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Part 21: Shevat - Alpha Aura

Shevat - Alpha Aura

Let's see what the citizens of Shevat have to say.

Shevat Guy: But after losing to Solaris, they launched just the palace block of the city up into the sky. It's basically an unbelievable story, but in reality we're riding on that part of the city, and floating in the sky right now.

Citizen: It's so sad. She was probably the beloved heroine of the rebellion back then.

Another Citizen: I've heard that there aren't that many pure Shevites in this town any more. Basically it's been said that a majority of them were lost in that war with Solaris 500 years ago
You're going to hear A LOT about that war up here

Old Lady: This is the "plant shell," vegetables and fruits needed in Shevat are grown in it. Since we live away from the land, we must put in more effort to get food. Right now it's a dusty season so only the staff members are allowed to go in. Humans are good carriers of germs you know. I'll bring some fresh Thunder Strawberries for you to eat, so look forward to it.

Fei finds a stone elevator, but something is up

Fei: ? There's something small written here... "The one who attains the dawn, the dusk, and the darkness shall climb the path to heaven" -Wiseman
Wiseman NEVER gives you straight answers

They wander into a house

Cook: What has she seen and heard for the past 500 years? Did what she saw and heard really bring here happiness? That, I don't know.

Downstairs is a semi-hidden gear shop

Here I am midway through spending all my money. I probably shouldn't have bought that second ether doubler before I left.

Holy crap that's a lot of Chu-Chus

Elly: If Chu-Chu saw this she'd probably faint out of pure happiness.
Citan: Chu-Chu and her friends may be the last survivors.

The Chu-Chu by this case has something to tell me

Chu-Chu: But this is a very important treasure of the Chu-Chu, so I can't sell it to you. Sooory. Please go to the counter if you'd like to buy something. Thank you, thank you. ?! Wai~t! What you have in your hand is...

Chu-Chu: This is the complete badge set of a game! I'm so amazed, it's great, yes it is! Hmmm... want to exchange the three set with our treasure? It's a deal yes it is!

Hummm... crappy hand-made badges or rare treasure, I think you guys know how this one works.

I get a Charger A and a Power Ring S

Let's see what the Chu-Chu on the light wants

Chu-Chu: But I heard that people on the land are all scary. They lie, say awful things, and kill each other... I am wrong right? They are all nice people, right?
I get the option to tell her like it is or give her the Disney version
Fei: Everyone's not necessarily kind and good.
Chu-Chu: I see, I hope everyone understands each other and lives happily together some day, yes I do. You're awfully straight forward. I like it. I'll give you this.

Fei scores some Aquasol S and DX

This Chu-Chu has a strange story memorized

Chu-Chu: A wise gramps told me that a looonnnggg time ago. Don't know what it is, maybe a spell, yes maybe it is.

Well, what that really was was the clues for the three stones we need, the dawn, dusk, and dark rock which activate Wiseman's platform.

There's an elevator in this room that leads down to a fountain. Some fish are in the pond, one of them is the serpent that "Swallowed the dark." To fish you need a spider wed, I have one from 5 minutes into the game, but I can't get it to start the game after talking to the old lady on the terrace. I try for a few minutes then buy hers for 50G. Oddly enough it doesn't actually add one to my inventory, I suppose it just activated the one I had


The mini-game really blows, it's pretty much random chance whether the fish breaks your string and fucks you out of 50G or not.

On the area map we follow the spoke that the angel is facing to a wall and press X

In Alpha Aura there is a broken ass house with a doll on the table

The house also has one of the weight showing mirrors.

Fei is not a fatass at the moment


Fei: They were killed by Solaris.
Citan: I guess this was a child's room.
Elly: ...

The rocking horse creaks back and forth

Citan: What kind of dreams did the children in this room have for the future?
they probably just wanted some candy or toys, kids are dumb
Elly: We're fighting over lives aren't we?despite being a career officers in the Gebler forces, Elly is just now grasping what the army does And at times involving those who have nothing to do with the struggle
Fei: ...

Maria enters

Maria: There are a lot of people who don't care if they hurt others. So this is where you were? The Queen said this house was destroyed in the great war 500 years ago. This house has been kept like this on purpose as a reminder of the war I speculate that it also had something to do with haunted rocking horses Thank you for waiting, please come to the palace with me.
Fei: Hey, wait!
Citan: That girl... That is alright shall we go to the palace now?

Searching the cupboard yields this

Now let's place these stones

Huh, that's strange

That's pretty sweet

Holy shit!

They find a diary

Diary: I don't care how it all began, nor do I care what happens in the end. I just live with Chu-Chu and die with Chu-Chu. To hell with humans! They're liars, greedy, selfish... I'm going away, I've had enough of it!

Optional Palace Dialogue - Lot's of background