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Original Thread: Let's play Xenogears


This is my first shot at a let's play, but I figured since my favorite RPG was not represented, as far as I can tell, I'd do my best to share it with everyone.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Perfect Work Scans

Special Thanks to SpazmasterX and TooManyUzukis for the Perfect Works Scans, saves me some upload time.

First a couple formalities

Me and the Project
I'm currently working a part time research job and may be picking up a part time job until fall classes start. If I do get the job I can probably do 3-4 updates a week. If I say fuck it we're looking at closer to 6-7. I'm here to see this through, unless everyone decides it sucks.

I've played Xenogears through at least 3 times and have done way more play-throughs shy of completion. I have pretty complete knowledge of the game, and I also have the official Bradygames guide sitting next to me, so we're aiming to get pretty much everything.

Format *Edited*
This will be made up of stills probably 50-70 on most updates. Images will be small but readable because they look like shit when I resize them with Infranview, if someone has a better free solution let me know. Xenogears uses anime cutscenes and a few traditional cinematics so the look had aged well for these. I am using a mix of images and video when I feel it helps.

I really like Xenogears, and, unlike FFVII or similar titles not everyone has played it. Therefore I'm going to try to do a mix of smartass comments and helpful notes, though I'll freely admit I'm no Leovinus. It also means I'm going to be giving a lot of dialogue shots to try to get the story across.

If I'm an unfunny faggot, say so and I'll reduce the comments to the storyline.

Finally, as mentioned, many people haven't played the game and it's also a game that gets a lot of story discussion, so if you're posting spoilers please tag them like so (this is actually an example spoiler):  Fei is ID 

Note: It became clear that Xenogears is only a good game for poking fun at if yo ureally know it, so I have kept that to a minimum in interest of sharing what I think is teh best story in any console RPG to date.

About Xenosaga
There's a lot of back-story on the whole reason that Xenosaga was not a Square game, but essentially know that Xenogears was to be part 6 part 5 (Thanks, Scalding Coffee -I was too stupid or lazy to check my Perfect Works book which had a giant fucking timeline of this) of a series and Xenosaga part 1. Since they didn't own the rights the connections are there, but not that strong all of the time. When something in Xenosaga has a clear connection to Xenogears I'll try to mention it.

Let's get this going
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