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Part 31: Mass-Driver Facility and Soylent Systems

Mass-Driver Facility and Soylent Systems

Elly: They stood like tombstones of that ancient civilization. It was a graveyard for a race of people who destroyed each other over pride and arrogance.

Elly: That glitter would remove the 'bonds' restraining everyone. It was to be our light of hope for regaining back our true freedom.

Fei: After we pushed back the Solarian Gear units, we headed for Nortune to the Kislev Capital's administration district. We went there to obtain our one and only means or standing up against the Mobile Weapon.

This part is sad because you see parts of the game that you could have played if they had time and/or money to finish it.  I really wish that you could lose a fight to Ft. Hurricane with conventional gears and then get the Yig IV and take it out, it would feel a lot more epic. As is it's kinda' cool but not that developed.

There is some talk that the video is processing, but I can view it; so good luck guys!