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Part 4: Dazil


We're almost at the desert town of Dazil, but first some leveling

These are Sand Mans... or Tuscan Raiders to anyone with the smallest ability to detect a rip off.

We get Fei's 2nd death blow Senretsu (Battle Line is the best translation I can find, not sure on this one)
And Citan's Ukigumo (Floating cloud, also the name of a tree, you can see one at: and Mufu (no clue what it means)

Finally we enter Dazil.

F: This is Dazil?

C: Yes, that is right, the desert town of Dazil.
F: This town's lively.
C: This is the center for all excavations in Aveh. People come from all over Ignas to try and find the resources buried in the ruins around here. We should be able to find out what both Aveh and Kislev are up to here. And we also have to gather the things we need to repair Weltall.
F: Repair Weltall?
C: Yes, we must exchange the broken parts to fix Weltall; otherwise it will not be able to function at all! There is an 'Ethos' workshop in the Southern part of this town. Let us go there, Fei.
F: Yeah, okay doc, let's check this place out then.

We'll get there in a minute let's explore the place first.

I found the quarters of Aveh's elite guards.

If it was so secret they probably shouldn't have let me walk in the front door.

Next we visit the sand buggy rental shop, it looks like they're all out for the time being

I offload the junk in my inventory and buy anything decent. Now to meet one of the sweetest minor characters in the game, to the bar!

There are two guys blabbing away about some heist they pulled, Fei comments that it's noisy

That well dressed guy in the corner doesn't seem to care for their yammering though.

From hear on out I suggest you imagine his as speaking with a Sylvester Stallone voice (think Rocky). By the way his name is Big Joe, you know he's :metal: with a name like that.

J: ...Hic...
J: Why're you all yappin' when Big Joe is trying to drink here in peace? Can't ya'll shuddap...hic...
Loud Guy: Who'dya you think you are? I don't care if you're Big Joe or Big Shmoe! You don't mess with me
J: Gyahahahahah! Yeah, you sure talk big. Can you dig for treasure as good as you talk?
L: What's that ya' say?!
J: you're so tough, always lookin' for junk lying around. Why don't ya' do somethin' more productive for once.
L: If you ask me you're a big pussy!
Loud Guy's Pal: Hey, stop it! This guy's trouble. He's looking wild.
L: Aw shuddap! Just shut your trap!
J: Gyahahaha! That's right, run home to momma, little boys. Hicc!
L: Dam-n you! You'll keep! :guys run away:
J: Ha! Cowardly little punks.
C: Why this man sure likes to make his presence felt.

Let's see if Big Joe wants to be my pal.

Hell yes I am!

J: Booze is my life companion! Especially in a sucky world like this. Everyone is searching for dough and dynamite. Ha, how unromantic. He's like a warrior-poet

I talk to him again.

J: Me? What am I doing here? Whatever I please, I guess.

And again.

J: You think you know about yourself? I could introduce myself right now, and by tomorrow be a different person. If you didn't understand that, I'll repeat ... hic... Don't count you chickens before they hatched I think it's supposed to be a Zen moment

Fei and Citan finally make their way to the Ethos workshop.

C: Yes. The 'Ethos' workshops are the only places that officially repair Gears. Let us see if we can get the parts we need to fix Weltall here. As they say, time is money! So we should do whatever we can as soon as we are able to.
Worker: Huh? How can we help you?
C: Sorry to bother you. Our Gear has broken down, so I would like to buy some parts to fix it.
W: Tough luck, huh? Can you tell me what make of parts you are after?
C: Yes, we are hoping to replace an X-29 model injection bypass circuit.
W: X-29 model injection circuit? That's only used on the latest military models. We don't keep those kinds of parts in stock here. You can only get such special parts by placing an order at the 'Ethos' headquarters. This workshop is only for the repair of civilian Gears.
C: I see. Sorry to have bothered you.
W: Sorry that we can't help you.

Fei and Citan leave the workshop, but something is bothering Fei.

F: Doc, do you have a moment? I need to talk to you.
C: Yes, of course, Fei.

They move up to a bridge overlooking the town.

C: So Fei, what did you want to talk to me about?

F: We can't find the parts we need, so is it alright if we just don't fix it?

Citan: Do not repair it? What is the problem, Fei?

F: Well, we've been able to come as far as Dazil on our own, so doesn't that show that we don't need Weltall as much as we thought? Actually, I've been thinking that after things cool down I want to go back to Lahan and help rebuild. That's all I feel I can do now.
C: I see. If that's what you want, Fei, then fine. But I think we should try and move Weltall as far away from there as possible.
F: Move it away? But why do we need to do that, doc?
C: It is only my speculation, but, I suspect that the incident that evening occurred because the Gebler Special Force stole a Kislev military Gear.
F: Special Force? You mean Elly's group?
C: Exactly. When I examined the broken Gear in the village, I realized that the Gebler pilot was riding a Kislev Gear. It must have had some new technology involved in it for the Kislev army to send pursuit forces after it.
F: New technology?
C: I suspect that the Gebler Force was out to steal a new experimental Gear. I am sure news of the Special Force's failure has reached the capital. They will be investigating the Lahan area to reclaim whatever parts of the new Gear they can find.
F: Hold on, doc! Won't the Kislev army still be in Lahan too!
C: Most probably. An in that case, there will be a conflict between Aveh's inspection team and Kislev's pursuit troops. If they find where we have hidden Weltall...
F: The armies will fight over who gets Weltall, and right near Lahan too.
C: So, to avoid any problems, we should move Weltall somewhere else right away!
F: But, we can't fix it in order to move it. This seems like shaky logic, given that Citan brought it to Blackmoon Forest from Lahan with the land crab. Logic would say they could still carry it.
C: Right. But staying here will solve nothing. Fortunately, this is the center of all excavation work in this country. There is bound to be some information on where we can find parts. Anyway, the fear is often worse than the danger itself. We should not let such fears hold us back!

As they start to leave Citan spies a buggy.

C: This is a sand buggy; that is it, Fei! I have thought of a good way to get the parts we needed for Weltall. First, we have got to find out who will rent us this buggy.
F: Sand Buggy?
C: A sand buggy is a special car made for the desert. Its tires do not sink into the sand, so it is a must for long trips into the desert.
F: So then doc, what do you plan on doing with this sand buggy?
C: Well, leave it to me. Just you wait and see.

The owner recognizes us and gives this wild line:

O: Of course, the keys are in the ignition, you can take it now. That's right keys in the ignition of an open-top vehicle that he "rents" us for free. He is not a shrewd businessman.

C: Well then, if I may. Fei, I am going into the desert to search for parts for Weltall.
F: Going to the desert? Doc, are you going to excavate some ruins or something?
C: The Kislev and Aveh armies are confronting each other in the desert all the time. There is talk that their forces often break into battle over the ruins.
F: What does that have to do with that Gear?
C: If I search the battlefields for the wrecks of such army Gears. I should be able to find the parts we need. (Aside to Fei) Besides, Weltall is a Kislev Gear, so we need parts from Kislev Gears.
F: But...
C: Fei, you are such a worrier. Things have a way of working out. You do not need to worry so much. Why not go kill some time at the bar until I get back.
F: Doc...

Citan leaves so Fei chats up the owner.

O: Hey, are you letting him go out there alone? Lots of fights break out in the desert...
it's a real dangerous place.

O: You really shouldn't let him go out there by himself.

Fei goes outside, but Citan is long gone. Time for a walk in the desert.

Fei goes into the desert in pursuit of Citan.

He spots some gears.

F: Gears? I'm worried about doc. Guess I may as well follow those Gears.

Fei soon loses the gears.

The screen starts to shake.

It's Gojira! (Godzilla for you American pig-dogs, Fei's Asian, remember?)

Man this thing is big.

F: W- what the heck is that thing?

The flying ship moves on and Fei spots another set of gears

F: I'd better follow them as not to lose sight of them.

Guess who Fei loses sight of?

Fei spots some motorcycles riding by. I've got a plan!

That's right Fei, charge it head-on!

Fei:What's going on here - gears, a flying saucer, and now these guys? I hope doc's alright!

Fei revs the bike and burns out, in-so-far as one can burnout on sand.

Aveh Soldier: Hey Wa~it!

Fei drives into the evening.

A gust of wind knocks Fei off the bike.

Aww shit. Two gears surround him.

Fei resorts to the "I only stole a bike argument," but things are looking grim.

Suddenly the Gears get shot up.
F: Ah-!

F: Doc! You're alright?
C: Yes, of course! Looks like we do not have time to chat.

The gears are back in action.

C: Fei, hurry!
F: Hurry and do what?
C: I cannot use Weltall very well! Only you can use its full potential. Hurry up and get on board! Nevermind the fact that he just busted out guns on a gear that I didn't know even had any.

Fei reluctantly gets in.

F: A-a-alright.

I think Citan could have handled these guys.

Just saying...

A Strange Voice: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!
F: W-what the?

F: Who are you?
Man in Black: Who? Right... I know you. You killed her.

A cross-shaped necklace swings. Then we see it on the ground at the feet of a young-looking Fei.

Man in Black: (Imitating Fei) 'Her? No. It wasn't. Not me. I...' (in a normal tone) Coward. It was you.

Fei returns to the present.

F: You're the one from Lahan!

Remember this dude?

C: Here we go again.
I like how Citan just shrugs this shit off like it's an everyday occurrence --God damn, THIS shit again?

Man in Black: My name is Grahf, the seeker of power. You certainly showed how much power you had back there in Lahan, didn't you, Fei!?
F: How much power I had? What are you talking about!
G: A greater power is what I need to fulfill my mission. I sent those Gears into that land as a catalyst to awaken the power in you. To make contact with you.
F: As a catalyst!? You mean you caused that intentionally!?
G: That's right, the death of your loved ones and you powerless against it happening. The grief, the screams from your heart born out of the tragedy, there! That was the catalyst for triggering your power.
F: You mean you attacked my village just to get me into that Gear! Why? Why did the villagers have to die?
G: Who cares why! It does not matter how many of them died. They were wretched vermin, only living from day to day without ever fulfilling their prescribed destinies! And have you forgotten? You were the one who destroyed the village. I did not lift a finger.
F: No! I was just trying to save the village and its people! I never intended to destroy it!
G: Is that so? Surely you have heard it? It is the very essence of you, the voice of desire from within you that craves destruction.
F: Shut up! Even if that were true, weren't you the one who caused it? If you hadn't come, the village wouldn't have suffered the way it did!
G: Ah, so now you resort to blame? I see, that sounds like something 'you' would say. That's good. Your basic nature remains unchanged.
F: You said you need my power? What were you intending to do with it?
G: You know very well, it is to destroy... Mother God...
F: D-destroy God?
G: Yes, we will destroy god. That is our purpose; that is our destiny!
F: Don't be ridiculous! I won't get involved in such a thing! If you want to destroy God, or whatever it is you're on about, do it by yourself!
G: Hah, hah, hah! You resemble your father.
F: My father? You mean my dad? No he means your fucking dog You know my father!?
G: That was, a most delightful scream. I was enthralled by it. Nothing is more beautiful than a scream of death.
F: What did you do to my father!? What happened between you two?
G: Hmph, do you really wish to know? There is no use in you knowing it now.
F: What!
G: Your power is still beneath that needed for my purposes. Anything unusable must be tried until it becomes suitable.

The sands begin to shift.

F: What?

Oh, no it's Shai-Hulud!

G: What will you do, Fei? If you die here, then so be it. You may indeed gain some happiness from not knowing. But surely, that is not what you truly want? If you want to know the truth, and that is what you want, isn't it, Fei, then here is what to do, you must show me that you have attained the level of strength I require. To do that you must destroy others using your own strength! Then you will gain all that was lost in exchange for that scream of death! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Grahf flies away.

F: W-wait! We're not finished yet!

The worm has other thoughts.

This is the first time we see a lame fuel drain attack, this attack exists to piss you off and make you contemplate wasting an equipment slot on tank guards which are for ladies.

The worm is pretty tough; it soaks damage from normal attacks and doesn't take that much from deathblows. So, I'm gonna' go back on my ether attacks are for pussies rule (which doesn't apply later in the game either… ok, it's generally a lousy rule)

That takes care of the worm.

Fei hops out of Weltall.

C: Fei!
F: I'm fine; the Gear seems to be broken, though.
C: I am so glad that you are unharmed. The Gear had only temporary repairs made on it. They were not made to survive an outright battle like that.
F: ...
C: Fei?

We've got company.

C: Oh no! The Aveh military! Not now! Fei, I think we should remain calm.
F: ...
C: Fei?

And with that we fade into the next scene.