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Part 23: Nisan Again

Nisan Again

Bart: This vessel will be named 'The Third'!
Sigurd: The operations are a bit different from the previous Yggdrasil. So you'll have to learn the workings all over again!
Jerico: Yes! I'll do my best!

Fei Bart and Elly form my party

Fei: (The city's awfully quiet for some reason)
Bart: (And I don't see any civilians.)
Elly: (It was said that there is a hidden shelter facility in the town, but whether it was safe in there or not is another problem.)
Fei: (Yeah, I heard Bart say something about that. So you think the townsfolk went there?)

Sigurd walks in

Bart: (How was it on your side?)
Sigurd: (The side roads are also similarly quiet.)
Bart: (I see. So, what now)
Sigurd: (Hmm, just from what little I've seen I can't tell what their next move might be. But, we can't just leave considering the residents were placed in danger because of our treasure.)
Bart: (Okay, agreed. but by the way, is Margie doing all right?)
Sigurd: (Well about that, I'm quite concerned that Marguerite has tagged
Elly: (How can you blame her? I kind of know what Margie may be going through. She probably can't stand to just sit around.)
Sigurd: (Well, I should get going. We'll coordinate our moves according to yours and try to break through the rear path.)

Sigurd leaves

We ambush some soldiers (there's some talk of Shakan but I'm missing the screenshots to tell me the dialogue)

The soldiers are super easy to kill

Fei: Good! Looks like we cleaned up all the soldiers who were in the town.

However, the Fatima Jasper and the legendary treasure, of the Aveh royal family were still in danger. And now, he's going to play his last card and Shakhan's true intentions will be brought to light.

Sister Agnes: I'm fine. Marguerite and Bartholomew, I'm sorry...
Sigurd: I took some troops and searched the area, but I couldn't find any one.
Bart: Really?
Sister Agnes: Earlier, after everyone came out, over half of the residents have fled from Nisan. After that, Shakhan's position in the country was compromised so he didn't care about reputations anymore and attacked this land.
Citan: I see, a last desperate plan to reverse the situation.
Bart: Sister, I assume the people remaining in the town are?
Sister Agnes: Yes, hiding in the Mausoleum.
Fei: Mausoleum? Hiding in a grave?
Margie: The Great Mothers and Kings of Aveh of old are revered there.
Bart: It's not just some regular grave or anything.
Sister Agnes: Bartholomew, about that, Shakhan and the Fatima Jasper. He's after the Fatima Treasure.
Citan: Treasure? If he is after the treasure, what is he doing attacking here?
Bart: Huh? Ahh, actually, the Fatima Treasure is in the Mausoleum. There was even father's will there, but I didn't tell anyone...
Fei: Treasure? You mean that thing in the picture scrolls you showed me earlier in your base?
Bart: Yeah. If you follow that legend, you're supposed to get your hands on some great power.
Sigurd: We must stop them somehow.
Bart: There's no problem. The Jasper is...
Sister Agnes: They plan to use the former Mother's retina.
Bart: Wha-what! That's what I said
Sister Agnes: Remove the deceased Mother's retina, and break the seal!
Bart: Use the body of Margie's mother?
Margie: Mom's!
Sister Agnes: I'm sorry. They used innocent citizens and sect followers as a shield. There was no other way. The truth we heard previously from Margie about the Jasper's true form and how it's used. They know now, I am truly sorry.
Bart: Well, I don't blame you. They had hostages!
Citan: Wait a moment. Retinas, what are you speaking of?
Bart: The Fatima Jasper is the topaz blue pupils of the Fatima dynasty. In other words, our retinal pattern. The doors to the treasure are opened by that. Or so it is said. However, no one has ever used it. It's not to be used for minor conflicts. The doors are to be opened only when the kingdom is truly in danger. So neither I, nor my father, nor my grandfather, nor my great-grandfather have ever used it.
Citan: So, that is the true form of the Jasper.
Bart: Damn! That old coot, he wants to profane a holy person's corpse? That's unthinkable!
Citan: It is a closely guarded secret but the 'Ethos' people are not holy men. They simply supervise.
Fei: Yes, of course they wouldn't feel anything! Let's go Bart! Before the mausoleum is trashed.
Bart: Alright!
Sigurd: Young master! I have a proposal!
Bart: What is it Sig?
Sigurd: Currently, Aveh is in conflict with Shakhan running amok. It should be very easy to bring down the center with no Gebler units around. It'll be the best time to make our return to the capital.
Citan: That is a good idea. Shakhan is most likely thinking of the Fatima Jasper as his last card. While we prevent the young one from handing over the treasure to Shakhan... a separate force will take back the capital. Then he will have no where else to go!
Bart: I got it, sounds good. We can pay everything back in one shot! Let's split up! I'll go to them. I'll take Fei and...

I take Elly, but if you pick Citan you get this

Elly: I'll go.
Bart: Alright! That decides it! Everyone else cooperate with Sig!
Margie: Hold on. I'm going to.
Bart: Huh? You don't have to, oh, yeah. Sorry Margie. Come along with us. Alright I'm counting on all of you! He's a dead man the next time I see him!

They exit

Fei: Well, let's get going. Where's this Mausoleum?
Bart: There's an entrance at the rear of the Cathedral. So first of all, we have to get on the road that runs around this town and go in through the back way.

Elly: Do we have to walk that far? stop being a lazy bitch, Christ it's like 300 yards
Bart: The distance to the Mausoleum isn't that much, but, I don't know how much more is to go from there.
Fei: You haven't been inside yourself Bart?
Bart: Yeah, this is my first time to go beyond the Mausoleum too.
Margie: Well, the place is all sealed up. Even I haven't been far inside of it.
Bart: So neither Margie nor I know much about it. Sig and them have already taken off, so we won't be able to return to the ship for a while. For now, we're just gonna' have to work this out on our own.
Margie: Alright then, I'm going to go on ahead and wait for you at the entrance.
Bart: We'll come once we finish our preparations. So could you wait for us at the entrance until then?
Margie: Okay!

She leaves

Bart: Alright, let's go get prepped!
Fei: But by the looks of it, I don't think we'll be able to find the tool lady.
Bart: Hmm, why don't we just leave the necessary money behind then? Sure it might not be good manners, but I'm sure they will forgive me...

Nothing good in the shop really

Margie: Alright, let's go in!

Bart: Yeah. It's usually closed off.
Fei: So the Mausoleum's in there?
Bart: Oh yeah. If the city's ever in danger, the people are supposed to take refuge in here.

4 million steps later

Bart: Hang in there. It's just a bit more.

Another mile and half

Fei: So, what's gonna happen?
Bart: Hey now, don't rush me.
Fei: You haven't...
Elly: You haven't forgotten what we need to do?
Bart: Hey, lay off and shut up! It's been a while, so don't blame me. Crap, I really forgot.
Margie: Ya want me to open it?

Bart: NO! I'm gonna' remember

Bart flicks a hidden switch lowering a terminal. I forgot where it was too, but to hell if I was gonna' ask Margie for help

Fei: (Is everything gonna be okay? I'm beginning to have my doubts.)

Holy crap soldiers!

Bart: They've gotten this far!

Tool Guy: It's Bartholomew! Marguerite is with him too! Hey, everyone! It's OK!

Bart: The casket!? Is Margie's mother safe!?

She checks it

Margie: It's fine! She hasn't been touched!
Bart: Whew, OK. What a relief. Is everyone OK?
Tool Guy: Yes, somehow...
Bart: Shakhan, where did he go!?
Tool Guy: Oh yes, Shakhan? No, I havent' seen him. The only people that came here were those soldiers that threatened me to stay quiet. I'm sorry laddie. If only I'd been braver.
Bart: He isn't here yet. That's odd.
Man: The ground, what's happening to the town now?
Bart: I took care of upstairs. It's OK to go back!
Man: Is that true? Bartholomew, I've seen you come and go from time to time and I didn't think much of it. Exactly who are you?
Tool Guy: !
Bart: Everyone, I need your attention. My, My friends are currently headed for Bledavik.
They're on a mission to take down Shakhan from his seat of power. There is a need to rebuild this country from scratch again. I've, I've inherited that task from our late king. If all goes well, we'll soon be able to make it a reality. Please, believe me, and wait for me.
Man: You're going to defeat Shakhan!? The late king? Then you're...
Bart: ...
Tool Guy: The town's OK now. Let's go back up! Collect all your belongings!

People leave

Tool Guy: Laddie, be careful out there! I know you'll make it OK. And when you do, you have to promise that you'll come out and announce who you are. I want to see you stand on the terrace of Castle Fatima, proudly! You gotta win lad. You got my support!

He leaves loads of support there

Bart: I don't know what happened or what made me say the things I did. That wasn't like me to say that stuff.
Margie: You could have just told them that you were the prince.
Bart: No, I can't do that yet. I need to fulfill my father's last request.

Bart: Oh, they probably have the power shutdown because no one's here.
Margie: We use this lower area as a Mausoleum. So it always has minimal power available for use. But, not even the sisters are allowed in there.
Elly: Smells like mold...
Bart: That's obvious. Practically no one's been in there. Let's give it! We gotta' get to the treasure before Shakhan gets here.

[They continue on to a room with 2 angel statues, like the ones in the cathedral, blocking
the door.]

Bart: So this is the door that connects to the great royal treasure.

A retinal scanner pops up

Bart: It's time for the Fatima Jasper to do its thing. Oh yeah, one of mine's closed.
Margie: I'm here.

Fei: The Fatima Jasper.
Bart: Yeah. That punk, Shakhan mistook that for the royal pendant. But that made it easier for us, so I kept my mouth shut.
Fei: What's up ahead?
Margie: Up ahead will be the central core of the fortress. It's been said that if we shine that mysterious light across our eyes, the fortress will rise to the surface. They said this was built before the country of Aveh was founded. So, you ready to go?

A little bit later

Margie: I wonder which is more impressive? The pilot room on your ship or the one in here?
Bart: My ship of course. Uhh, well, since they are our ancestors, I guess this one's better. And you, quit asking mean questions like that. Anyway, it's not called a pilot room.
It's the bridge, got it?
Margie: Does it really matter?
Bart: Not moving.
Elly: I think it's locked?
Bart: Hmm...
Margie: Want to go check the great treasure first?
Bart: Hmm, from the looks of it, Shakhan hasn't found the great treasure either.
Fei: Yeah, when we were leaving Nisan, Bart and them said they've never been here. Well, first of all let's go locate the great treasure.
Bart: Yeah, I know for sure that the great treasure is somewhere inside the Great Mausoluem. I can't pinpoint the location though. So, let's go find it then we can decide what to do next.

More exploring

Margie: Let's try it out.

Elly: For being in storage so long, this thing's in great condition!
Fei: It kinda looks a lot like Bart's Gear.
Bart: Huh? Oh yeah, now that you mention it. Well, if you trace my Brigandier's histroy, it was a Gear originally made in Aveh that I customized. It wouldn't surprise me if there was some kind of connection. Yeah well, looks like there's no power down here except for the emergency lights.
Fei: This Gear too, no power in the lights. The drive unit's been sealed.
Bart: Hmm. The control panels down there didn't do much, meaning there's probably something around here.

Looking between its legs

Bart: Something's written here. Does anyone have a light?

Boom, flashlight.

Bart: This, there's an inscription. It's in old Fatima. It's my ancestors.
Margie: What does it say?

Bart: All right, this should work.
Margie: Now, how am I going to get this out?
Bart: Yeah.
Fei: You said it would appear above if it read the eyes. You think you can move this building?
Bart: Okay, let's go back downstairs and try it. Father, looks like we're gonna have to move this. Sorry, but I'll have to borrow it.

Back to the control room

Fei: Hey aren't you the tool guy!?
Bart: You're OK.
Tool Guy: Yes, my wife and I escaped together.
Bart: So, what're you doing here!?
Tool Guy: Yeah well, when I returned to town, I heard you were deep in the mausoleum. I thought to myself, 'Something's going on!' I couldn't just stand there so I came here.
Bart: It's dangerous, you better go back.
Tool Guy: Oh no, I've come this far, I'm not going back! I'm gonna stay and help you.

In the hall

Shakhan: Most impressive, Prince Bartholomew. But you'll go no further.
Bart: The central area's gone. What can you do now? How about killing yourself honorably? What a fitting death for a clergyman. Fuck religion hard
Shakhan: There's much more to the 'Ethos' then you would know. We're not a single unit. We each have an agenda. We have no need to admit defeat just because the central area's gone. I have my own motives. And it is for them, that I used Aveh and Gebler. Now, the treasure's mine. I suggest you retreat now.
Bart: Crap! Margie!

Margie runs through the guards off screen, they are inept as shit

Shahkhan: After her!

A couple soldiers go

Shakhan: Hmph, you're actually trying to protect the Omnigear? What do you think one little girl can do? As they say, out of the frying pan and into the fire, idiot! I'm going to take care of this once and for all! That detestable girl has made a fool of me for the last time. I'll send her and everything with her to the depths of hell.
Bart: Dammit, get the hell outta' the way!
Voice: You've gone far enough.
Soldier: !

Sigurd and Citan walk in

Bart: Sig! What are you doin' here!?
Elly: Citan!
Sigurd: I left Maison in charge of the capital. I was worried about you so I returned here.
Shakhan, it's only a matter of time until Bledavik returns to us. At this point, you have nowhere to go.
Shakhan: Errgh, it's not over yet! I've still got Margie. For now, she'll once again be my hostage until I get that Omnigear.

He runs after her shutting the door behind him

Bart: Wait! Damn, it won't open! It's locked from the inside.

Retina scanner looks at Bart mockingly

Bart: Argh! I only have one Fatima Jasper!
Sigurd: Relax, young master!
Bart: Sig, what should I do?
Sigurd: Pass the light through your good eye! I'll do the other half!
Bart: What're you?
Sigurd: Just do it!

Bart: Yes! It's unlocked? Sig! How did YOUR eye work!?
Sigurd: We're running out of time! We must return to Marguerite at once!
Bart: ? Um hey Sig only people with the Fatima blood line can open these so...

They enter

Bart: Margie! Where are you?
Shakhan: Argh! What's taking so long?
Soldier: But, it's still an Omnigear.
Shakhan: Imbeciles! She's just a child! What can she do!? Hurry and get her!

Gear goes into the room

Bart: Margie, in there!
Fei: Anyway, let's go!

[They go inside and see the Omnigear.]

They get shot at

Bart: Crap!

Margie: My leg got shot. Heh, looks like I'm causing you trouble again.
Bart: Stupid! Why'd you put yourself in danger like that!?
Margie: I, it wasn't much. I just thought this is the least I could do for you.
Bart: Dumb... Stupid! You're the biggest fool!
Margie: heh heh.
Bart: Can you move?

Margie: Uh huh, I guess.

Neo Etones, oh my

Shakhan: Minor damage can be repaired. Aim for the cockpit!
Bart: Dammit! It's to dangerous to go outside now. Can you hold on?
Margie: Don't worry about me.
Bart: Damn! What the! There's no control stick! How am I gonna' move this?
Sigurd: Are you okay, young master!?
Bart: Sig!? Ya' know how I'm gonna' operate this thing?
Sigurd: What do you mean?
Bart: There are no controls? What am I gonna' do?

The gear blocks the shot

Bart: Uuuuuuaaah!
Shakhan: Impudent little...
Bart: H-how!? How'd it move!?
Citan: I got it! Young one, you must think!
Bart: That voice, Citan!
Citan: Apparently, the Omnigear does not function by mechanical controls, but mental ones. Remember how Elly and the Omnigear in Shevat responded? When did he hear this
Bart: But...
Citan: Margie probably moved it through the same means. Young one, try and envision the Gear moving. Then the Gear should react to the image in your head.
Bart: Now that I know, here goes!

We fight two Neo Etones, Elly is still the best damage dealer

Shakhan: Damn you, boy!
Fei: Let's go!
Elly: Yeah!

Bart: Hey! You're not gettin' away!

Shakhan runs

Bart: That punk's not goin' anywhere!
Citan: Young one, please wait! Is Margie gonna be alright?
Bart: Oh yeah! Hey, Margie, you OK?

Margie doesn't move

Bart: Margie! Margie! Wake up!! Margie!!

A little bit later

Citan: Fortunately, the bullet passed through. I will apply some first aid. Later, when we return to the city, we should have it looked over thoroughly.
Bart: Good, I'm glad. When she passed out I thought the worst.
Margie: Bart.
Bart: How ya feelin?
Margie: Okay. You know, when I passed out, I still heard your voice. For some strange reason your cries reached me. That's why I thought I had to help you...
Bart: Oh. We were fighting together, weren't we? You protected me. But, is this really the legendary Gear in the scroll of our founding nation? The way it handles it feels just like my Brigandier. Except maybe it's a little more powerful.
Citan: Perhaps, the controls, outputs and weapons are similar and adjust to the strength of the pilot's mental waves. If so, the pilot must be skilled at mentally merging with the Gear to gain its true power. Marguerite was able to move the Gear through her strong desire to help you. It was her strength that moved it.
Bart: Meaning, I'd have to get used to it?
Citan: That would be the case.
Bart: Argh. I already went through a lot of trouble getting it.
Citan: Do not be discouraged. We now know that these Omnigears were used in the battle between the land and Solaris. Even now, the 'Ethos' and Solaris are seeking the Omnigears. At least, this one will not fall into their hands. Eventually, you will be able to unleash it's power. Let's hope you use it for the right reasons.

Margie: What do you mean once in a while?
Bart: Don't get so excited. Ha ha ha ha!
Margie: Meanie!
Man: Sigurd!
Sigurd: Alright. Please tell Maison we'll be here a while longer.
Man: Got it!
Sigurd: We've heard from our units in Bledavik. Things are unfolding smoothly. They have entered the castle. They are investigating Shakhan's private room on the top floor of the castle. One more thing, Yggdrasil is on station near by and has picked up several Gears on radar.
Bart: Shakhan!
Sigurd: Most certainly. But those Gears went to the capital and then turned back toward us.
Fei: He saw things weren't looking too good and ran away.
Bart: Yeah, but it sounds like he's coming back here.
Fei: What's here?
Sigurd: About that, the info from the capital. Isn't there a -Gate- in the area?
Fei: A -Gate-?
Citan: Where?
Sigurd: Directly west of Nisan. Young master, do you know the big cave over there?
Bart: Cave on the western continent? It's near the ocean. If I remember it's big enough for a Gear to walk into.
Sigurd: Yes, there. They found evidence that there is some large building inside that cave.
Fei: Shakhan is heading for there. What's he doing?
Bart: I guess we'll have to go and see!
Fei: Okay!
Sigurd: I'll wait here for info from the capital.
Citan: A gate! Of course I would like to actually see it, but this time I will pass. There are two more left. And besides, just in case things do not go well, it might be better if we stay here and protect Marguerite.
Bart: Got it. I leave the rest to you!

I can swap party members here, but I need Fei and Bart and Citan won't come. I think I'll make the easy choice and keep Elly and her 1-hit 9999 damage ether abilities.