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Part 58: Episode LV: Man FUCK Hurricanes

Episode LV: Man FUCK Hurricanes

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

”Good GOD that docking took for friggin’ EVER!”
“Yeah...sheesh...sorry about that, guys. Must have busted one of the motors on the Yggdrasil II during the fight.”
“Seriously, it felt like it took a frikkin’ week. I’m already hungry again and I just ate two lunches.”

The Yggdrasil docks and out hops Bart, Citan, and Fei. No Rico though, because the game pretty much forgets he exists ‘round this point.

"It's alright. I was at fault too. I haven't seen you in such a long time. We shouldn't be fighting."
"Sigh... The Yggdrasil II was constructed so quickly we had no time to ready its depth charges. Also it was my fault we didn't have depth charges because I prioritized the Bart Missiles over...everything else."
"Bart Missiles?"
"Oh, uh... um, well, they're not that great anyway."
”Ah. I say where they got the name from, then.”
*rolls eye* “Oh ha. Ha...”

"Anyway, I'm glad you're okay. I always knew that you'd be alive."
”I mean, you’ve got a portrait for facing both directions. You’re at least going to make it till Disc 2.”

“But this time I got creamed by a red Gear monster."
"A red Gear..."
"Yeah. He beat me and then left us to sink into the sand. But this next part sounds wild. We sank into this huge cave under the sand! And then a sand cruiser just like the Yggdrasil was there! We replaced the usable parts and the bridge and remodeled it."
”So you got your ass kicked...again...and sank into quicksand before falling into a giant underground cave...again...and you just happened upon an identical sand cruiser you could fix up. That is some...really...uhh...”
“Lazy ass writing. I know. But we got a submarine out of the deal, so just roll with it...”

"Frankly, I do not believe it myself. It looks the same but it can float. Most likely it is the Yggdrasil's prototype."
"People lived there long ago and they had many weapons. That's how we got them."
"Bart already showed me. Those weapons are most likely...from Shevat."
" mean the aerial..."
"More importantly, we should go say 'ahoy' to the Captain."
”So what’s the captain like?”
“He’s a drunken pipe-smoking walrus...”

The party enters the screw elevator. That sounds vulgar...

"You mean Margie... Sorry, I know I promised...that if anything happened, I would protect Margie and the people of Nisan."
”But I got stuck in a Kislev prison with a bomb collar strapped to my neck for a while, so I was kind of busy there...”
“Yeah. I heard about it. That Rico guy said something about that. That’s rough buddy.”
“Oh. You met Rico?”
“Yeah. Nice guy. Powerslammed me shortly after we exchanged introductions.”
“Yeah that sounds about right... Anyway, sorry for things.”

"You're worried about that? It's okay, you've had it tough too. I made it okay. That's my job. When the Yggdrasil's fixed, I'm going on straight ahead..."

“But since everything's messed up there, I thought now would be a good time to sneak in there. I didn't plan on taking her along. As long as I knew she was safe there."
"But I certainly doubt Shakhan will just stand by and do nothing..."
“The puppet prime minister of Aveh.”
“...Crap. I gotta remember all that stuff again? Where’d I put that notepad...?”

"That's what the people from her Sect said too. But it's still risky, so they say they want me to stay close to her and protect her."
"Really... And you're okay with that?"

At the bridge...

"I'm Bart. Thanks for letting my ship dock here."
”Finally finished docking, huh? I’d thought you all had sunk down there.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

"Gahahahahahahaha. This's great. Ya come to ask about the ship?"
"My submarine, Yggdrasil, was damaged by an enemy attack... It'll be out of operation for a little while..."

Music: Singing of the Gentle Wind

"Aw Margie? Just when I'm starting to sound like a captain."
"I get away from Nisan but then I'm stuck on the Yggdrasil. I'm sick of it. Captain? Hi, I'm Marguerite."
"Awww man! Look, we're having a man to man talk here. So Margie, why don't you go back to the Yggdrasil."
*jumps up and down* "You're terrible! You're starting to sound like Sig."
"What! Me, like Sig?"
"You're always so thoughtless, Bart. Fei and the others were floating around because you fired on that craft impulsively."
”Uhh...excuse me?”
*waves arms* "Whoa, st, stupid, you're not supposed to..."
"Bart...? You...didn't... didn't..."
"It is true, Fei."
”Thanks, Citan. You’re a pal.”
"Couldn't be helped. How could I have known you were..."
“I was stuck without a decent meal for two days because of you... I have killed people for much, much less. I have blown up entire villages for less...”

"Don't get so mad."
”I ate a fish so gross it opened up a conduit to the vomit dimension in my”
"Tch. I shouldn't have brought you out of Nisan."
*jumps* "I heard that, you big jerk!"
"Gahahahaha. Great, great. It's great to be young. Hey, kiddo. You supposed to be some kinda pirate?"
"Oh yeah. A man of the sea! I was a man of the desert but..."
"Alright!! Even better. Yes, man of the sea! Bart, right? I'll show you to our famous beer hall. My lady, may I borrow this fellow?"

Bart and the Captain wander off to go get shitfaced...

"Fei, are you mad about Bart?"
"No that's not it..."
”Well, I am... But now...”
"......About Elly then?"
"It'll all be okay. If you're so worried, why don't you go rescue her? Just like... Bart helped me out."
*sigh* “Fine...where’s the nearest fighting tournament...?”

Meanwhile, aboard Ramsus’ flagship of love...

Elhaym is busy getting the taste slapped out of her mouth. Kinky.

"I've said nothing wrong!"
”Though you... 'Naive utterances'...? Who TALKS like that...?”

Dominia draws her sword...

“Your traitorous actions are already apparent! I will beat you down right here!!"
“Stop it at once.”

Miang wanders into the catfight...

"Miang! What are you doing!? She is a traitor!"
"Such acts will not be allowed on a ship under Ramsus' command... No matter the reason! I have examined the records of the battle between the Haishao and Vierge... From what I can tell, it was you who attacked first, wasn't it? She had no choice but to defend herself after you took it upon yourself to attack without permission. Above all, you were meant to be under Kelvena's command. Were you obeying Kelvena's orders?"
"You are not to prosecute any soldier for treason without proper authority. Even if you both are Elements. Further... Isn't your attitude toward the lieutenant, nothing more than your own personal prejudice... Or am I mistaken?"
"What!? I would never..."
”Please stow the petty high school jealousy antics for after class. That would be great.”
"Thus far, we still cannot determine whether or not she is guilty of treason. To investigate the truth of this matter further, I am placing the lieutenant under my supervision. Is that clear?"
"How dare you! By what authority!?"

Miang walks up to Dominia and uses Force Domination on her before walking off with Elly. Oh, did nobody mention Miang can use Jedi mind tricks? Well, Miang can use Jedi mind tricks.

Dominia shakes off her stupor after Miang and Elly have departed...

Some time later...

"Since I have other matters to attend to, would you mind staying here for awhile?"
"Not at all."
"You don't have to worry about a thing. Leave the rest to me. What you need is to recover from your fatigue."

Miang walks up to Elly and uses a slightly more beefy looking Force Domination on her too...

"Uh...excuse me?"
"Your eyes... They're beautiful."
* sigh* <Why is every woman that works here a psychotic bitch or else insanely creepy...>


"!! This is the..."
"I'm sure of it. It's currently at Thames. If not, somewhere in the ocean nearby."
"Change course! Head for Thames..."
"Wait. Their mother ship Yggdrasil seems to be able to submerge. If they submerge, they'll have the upper hand on Haishao. Any attack we might make would just be wasted since they could simply dive. But if we eliminate that function first, it's still not too late. I've already made the proper 'arrangements'."
"Yes, sir."
"All right. We'll try it your way."
"Thank you, Commander."
"By the way... What happened between you and Dominia? She was livid."
"I'm sorry. It had to do with that Yggdrasil incident earlier. Those girls work hard. Especially for you... It's my job to be hated."

Meanwhile, Elly slips out quietly into the night with her Gear... She made a very sneaky escape, you see. She’s certainly not brainwashed into blowing up the Yggdrasil by Miang’s mind controlling eyes. No sir...

Miang Hawwa Portrait – Solaris uniforms are all about the huge collars, turtle necks, and shoulder pads.