

“Recall all men back to base and wait for further orders!"
*sighs in relief*
*looks slightly to the right* <Maybe I should consider going blonde one of these days...>

"...That fool. What is he doing down here now...?"

Elly Official Art – I take it the Gebler military does not have regulations regarding appropriate hair length. Or pants.