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Part 22: Shevat Continued

Shevat Continued

Fei: Why are you here?
Wiseman: I've told you before. I learned martial arts with your father in Shevat. The Queen is waiting.
Maria: Please come in.

A quick detour shows us a room with this statue

Look familiar? It's the same as the music box Citan had at the beginning.

Anyway back to the queen

Zephyr: Thank you for coming such a long way. I am the Queen of Shevat, Zephyr.
Elly: Your Majesty! Y-you...? You're the...?

Zephyr: I may appear to be like this, but I am actually 522 years old.
Fei: 522! Is that really possible?
Zephyr: Yes, I and a select few of the vassals have undergone some special life-extending treatments. We were required to continue living, until that final day approaches, because of one man. To continue living, this is our atonement for that tragedy 500 years ago.
Let us discontinue this discussion of the past. I've heard many things about you all from
Wiseman. Wiseman has been conducting his operations on the surface under my orders to keep an eye on that man's activities. Also, he was ordered to bring anyone from the surface who would be of help to use in Shevat. 500 years ago we fought against Solaris for the freedom of the land dwellers. Even after that, we continue to resist Solaris even though we are short of any real power. Land dwellers, can you find it in your heart to help us? We must free mankind from the grasps of Solaris. We must gain true freedom and build a peaceful world to live in.
Fei: I see, you're quite right. But, there's no guarantee that you aren't the same as Solaris, right? Even if Solaris were to be defeated, the people of the surface may just as well encounter a new dominator.
Zephyr: However, I tell no lie when I say we are doing this purely for the future of the land dwellers. If you still cannot believe us, then defeat Solaris, gain back the independence of the land dwellers and see if we still embrace the heavens together.
This is not exactly the most logical argument ever. When 500 years old you be make so much sense you will not
Fei: ...
Zephyr: It should do you some good if you rest in the palace and think about it. You must think about what you ought to do. But remember, Solaris has been quite active lately. So we don't have much time for leisure. As for you, Elly, your family and friends, you must understand that they will all have to be your enemies. Without this clear understanding you may be placing your companions in a situation where it may cost them their lives.
Elly: Yes, I understand...
Zephyr: Very well then. Now go and get some rest.

Wiseman: Your father, Kahn, would have wanted you to.

Sleepy time!

The Next Day

Zephyr: Have you decided?
Fei: My heart is set!

The screen shakes

Zephyr: ...
Fei: Huh? What was all that shaking about?

Maria: Queen Zephyr! Was that enemy?
Man: Your majesty, something dreadful has-!
Zephyr: What's the meaning of this?
Man: Yes! That is, we have an intruder in the dock area! The Gate generator has been destroyed!
Fei: What!
Zephyr: What's the damage report?
Man: Yes! Sub-systems are destroyed! Gate generation has dropped 70% from normal! We're devoting everything to fire fighting and repairs. It will still take some time!
Zephyr: What of the intruder?
Man: Yes, we believe it's just a lone Gebler soldier. WORST FUCKING SECURTY EVER It seems the individual has escaped to the number 17 hangar!

Maria: Number 17 hangar bay! Siebzehn!
Zephyr: Maria, wait! It is too dangerous to go by yourself.
Maria: But, we can't just let the spy be!
Man: Your majesty, we have our hands full just trying to fight the fire on the shield generator. If someone doesn't do something, it's possible we'll have more losses.
Maria: I'll be fine. I can do it alone.
Zephyr: Maria, what can you do now when you don't even have Siebzehn?
Maria: But...
Fei: Then should we go down with Maria? It's the Gebler, right? I'm still ticked off at them. I'll take them on.
Zephyr: Is it fine with you, Fei? Please take care of Maria. And be careful out there.
Fei: Then, let's get going, Maria.
Maria: Then, let's all go together.
Man: Umm, this may be asking for too much, but would it be possible for one of you to stay behind with the Queen? We do not have the combat experience and if something ever happened to the Queen...
Fei: Alright, I got it. Then one of us should stay behind. Who will you leave here? Elly. Elly packs substantially less punch without her gear, the ether doubler just isn't as broken without 3 power magics to back it up

Maria has joined the party! This is the worst thing that will ever happen, mandatory Maria in melee combat. She has no deathblows, shit HP, starts 5 levels below Fei and Citan and deals shit for damage

Only 1 thing to do

Give her the extra Ether Doubler

This chu-chu stops me on my way

Yeah, if I didn't have a meager 250G left maybe this would be helpful.

They take the elevator down and...

Fei: Isn't there another way to go down to the hangar?
Maria: We may be able go down if we use the emergency shaft. But it's not normally used.
Fei: I don't care. We can't waste time here anyway.
Citan: You are right. It is not like the enemy is going to wait for us.
Maria: I see. The entrance to the shaft is just above here.

They go up about 10 feet

Maria: This is it. We can go down by entering the shaft from here.
Fei: Fine! Then, let's go!

Now we enter the shafts, many people consider this one of the hardest, if not the hardest area for non-gear combat in the game.

This is a tear, an enemy widely feared for it's ability to annihilate an entire party, some people recommend running from them.

This is Fei laughing at the 9 damage the Tear does to him. Citan can one hit these guys since his XX deathblow is dealing like 800 damage at this point.

The other "scary" enemy is the Gimmick which only ever takes 1 damage per attack on them, fortunately they only have 6 HP. They drop gold nuggets. They have two main attacks a sawblade which hits Maria for 1/3 of her max HP or Fei for 1 damage. And an ether drain ability. Since they die pretty much instantly a group of three generally gets 1 attack before I finish them off.

So, what I'm getting at is that the Shafts are a joke and I am rich as hell by the time I exit

Oh and you won't fucking believe who I find in here

That's all he's saying, I think he's thinking deep, deep thoughts, like deeper than the deepest ocean.

Maria: Once we get through that manhole, we'll be able to enter the hangar.

Voice: Hmph, it's you again. You pests aren't making my job any easier.

Dominia: Never thought I'd come across Siebzehn in my place of escape. I'll take Siebzehn. Originally, this belonged to us, Solaris.
Fei: I can't let you have the Gear!
Dominia: Heh, then try and stop me! Huh? That child... Hey, you! Are you the daughter of Nikolai?
Maria: Undoubtedly, I am the daughter of Nikolai, Maria! What about it?
Dominia: I see, so you're his beloved daughter to whom he offered to undertake that difficult task. Hey, young girl. Want to hear an interesting story? Let's see, how about the cursed secret of Siebzehn?
Maria: What do you mean?
Dominia: What do I mean? You'll understand it when you hear the story. For the past several decades, our scientists have put so much effort into the research to create evolved Gears. Regardless of how great a pilot is, as long as it is human, there will always exist a time lag and human error when interfacing with a machine. That's when your father, Nikolai, was targeted. He was a genius in the field of cranial nerve mechanisms. They made Nikolai search for a way for humans to go beyond humans, by merging humans and machines. In other words, they were trying to create a new life, an ultimate living weapon, by connecting a living human brain to a Gear directly. It would've stayed a mere fantasy without Nikolai. But that genius made the fantasy come true.
Maria: That's a lie! My father wouldn't do such a horrible thing!
Dominia: I don't lie, Maria. This is the truth. Your splendid father succeeded in fusing man and machine. And he opened the gates to hell for the lambs.
Maria: !
Dominia: As a matter of fact, various data and components obtained from the war in Ignas, and the Battling in Kislev, were used as experimental materials. This is how the special mutants, Wels were born. Wels created in Solaris were tested on the surface. Only the Wels that passed the tests were dismantled, restructured and reborn. They became the Gear's central control circuit and became part of the machine. It's all the results of your father's great research. Siebzehn, is the prototype of a man-machine fusion Gear. In other words, Siebzehn was completed at the cost of innumerable land dweller's lives. And in the nerve circuit of Siebzehn is--
Familiar Voice: Don't you think you've said enough, Dominia?
Dominia: Who is it?

Jessie: They jabber about things they shouldn't be talking about. Hopeless. I love Jessie
Dominia: Jesiah! You! What're you doing in Shevat? At one point, weren't you considered to be the next Gebler commander-in-chief?
Jessie: Don't get so excited. I think you've played enough fire for today. Just go home. Maria is the only one who can operate Siebzehn. You should be well aware of that.
Dominia: Hmph, fools! Don't get so cocky. The party's just begun, but, I guess it's alright. My mission is complete. All that's left is... Maria, I'm afraid I must go now. Enjoy your party. Hah hah hah!

They let Dominia run away even though Jessie is holding a gun at her because we suck at capturing enemies

Fei: Wait! Dominia!
Maria: Father...
Fei: Hey Maria. Don't mind what she told you.
Maria: ...

Alarms start going off

Fei This is...?
Jessie: It looks like our guests have arrived. Let's go upstairs. The Yggdrasil is also accommodated in the dock. I'm sure the other guys are making a fuss over it. I have an ominous premonition, I doubt it but they could've...
Maria: Siebzehn...

Citan: intercepting course with Shevat. It would be reasonable to believe that their main targets are going to be the 4 Gate generators. They are probably planning on finishing us off since Dominia's demolition has weakened the Gate output. We have scrambled our interceptor units, but I do not know how they will fare. The people of Shevat are not accustomed to Gear tactics. I want to avoid unnecessary sacrifices if at all possible.
Fei: Yeah, I know, doc. We'll go! We're already involved. And, we can't just stand by and watch these people die.
Zephyr: Fei...
Bart: I don't like the idea of working for free, but I don't like the idea of turning tail and running away from them even more! Let's do it! It doesn't matter who they are. I'll take them all down in my Brigandier!
Elly: Yes! We'll do what we can do to protect the people here!
Rico: Tch. Since the day I met you all, there's been nothing but trouble, but, I''ve come this far with you all. I guess there's no point in bitching about it. I'll show them what happens when they tick the great Rico off.
Billy: I will go too! The enemy was able to get in because they let the Yggdrasil in. We can't allow the people of this country to be in danger because of us...
Jessie: Yeah, right on! Go for it young 'uns! We're depending on you. Especially since my life also depends on it. I have no intentions of kickin' the bucket here.
Billy: Shut up! Dad, could you not say anything!?
Jessie: Alright, alright, I know. Why can't you be nicer?
Chu-Chu: Alright! Chu-Chu's going chu help too!
Fei: Going chu help? Chu-Chu, what're you doing here?
Elly: Well, in all the bustle, she somehow tagged along.
Fei: What am I gonna' do? This isn't a game. It's dangerous, so go back to the Yggdrasil. Okay,Chu-Chu? Be a good girl.
Chu-Chu: Uh hmmm, Chu-Chu's not a good girl. I'm in that dangerous age right now. And Chu-Chu can help chu! I'm going with all of you. Yeah? Yeah?
Fei;Tch, alright, don't come crying to me when things get outta' hand.
Maria: Heh, so they call you Chu-Chu also. Many of your friends live in this city. You want to go meet them later?
Chu-Chu: R, really? They're all here? Yaaay! I finally found them! Chu-Chu's friends. They're here! Now, let's put everything into it. Everyone, we have chu give it our best shot!
Citan: Here is the breakdown of the enemy units. As I have explained before, 4 separate units are each headed for their respective generators. From the information collected in Shevat, we have a good idea of the capabilities and composition of the Gear units. However, there is one giant Gear that they are holding back that we have no info about.
Jessie: An unidentified Gear? It can't be...
Zephyr: Allow me to put it on screen.

Bart: What's with that creepy Gear? Do you know anything Maria?
Maria: Achtzehn is the 2nd Gear my father designed, Siebzehn's sister Gear. But Achtzehn wasn't completed! Other than Siebzehn father didn't make any more, he was supposed to have burned the plans! So, why...?
Nikolai: People of Shevat! Hear me!
Maria: that voice... No, Father!
Nikolai: I'd heard some interesting rats had run in there. Just in time to test out Achtzehn. I can take you and Shevat all at once! Hello, little rats, come on out. Come on my cute little guinea pigs.
Maria: Why that...! Why is father...?
Zephyr: Calm down, Maria! It doesn't mean that Dr. Nikolai is inside!
Maria: But, but, Father's voice!
Zephyr: Maria! Get a hold of yourself! You intend to lose even before you fight? Against the very people who made you suffer?
Maria: But...
Citan: Well that is fine. Let us consider our next move! We must repulse the Gear forces and protect the generator. To do that let us split into four teams, and intercept the enemy. The four of us will attack independently and defend each generator to the death. The other two, wait here. It is dangerous, but we cannot turn back now. If even one generator falls it is a defeat for us.
Zephyr: Maria, you wait here.
Citan: Please Maria.
Maria: Okay, I understand.
Citan: Next, the formation of the enemy Gear forces. At Generator 1, there are two small Gears and a complement of Solaris troops. If you do not hit them fast and hard you will get bogged down in a fire fight. At Generator 2, there are 3 White Knights. They are very fast and maneuverable. At Generator 3, there is a large Gear and a White Knight. Be careful, the large Gear has some kind of special attack. At Generator 4, there is a large Gear and a White Knight. The large Gear seems to be a power Gear. So, who will go to Generator 1?
Fei: Elly.
Citan: Who will go to Generator 2?
Fei: Bart.
Citan: Who will go to Generator 3?
Fei: Citan.
Citan: Who will go to Generator 4?
Fei: Me
Citan: Understood. The target assignments are, Generator 1: Elly Generator 2: Bart Generator 3: Me Generator 4: Fei Are these assignments OK?
Fei: Yes, let's go!
Citan: Please hurry and get the preparations for the battle in order. Now, is this alright?
Fei: I'm ready, let's go!
Citan: Well alright then, those defending the generators, should depart now in their Gears!
Zephyr: Everyone, please, be careful.

I put Elly here because there are a shit ton of enemies

Lots of enemies + Aerods = lols

Bart: Come on! Who's gonna be first? There's no way a pathetic unit like yours could ever beat the likes of me!!

There are three of these guys, Bart can kill them in 1 hit.

Citan: I will be your opponent. Come on!

This is by far the toughest fight here, moreso because I forgot to boost, Citan gets out with a meager 20-25% Frame points left, of course I could have just sent Elly to this one to 1 hit the group.

Fei: Alright, I can do it! I'm ready anytime!

I think this one is actually supposed to be kind of hard, but I have Weltall's response jacked up so high that these guys miss over about 80% of their attacks and 15% hit for 1/2 damage

Fei: We did it! All four generators are safee!
Jessie: Okay, it's ready. So, the last one is this. What's Achtzehn gonna' do next?

Jessie: Shevat's Gear forces! Beat it! This isn't an opponent for you!
Maria: Stop it!

Achtzehn VAPORIZES the damn gear

Jessie: Damn it! I'm gonna' mess you up!
Maria: Why? Why this?
Nikolai: So you can be test subjects for this guy.

Achtzehn a different weapon

Maria: Waugh!
Jessie: Umph! This is not good.
Nikolai: Achtzehn's new weapon, the anti-Gear Psycho Jammer!
Fei: Weltall won't move!
Elly: Vierge isn't responding either!
Bart: Damn! What's going on? Brigandier isn't working at all!
Citan: Then, could this be...?
Jessie: The Gear's circuits are acting strange because of a strong shock. Don't worry, it's only momentary.
Nikolai: That much time is enough to erase you from the face of the earth. Humans are imperfect, foolish life form. I will show the greatness of a perfect life form! Achtzehn, the combination of human wisdom and the strength of steel.
Fei: At this rate, I can't do anything! Are you saying we have to sit here and take it?
Citan: That is not what I mean. Maybe Maria could...
Maria: !
Jessie: Achtzehn and its sister Gear Siebzehn, so, it's normal that there would be an anti-jamming shield...
Zephyr: Listen, Maria, if the other Gears are become mobile, you and Siebzehn are the only hope. You're full of spirit; you can decide what to do yourself.
Jessie: More than that, I don't wanna' say it but, your father is no longer in there.
Maria: Stop it! You wouldn't know! Even though, it may be, I, to me...
Jessie: I see. Oh well, might as well expect the worst then.
Maria: I'm sorry...
Chu-Chu: I'm going.
Maria: What are you saying Chu-Chu?
Chu-Chu: So, please let me go along. No problem. The gods will look after us. Let's go.
Maria: No Chu-Chu! Don't!
Chu-Chu: Leave it up chu me, Maria. No sweat.

Chu-Chu runs out the door, a second later Maria follows her

Chu-Chu is perched atop a building

Nikolai: What's with this astronomically unintelectual looking low level animal?
Chu-Chu: Don't chu be rude to me. I'm not a low level animal. I'm Chu-Chu. Well, let's get ready chu rumble you bad boy! Get your butt ready chu be kicked across the other end of the horizon!

Chu-Chu is actually pretty badass once she grows; she hits achtzehn hard and takes 0 damage In return

Nikolai: For a low-class, low level life form, you're pretty good.
Chu-Chu: I'm not a low level life-form. I'm Chu-Chu. Don't be a bad loser! If you wanchu apologize, you had better do it while you still can.
Nikolai: Die, you pathetic animal! Die!

Achtzehn shoots Chu-Chu with a giant cannon

Maria: Chu-Chu!
Nikolai: I see, you're a giant native life-form of this planet. You're not a young Rankar. Species name, dotesque Chu-Chupolin (intellect, astronomically low)! They still haven't gone extinct yet? But through genetic engineering, they're supposed to have been minimal in size. Probably one of the survivors that had their Limiters removed by the wisemen from Shevat. Intriguing, you'd make an excellent guinea pig. I'll use you for many experiments!
Voice: Big sister Maria...

Maria: No, you shouldn't be here! It's dangerous here so stay in...
Midori: Calling... Your father...
Maria: What?
Midori: Uh uh... No... It's not... that scary thing over there.
Maria: Siebzehn!

Maria heads for the Gear hanger

Maria: I'm sorry, I'm late. Let's go! Solaris', Solaris' enemy is awaiting!

Maria: Siebzehn!! Sally forth!

Maria: It's true that I'm Maria Balthasar. But, you, who are you?
Nikolai: Of course it's me, Nikolai! Look at this, Maria. The result of my research! This huge, powerful, forever shining body! There's no aging and death. I was reborn as a new breed.
Maria: I loved my father in those days when he was human, his warm smile. I wanted him to be by my side forever!
Nikolai: Maria, you're my daughter. You know how stupid humans can be. You don't need to perish along with these feeble humans. Now, come, Maria. Start a new life with me. We shall begin a new chapter in life. Let's build a bright future together. I'll be by your side and protect you this time for sure. I promise you.
Maria: Father! Siebzehn?!

Maria loses control of Siebzehn

Nikolai: Siebzehn, what? You dare stand against me, your creator?
Maria: T-this is...! Siebzehn!?
Nikolai: Interesting, I'll take you on. I'll show you how great Nikolai is, and the power of the Achtzehn. Come on, Siebzehn! This sounds so much more retarded when you're thinking of the German "17 be wary, I 18 will defeat you!"
Maria: Achtzehn! I will defeat you! Siebzehn, let's go!

The fight is pretty half assed, Maria has 18000 Frame points and hits infinitely harder than Nikolai

Nikolai: I'm going to release your Graviton Cannon from its seal by remote control! Use that to defeat me.
Maria: Father! Have you come to your senses? No! I can't do it! The Gravition Cannon, you yourself had it sealed up because of its destructive power. Father, if I use that on you...
Nikolai: Fire! It doesn't matter! I, Nikolai, no longer exist, before I was brainwashed by
Solaris, I implanted a conscious circuit in Achtzehn. This would respond in the presence of Siebzehn. My message is coming from there. And, during the battle I transferred all my data from there to Siebzehn. I may have lost my body, but my spirit is within Siebzehn, no with you, Maria. Now and forever!
Maria: I can't. I can't bring myself to do it! Huh? Siebzehn! Don't! I can't control you!
Father, are you doing this!? Please, don't make me shoot!!

Siebzehn unleashes a mighty lens flare

Achtzehn explodes

Maria: Faaaaaatheeerrr!!

Maria: Father...

Zephyr: The generator is repaired and the gate is developing as usual. And Maria, you did very well. It is very regretful about Dr. Nikolai. Solaris put the good doctor through all of that. We must defeat them as soon as possible and restore freedom!
Maria: Yes.
Fei: Queen Zephyr, we will also fight to bring down Solaris. To begin with, where is Solaris? How do you get there?
Zephyr: Solaris is hidden from human eyes by three gates. One of the gates is under the 'Ethos' H.Q., but, it is unreachable, even with Gears. I don't know where the other two are yet. Until we destroy the 3 Gates, the path to Solaris will not open. In addition, we've received some disturbing news. Aveh has invaded Nisan.
Bart: What the? Shakhan?
Zephyr: Their target is probably somewhere in the earth. The secret royal treasure of Aveh. An Omnigear, sealed up by Roni Fatima!
Bart: Damn! This is no place to hesitate! I'm going to Nisan! We can't allow Shakhan to have his way!
Fei: I see. I can't leave Nisan to its fate. Okay, first let's head back to Nisan.
Zephyr: Your ship has been equipped with an aerial module. Originally, it was the ship used by Bart's ancestor, Roni. Make free use of it. Hell yes
Maria: Umm, can you take me along with you?
Zephyr: I have one request. Fei, take Maria along with you. This child, since her youth has been destined with no choice but to fight. Until she solves her own fights, she will not be able to move on with her life. Go Maria, and find your purpose in life on your own.
Fei: I got it. Let's go together, Maria. We're friends from now on, you and, you and Siebzehn too.
Maria: Yes.

Maria is actually astoundingly not annoying for a little girl in a Japanese RPG. She's just horrible at normal combat.

Zephyr: One of the sages, Gaspar, has returned. Gaspar is the one who taught martial arts to Kahn and Wiseman. I'm sure he will be able to teach you new techniques that will be of help to you on your journey. I've already told Gaspar. Before you leave, you should learn from him.
Fei: I got it. Okay, let's go everyone!


Zephyr: Welcome back, Gaspar.

Gaspar: No, I haven't seen them since. Besides, your Majesty, I came here to watch over them so that they do not make the same foolish mistake again.

A man runs in

Man: Your Majesty, the Omnigear underground is moving! The girl named Elly was nearby and it reacted to her!
Zephyr: Just as I thought...
Wiseman: It's a matter of course. But the girl doesn't intend to ride it. Just like 'her'.
She knows it unconsciously. The existence within her...
Zephyr: She was the same as Sophia?
Wiseman: ...
Zephyr: Sorry.
Wiseman: No, I don't mind. I'm not 'him'.

Gaspar: Well then, I'll go take a look at their Limiters.

Actual Game text on a black screen:
Fei and the guys had Gaspar remove a part of the Limiter inserted in their genes.
This makes no sense for most of the part as the Perfect Works state that the Limiters are only in the genes of ground-born folk. So this should make you think about the member of the party that aren't from the land. I was going to list specific members, but you can actually make a pretty compelling argument for why none of them should have a limiter. As far as I'm concerned this is a contradiction between the Perfect Works and the game. I think the Perfect Works is correct since this is a cheap gimmick to prevent me from using my 7AP deathblows. Speaking of...

Anyway more game text

Yes yes, and then Chu-Chu and her friends got together and rejoiced over their safety... It was natural for them to have a party, and their sweet, dangerous night went on and on, just like a never-ending dream. No, let's not, It's a whole other story.

Chu-Chu: Fei, where are chu going without me? Chu-Chu will go anywhere, even chu the end of the world with you! Chu-Chu's maidenly pure heart is only for you! Uh humm!

Sorry for the slower updates, I've had more work recently. I'm visiting my family for a week, starting tomorrow; however, I'm taking my computer with me so I'll probably still throw up an update or three.