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Part 28: Episode XXVI: Bartholomew Fatima and the Nisan Gambit

Episode XXVI: Bartholomew Fatima and the Nisan Gambit

To trigger the next plot point, the gang needs to shuffle on over to the Assembly Hall that Maison has reserved for some good ol’ fashion war planning.

The party heads on in...

“The owner said... 'if we need anything for the young master, just ask for it.'"
”Don’t suppose he had any brews on tap?”
“I’m afraid not.”
“Dang... Oh well...”

"I'm grateful. When I was a kid, I borrowed stuff from there and got in big trouble."
"Borrowed... What did you take?"
"A toy boat... I think that's what it was. I put fireworks in it and let in float on the cathedral's lake. I always used to play 'navy'. I'm not sure, but I think I pretended the lake was the open sea...and I was the fleet commander."
“...Oh. Figured it would have been cigarettes and cheap liquor or something.”
“Well yea, that too. That just goes without saying.”

"Anyway... forget those old stories. We should get started."

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

"Yes, Ramsus is headed towards achieving his goals. That he is now the commander of Gebler is proof of that. A normal man could not progress so quickly through that country's organization. And now he is presently located here in Ignas. Frankly, the situation is not very favorable. We need to somehow find a weak spot and attack it with all our might."
"First, let's just concentrate on Shakhan. Once he's out of the way and Aveh is safe again, we can think about how to deal with Gebler.”
”Plus my foot has a long past due meeting with his ass.”
“With our present strength we should be able to hold off the royal guard forces. The problem is how to deal with Gebler in the mean time... They will most likely move at Shakhan's request. They're not just gonna sit by and watch quietly."
"...May I have a look there please?"
”Are you gonna totally hijack the operation again?”
“Of course not.”
“I am sure Sigurd will interject as well.”

“At least until we are able to take back the Royal Capital, Bledavik. These are the Gebler units currently in Aveh, correct?"

“Each is made up of a mix of Gebler and Aveh forces. Only two of these are very large. The Royal Capital's defense units and the Kislev border units. The western guard along Nisan's border are little more than a surveillance team."

“ will be necessary to draw these defense units away from Bledavik."
"We have some Kislev made Gears, correct?"
"Yeah, we captured some earlier."

“ at the border with Nisan?"
"I see. We'll draw them out by making it look like Kislev is invading Aveh."

“...will attacking the border guards be enough to set the center in motion?"
"To be sure then, Nisan will just have to appear to align with Kislev. If they see it that way, they will certainly make a move."
"You're saying that you intend to use Nisan as bait?"
”Ain’t we gotten enough peaceful towns blown up lately...?”
"Shakhan is very sensitive to Nisan's and Kislev's actions. If Nisan starts moving he will probably leave it up to Gebler, but..."
*shakes head* "Of course I do not wish to do that from the beginning. But looking at the situation, we have to be willing to go that far."
*munch* “Good sandwich...”
"First, we infiltrate into the capital. To take out Shakhan, we'll have to meet up with our agents already in the city."
"We are forgetting one thing... The front line units along Kislev's border."
”...! Oh yeah...big decades long war...forgot about that.”

“It's been in service since the reign of the last king. Because of its firepower, the whole unit is nicknamed the 'invincible fleet'. I recall yesterday's intelligence report said that the ship is near the border."

"Do not feel so down. I simply wanted you to see the current distribution of force in the area. Even in the worst case that they do come, it will not be such a great problem."
"What do you mean?"
"I have some additional information about Aveh's border fleet. The former Aveh supreme commander was transferred there. Not really transferred, more like demoted... His name is Vanderkaum."
"Vanderkaum... You don't mean the Vanderkaum that was in Jugend?"
”The one with know...the face?”
"The very same."
*snort* “Oh...then that is no problem. Vanderkaum had more than a few...shortcomings...and I’m not just talking about in the showers.”
"Young one, he has not been able to adapt to the change in tactics...particularly following the introduction of Gears... He is a man who will never stray from his dependence on large naval guns."
”I wonder...did he happen to like sticking giant cannons in his bedroom. Cuz I saw something like that in Fatima Castle. Thought it was kinda strange.”
“That sounds like Vanderkaum. I believe overcompensation was his middle name.”
“So is Vanderkaum his first or last name?”
“Then what’s his first?”
“I see... Anyway...”

"You mean, he's stubborn. He is all size and no real military power. An excellent target for pirates."

"Just kidding."
”It’s just a covert act of war using a neutral nation as bait to perform a coup. Totally on the up-and-up.”
"Actually, the number of Gears assigned to the fleet seems to have been reduced. Even with that... how gallant of him to be so self-righteous."
"Is he that much of a muscle head? It'll be fun taunting him."
"Young master!"
"I know! I know!”
”Remember, young master: tiny dick jokes. He will go BALLISTIC. No pun intended.”

“Anyway, Citan, do you think he can strike our Gear forces?"
"It is not a problem. Even with Vanderkaum, we have enough forces left to pull off the feint. However, it would not be wise to underestimate our opponents."

“...we must keep the fleet at the Kislev border from returning to the capital."

"A few effective soldiers to hold the enemy at bay... A small force is best."
"A small force...?"
"What if Fei leads a group of Gears there?"

”I zoned out like...ten minutes ago! I’m doing what now...?”
"Hold on now! There's no reason to involve you all in this!"
"...I'll do it. Yes, let me do it. When do we leave?"
"...Are you sure?"
"We've come this far... Hey, we're friends to the end, now!"
”Yadda, yadda, yadda...go bust some heads. Diversion or some crap. Sounds good.”
"Speed is everything. We should do this as soon as possible."
"Alright, tomorrow!"
"I am truly grateful... Fei... Citan."
"Yeah! There's no way we can lose! No one will die in vain!"
"Well put, young master!"
”Why’d you have to go jinx us like that, Bart...?”
“Ah. Stop being so damn superstitious. Come on. Let’s go find some booze.”
“But...what about the big operation tomorrow?”
“Hello? I’m a pirate. This is like...required operating procedure...”

And we quickly jump to the following morning. No trippy flashback/dreams this time around thankfully.

"What's with the long face? Not feeling well? Or are you feeling sad about saying goodbye? Or maybe you're just nervous?"
"Shut up, stupid! Don't bug me!"
”I’m just hung-over. Sheesh!”
*groans* “Ugh...I am never listening to you again, Bart...”

"Hee hee. Well... It's almost time."
"Yeah, yeah... Is everyone ready to go? I'll be waiting here so let me know when you are through preparing."

So this is our last chance to go purchase supplies and the like before getting locked into a very lengthy series of events. But, I think we’re ready. Let’s get this over with.

Some time later...

“We'll wait for the right moment, then head for the palace in the Yggdrasil!"
*nods* "Got it. But avoid any unnecessary deaths. This especially goes for the Aveh troops and also the people from Gebler."
”Well, more the former and less the latter. But...just at least make an effort.”
"Yes. We understand."
"I guess I'm going to raise some hell in my Weltall then."
"We're counting on you!"

“Maybe, 'Your Majesty'...?"
"Cut it out. Bart's fine... 'Great Mother of Nisan'!"
"Hey...! You know I hate that title!"
"Ha ha ha! Well, we're outta here!"
"Okay. Good luck!"
”Try not to punt Shakhan’s head too far over the castle wall.”

Bart and the rest of his entourage depart as the Yggdrasil leaves Nisan’s dock...

“Seeing you two brings my hopes up. Long ago before the Fatimas of Aveh were called Fatima... The royal brothers and their wives oversaw many prosperous reigns or eras. I'm looking forward to the day, when as the Great Mother of the Nisan will take your place on the throne as Bartholomew's wife."
"What!? Hey, hold on! I hate talking about queens and romance...! Bart and I are best friends!"
”And what’s more...we’re frickin’ COUSINS. Can you say ‘eww!’?”
"Ha ha, marriage IS the best friendship."
" did you think the Fatima Royalty and Holy Mother family lines remained pure for so many generations?"
"Well Marguerite, at the rate that you are maturing into a beautiful woman...I don't think Bart will be able to ignore you much longer."
"Stop it, you're embarrassing me!"
”Which is a nice way to say ‘grossing me the hell out’. Argh...”

Some time later...

“We'll meet at the Rockies by the border tomorrow at 1200. Got it?"
“The time has finally come.”
“I'm pumped!”
"Though the warship is outdated, you're only going in as a small unit. It's going to be a tough fight, but you could change Aveh's future. I'm counting on you."
"Leave it up to us, young master! We'll drag Vanderkaum's tail around and around!! Right, son!?

"Huh? Ha, ha, ha, ha... Well, young master...we promise to make something out of this battle!"
”Right then. 291st Redshirt Squadron move out!”

The troops file off to their Gears...

Music: Lost...Broken Shards

“ careful, okay!?"
"You too..."
"If...anything happens to me... take care of Margie and them for me!"
"...Don't jinx yourself! It's not like you... But... I'll take care of them. Don't worry."
”And I don’t mean like ‘take care’ take care either. No making moves on my cousin!”
“Yeah, yeah. Chill out. She’s not my type. Besides isn’t she like 12?”
“Ah right. Not enough hair.”
“Yeah...Later, dickbag.”

And away we go!

Weltall Takes Off FMV

Bart and Margie Marriage Artwork – How do I keep ending up LPing these games full of incest...?!