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Part 45: Episode XLIII: Ricardo Banderas – Silent Assassin

Episode XLIII: Ricardo Banderas – Silent Assassin

Music: Pray for the People’s Joy

”Nice. But...HELL YEAH! Got that stupid bomb collar off! Ha, ha, ha!”
“I can FINALLY look down again. Man, it’s been too long.”

"Yes, the room given to the Champion... Is it not to your satisfaction?"
*shakes head* "No, it's not that. What about Rico...?"
"...Rico? He's the 'ex-Champion'... Now you are 'the Champion'!"
"But, what happened to him...?"
”And what do I do with all his stuff? I mean, a box set of Grey’s Anatomy DVDs? The hell do I need with that?”
"After the Finals League, during the group league bouts, his Gear went out of control. The out of control Gear crashed into the Kaiser's box seat, and was damaged. Nothing has been heard from the former Champion, Ricardo, and no one has seen him since the incident..."
"There are no Battling competitions for a while so you can rest up a bit. The explosive collar has been removed. How about taking a walk around 'A Block' - the civilian area of Nortune?"
"...'A Block'... civilian area?"
"The southeast part of the Imperial capital... It is called A Block or the ordinary civilian area... Well then, we shall take our leave..."
”Wait a sec. Gotta question.”
“How the heck do I turn off this organ music playing on loop?”
“I am sorry. I am uncertain. Battling Champion Quarters Maintenance is not my duty. You’ll need to file a complaint with division in the Central Administration District.”

"Anyway... This room is yours to use. Next door is your bedroom. Oh...and, Fei. Now you will be given the title of Champion as well as special S Rank privileges. Well, congratulations on winning the Battling championship... We were able to take some very good data... Ha ha hm. One more thing, good news. Kaiser Sigmund would like to meet you, Champion Fei. Please stop by the Central Administrative District. Well...good bye."

Rue and her subordinates depart and are never seen again...

"So, what are you gonna do now, bro? Leave Nortune?"
”My bags were packed yesterday. Let’s hit the ro—“
"We are not yet finished. There is one thing left to do here."
"... I know. It's Weltall, right? We can't just leave it here. We have to get it back somehow..."
”...Is what I would say, were I insane. But I’m not. At least, I think I’m not. So, you guys ready to get out of this dump?”
"It is best if we assume Weltall has been moved to a different dock... So, I guess that is where you come in, ...Hammer!"
”I was just kidding, doc. I don’t even like that Gear.”
"Got it, doctor! I'll find out where your Gear is... I'll bet my name as the 'Imperial capital's No. 1 Supplier' on it!"
*sigh* ”...And now I know why I missed this portrait so much.”
"Okay then, let's work separately. I'll work by myself, while you, Hammer and doc, work together..."
"Bro, don't you trust me or something? I work better alone! Nothing against Citan, but he'll just get in the way, bro. So then...just leave it to me, OK!"

Hammer runs down the stairs and out the door...

”You do know the young prince is going to give you a world of grief if he accompanies us.”
“Ugh. I hadn’t even thought of that... Crud. Didn’t you say a battleship or something got dropped on him?”
“Yes. But, no body, no death. You know how it is with these things, Fei. Anyway...”

"......We should make a move too."

We now have access to a new bedroom and save point up above Latina’s Bar in D Block. Neat, I suppose. I’d probably get this blankets and linens thoroughly washed before sleeping in Rico’s old bed, though. But that’s just me.

Music: Invasion

If we attempt to leave the bar, the hostess will inform Fei that Hammer will meet up with us at the Wildcat bar in A Block once we’ve “taken care of everything”. Not sure why we wouldn’t just meet up at our swanky new hideout to discuss breaking into a government facility to steal a Gear. But meh...

Anyway, we are now free to travel to any point in the sprawling metropolis of Nortune. Heck, we can even pack up and leave town!

The World Map Nortune looks like someone ran over an albino turtle. Looks like we’re about as far north as we’re going to get on Ignas. I do have to wonder where in the hell Elly’s group were planning on heading when they flew over Lahan at the beginning of the game. Lahan was that little yellow dot on the middle eastern part of the continent. Bledavik is the southernmost dot far to the west. No wonder she was lost when we met her in the woods.

Despite our newfound freedom, we still are pretty much stuck in Kislev as the border patrol is blockading access into Aveh. Shucks...

Oh well, let’s check out the new A Block sector of town. I bet it’s a bit more high class than D Block prison zone...

...Or it could look exactly the same. That works too. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected too much out of someone assigned a letter and block in fantasy Moscow. This town...

There isn’t much at all going on in A Block. There’s an accessory and item shop, but they’re not stocking anything that Hammer wasn’t already carrying. Though, they do provide goods in twenty words or less. So, perhaps they are there for convenience sake. We can also take a look at the latest model Kislev automobile. Sadly, Fei has grown out of his carjacking phase from the first Act.

Over on the eastern part of town are some sh—hey! It’s Big Joe! How the hell did he cross the entire desert, jump the border, and make it into the civilian part of the city. And not get a bomb collar in the process. Is Fei the only one who got one of those and everyone else was just taking the piss?!

"Something interesting...?"
”Are we talking interesting interesting? Or interesting by this city’s standards? Either way, lemme look.”
"Oh! So you do want to go take a look, huh? ... Well, young man, if all in this world was that easy, huh? You know, I can't just let you go see for free! So...let's make a deal then boy! I'm talking money, friend! Cash, moolah, wampum, G! If I was just to get out of your way and leave... well, it would benefit you, but... it'd be of no profit to me! If I gain, you gain! That's the way it goes! It's a fair trade, is it not, friend? It's a bargain at 5000G!"
”Meh. That’s pretty steep. This had better be like a three-titted Martian or something for that price.”

Fei hands over the cash...

"What's the problem? It's much further in from there... Hurry up, now!"
”C’mon, doc. Let’s take a look.”

Fei and Citan enter the alley...

"What's with this!? It's just a dead end!?"

Music: Steel Giant

"Ah! Hey, wait!!"

Fei and Citan run back out...

”Well fuck...”
“Let this be a valuable les—“
“Cram it, doc.”

Music: Invasion

After getting mugged by a flamboyant gay drunkard Elvis, there’s very little left to do in this district. The Wildcat bar is just down the street from the rip-off alley. But, Hammer has yet to show up with...whatever the hell Hammer is doing. There isn’t much going on in the bar proper. Other than the most annoying ass waitress NPC ever. You’re not even doing anything but walking in circles. Stop making unskippable prompts telling me to get out of the way!!

There is a usable jukebox in the back of the bar. However, the music disc in it is busted and it won’t play at the moment. We’ll just have to keep this in mind.

Not far from the bar is a rather easy to miss stairway that lets us onto the roof. From there, Citan and Fei can...

...jump down someone’s chimney. Sure, why not?

Said chimney lands us in someone’s bathroom for...some reason... Ergh...alright? Let’s just let ourselves out...

"Uh, huh? You're the one from D Block......"
*nods* "...? Do you know me?"
"Fei, you did not...with this woman while I was gone?"
“It is alright, Fei. I do not judge.”

"Wa, wait a minute, doc!? I didn't do..."
"Heh, haha. You probably can't tell by the way I'm dressed."
”’re not that henchman of Rico’s that looked like a bearded dude and turned into the grim reaper cosplayer, are you? No wait, she got murdered... Err...? You got me. All I remember from D Block are strippers with different hair colors.”

"...!? You, the one from D Block!"
"Yeah, now you remember. Long time no see. Oh, you got that collar off?"
"Yes, he became the Battling Champ. He is no longer a prisoner."
"Then you're the Battling Champ? Wow! That's great! I knew you were strong."
”Yeah, it was nothing... Just was in a funk that first day. But now I’m back to 100% and can take on the world.”
*turns to Citan* “And you might be?"
"Oh, excuse me, we have never met. I am Citan Uzuki. You could say that I am his guardian."
"G, guardian...?"
”Do you HAVE to cockblock me with every woman we meet, doc?”
"Presently, I am the doctor in the imperial D Block..."
“!? Hold on! What are you doing here!?"

"Sigh, what's going to happen if someone gets injured now!? Who's going to look at the injury? Don't you feel an obligation as a doctor to... Dr. Uzuki, don't you have any responsibility!?"
”It is Wednesday. Has Mr. McNamara gotten his medication this morning? He will go into cardiac arrest if his prescription isn’t refilled by the end of the week. And has Eddie’s bandages been changed regularly? What about—“
"I, I am extremely sorry."
*shakes head* "...Uhmm, mind if I interrupt?"
"You're the doctor in charge here? That's what I heard from Hammer."
"Aaahh, that. Following the request of the empire, I agreed to be in charge of this part of the city, but now they're telling me they already have enough doctors... Who do they think they are? So, for now, I'm just on standby. As long as nothing really big happens, I think I'm going to be here for quite a while..."
*turns head and glares at Citan* “Wonder how that happened...”
"...I know I'm in no position to ask you, but do you think you could return to D Block?"
"Isn't Dr. Uzuki in charge of D Block? I can't just do that."
"Well it's about that.”
”As you can see, doc is a terrible doctor. He used to be the doctor for my village before it exploded. His house was at the top of a mountain full of wolves and killer fungus with a broken bridge half way up. You were better off just staying in bed then trying to make the trip.”
“What are you...?”
“And responsibility. This is one doctor that has none of that. He’s got a wife and kid he hasn’t seen for nearly a month since he’s been following me around being my ‘guardian’.”
“That’s terrible.”
“Ain’t it? On top of that...”

“ ...We're leaving the capital soon. Of course doc will be with us. would be good if you could take care of D Block."
"I see you've got your own problems... Okay, leave D Block to me. And also, if you have any other problems, come to me. I'll try to help in any way I can."
"I am sorry about this. Please take care of everyone."
*to Fei* "Thanks, I owe you one."

Fei and Citan turn to leave...

“If you come through the know! It might be at the wrong time."
*looks down* "...... Uh, yeah. You're right... I understand. And, how many knocks?"
"Hmmm, let's say...... '2, 1, 2'... Would that be okay?"
"Got it. 2, 1, 2... right?"
"Uh huh, yes. Well then, good luck."

Oh well. That’s about it for A Block. The Kaiser still wants to meet us. So let’s head on over to the giant ship in the center of town serving as both the city’s power plant and administrative sector.

“Huh? Well, if it isn't the Battling Champ, Fei."
"The Kaiser's waiting. Please, come this way."

The soldiers escort Fei and Citan further into the area... Shortly thereafter...

"I thought so. Security's been lightened to lure Fei."

Rico approaches the front door...

"Guess I'll get in through that air duct up there."

Alright...John McClane sized air ducts I can accept. Crouching dude sized ones I can barely tolerate. But I’m drawing the line at ducts that can accommodate seven foot tall pro wrestlers.


The Kaiser’s room is through the elevator ahead and up the stairs. Thought, despite being ex-convicts that had just had their names cleared via violent combat, we’re free to wander around anywhere in the government sector. So let’s take a look around.

To the west we can find a war room with a hologram of Kislev’s super secret weapon, the Blackbird from Chrono Trigger. They changed its name to the Goliath so they didn’t get sued. But, you can’t fool me, Xenogears.

We can also take a look at a rather pixilated old map of Xenogears’ entire world. seems to have a few extra continents compared to the World Map out on the field...

To the east is a staircase leading to a lower level. Behind it we can find a worker taking care of a dog from Lahan it rescued. It doesn’t seem very friendly toward Fei. I wonder what that’s all about.

On the lower level, we can mess around in the kitchen for the district. Kind of small to feed the entire government sector and military high command... But at least the milk is fresh.

“No one’s telling me anything... He’ll come back, I know he will...”
”Y, Yeah... I’m su... Sure he will! Ahahaha!”
“Doc! Cheese it!”

At the far end of the lower level we find a cargo hold. There seems to be some trouble at the far end. The forklift is busted and they’re unable to get the cargo out of the room.

At the northern end of the cargo hold is a crane that is busted and moves from north to south automatically. There is a ton of disorganized cargo between the two sides of the room.

This leads to a mini-game where we must navigate the crane through the cargo to the other side of the room without hitting anything. If it does collide with any cargo, it will stop and we must leave the room to reset it. Fun.

Should we make it to the far side of the room via ample savescumming careful navigation, we can hop over the crates to retrieve a spiffy Gear accessory for later. Spiffy.

That’s about it for the lower levels. Let’s take the funky multi-direction elevator to the upper levels and meet the Kaiser, shall we?

Well, actually let’s explore first. The southern area of the upper level is the ship’s bridge, now used as a Kislev command hub. There isn’t much to speak of from the military personnel. They’re just all kind of annoyed the Kaiser isn’t acting despite Aveh’s entire front line getting mysteriously waxed last week. There is mention of a single survivor from the mission to Lahan that had a nervous breakdown. Unfortunately, there’s no follow up to that where Fei can wander up to him and make a “boom” noise to fuck with the guy.

The eastern part of the hallway leads to the Kaiser’s wife’s room. It seems she went missing a number of years ago. Hmm... I’m sure nothing will come of that. Let’s go meet Sigmund properly.

Fei and Citan head to Kaiser Sigmund’s room...

”Uhh. Battling Champ? You wanted to meet me. Hope you don’t mind I brought my doctor along.”

The Kaiser stops playing the organ and gets out of his chair...

"You...? How do you know me?"
"Ha ha hah. Excuse me. I am the Kaiser of Kislev, Sigmund. This may sound sudden but would you like to join forces? I need your assistance."
”Uhh...with what? I can’t play the organ. I was an art major, not music.”
“That is unfortunate. But...”

Tactical Stealth Action: Ricardo Banderas!

"!? Huh...? It's YOU! Rico!"
"Not good! Coming again! Laaater..."
"...Mutant! Security!! Arrest this intruder!"

Rico runs out the door...

"He wasn't with you, was he?"
*shakes head* "Uh, no... We weren't..."
”Never seen him in my life. Wasn’t he like the guy I beat at the tournament or something? Weird.”


"I'll hide over there for now."

Rico waits for the Alert phase to end and runs over toward the Kaiser’s wife’s room...

“What! Is that true?”
”Come on, Tyler. This guy seems legit. You don’t wanna get chewed out by the Kaiser, do you?”
*motions to the door* “Hey! Is it okay?”
“...Yeah. This door won't open for anyone except the Kaiser and his wife.”

The soldiers run off, leaving the seven foot tall green skinned ginger wearing a bomb collar to wander around...

I guess those soldiers were just joshing Rico. Or else Kaiser Sigmund has some ‘splaining to do.

Rico enters the room...

"!?... This smell..."


It was in a flashback...

Music: Faraway Promise ~ Piano Version


“Mother, why does Jenny have a father but I don't?”
"Well that is, your father is... So... that's... why..."
”That wasn’t an answer at all...!”


“...other. ...You have to rest.”
“Now listen to me! Your father is a great man... Someday, you'll follow in his footsteps...”

“!! Mother, mother...”


“...other. Mother... ...I'm, different from the other kids. ...Even my nails are long and look at my ears...”

“...Miyo from across the road keeps saying I'm not human and that when I get older I'll become a demi-human. I'm...not human? ...Then you're not my mother? ...No, I don't want that...”
“Oh god...please...have mercy on this child...”


“Uuuuhhh... Cough cough...cough!”
“! Waaaaahh! Mother, mother is...”


“...Mother... I'm...”
“I am...?”

The kid fades into Rico...

"My childhood memories... I've forgotten..."

Back in the present...

“This room...? That faint smell..."
”My crippling stutter...”

”You in there jolly green giant?”

Rico unlocks the door...

“This isn't good... ...What?"
”You some kinda retarded person? Either hide in the closet or get the hell out of here before they come.”
*shakes head* "Forget about it... Forget about it..."

While we’re in the room, we can steal a Memento Locket accessory for Rico that provides +5 to Ether and Ether Defense. Not bad.

The party heads back out...

”Uhh... I found him!”
"You... How did you get in here?"
"Nothing... I just came in through the entrance."
“Ridiculous! It shouldn't open unless it scans the right DNA. It couldn't open that easily!”
"...It was probably a malfunction. It doesn't matter... Arrest the intruder. The Battling Committee is after him for breaking his contract. Let them deal with him."
*turns to Fei* "Well... I'll be seein' ya around sometime."

Rico gets handcuffed and led away...

”I mean...he’s a ginger... And green... It can’t be... Absurd!”
*turns to Fei* "That man was suspected of trying to assassinate me. The police are looking into the matter now. Well, I have some sudden matters to attend to, so if you'll excuse me. Please tour the district at your leisure. Oh, and about my proposition... I'll be awaiting a positive response."

Well. That was interesting. Rico is the Kaiser’s long lost son. And Kaiser Sigmund is apparently a self-hating demi-human that got the least severe end of the ugly stick.

 And NONE of it is every mentioned again... Really. They never bring it up after this scene. Ever. 

Music: Faraway Promise ~ Piano Version

Rico Concept Art