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Part 3: Blackmoon Forest

Blackmoon Forest

F: Doc!

F: Doc, What happened? Where's Chief Lee, Timothy, Alice? What did I…?
C: Yes. Well that is...

Dan cuts in here

D: You murderer!
C: Dan!
Fei: !? Dan, what do you mean?
D: It was because you had to get in that monster, Alice and Timothy, the people of the village are all -You killed everyone using that monster!
D: Why did you have to fight in the middle of the village? How do you even know how to operate such a monster?
Dan turns on you real quick here

There is some whining of pain and calls for missing relatives
Random Villager: See, I told you so. I said allowing someone we knew nothing about into our village would spell disaster.

Is that a face that would hurt anyone?

Fei turns back to Dan and Citan.
F: Dan!

People start scattering around and children whimper as Fei steps forward.
D: Murderer! My sister, give me back my sister!

C: Dan! There is nothing to be gained from putting the blame all on Fei alone. What is more, you know Fei had no control over the malfunction of that gear.
D: I...I know that! But, But...!


After this Dan storms off.

Fei and Citan begin to talk

C: It might be better if we left him by himself for a little while. He does not know what to do with his grief, his anger.
F: ...
C: And Fei, it may be a good idea for you to leave this place. There is no guarantee that reinforcements from yesterday's units are not going to come. They will probably want to know what happened to their comrades. Also, if you stay here, I do not think the atmosphere is going to be very joyful, if you know what I mean. It is probably best for both you and all the other villagers here.
F: I guess you're right. This disaster happened because I was here, but what am I supposed to do now?
C: Yes, well, why not go through the Blackmoon Forest and head for Aveh? I am sure those soldiers from yesterday were not from Aveh. If you can manage to get to the Aveh side, they will not be able to track you down very easily.
F: Okay, I understand, doc. Well, anyway, please take care of the rest of things here, doc.
C: Of course, well, do take care now.

Fei looks at the gear that did all of this while his thoughts playback what Dan said

You killed everyone with that monster. Murderer!
My sister, give me back my sister!

After this I kill several more hobgobs to get their sweet, sweet jerky, then I take two steps out of town and I'm in Blackmoon Forest

As I enter the birds disperse, the place is more creepy than tranquil.

I go around gather some items then kill a hobgob blocking a giant boulder that's in my way (I lost the screen shot). After it dies, the boulder rolls away, clearing my path. Thanks to my cat-like agility, I jump to the side to avoid its vicious 5-a-tick smashing damage.

I walk forward and right into this cutscene

Woman: <incomprehensible language>
Woman: Throw down your weapon. Make one wrong move or I'll shoot.
Does Fei even have any weapons? Aside from his mitts that is.

F: ...
Woman: I said [pause] turn around!

Fei turns around

F: Are you shaking?
W: Be quiet! You don't seem to be one of the Kislev soldiers who are after me.

Fei faces her

Woman: Don't move! I have orders to kill all surface dwellers, -Lambs-, I come in contact with. It's part of my mission. It's nothing personal. I have a question for you. How do I get out of this forest?
F: Are you lost?
No Fei she's just testing you, don't fall for it! This is going to be like the Bridge of Death scene in Holy Grail.
W: Just answer my question! How do I get out of here?
F: Sorry, but I'm looking for the way out of here too.
W: Oh...
F: How long are you just going to stand there like that? If you're going to shoot me, then hurry up and do it.
I'll say one thing for Fei, he has balls, big brass ones.
W: What an odd thing to say! Don't you understand the situation you are in?
F: I don't care about my situation. I'm just a guy whose life is worthless. There's no
point in me living anyway!
Well now you just sound emo.

Fei starts approaching her

W: Don't come any closer!

What a lousy shot.

F: What are you aiming at? Here! Shoot me here! C'mon...
That's it Fei, show her who's in charge!
W: Are you mocking me? Uh-oh, she's into us! You're weird! Something's very wrong with you! You should at least resist a little bit!

Then this little bastard drops out of a tree.

W: What's this? Who are you?

F: Stop! Keep your hands off of 'Elly'!

Note the use of a name here, she never introduced herself (This is not a continuity error) . That monkey looking sonnfa' bitch is actually a forest elf, I shit you not, that's what my "Enemy Scouting Report" says. It must be an elf, because it folds like a card table after one punch

F: Are you alright? Hang in there!

The Mysterious Woman finally wakes up. Meanwhile, Fei has built a campfire of epic proportions.

F: Good, you finally woke up! You didn't move for so long that I started to worry.
W: ...
Fei: How are you feeling?
F: Do you still intend to kill me? Then go right ahead and shoot me! But you'd better not do it while we're in this forest. Forest monsters hate loud noises, you know!?
But they are A-OK with giant fires, also add boy scout to Fei's resume.
W: ...
F: Fine, don't talk to me if you don't want to. But it wouldn't kill you to thank me for tending to your wounds.
W: Th-Thanks, but you shouldn't have helped me. Don't think it will save your life, though. It really doesn't change a thing.
F: What are you so afraid of?
W: I'm not afraid; I'm just being cautious. It's natural for me to be this cautious considering I've met such a suspicious surface dwelling -Lamb-.
F: Hm. Don't you worry. I'm not going to do anything. Besides, you're much more suspicious than I am.
W: Huh?
F: So, what's your name?
W: I won't give my name to a surface dweller -Lamb-.
F: What's with you and this 'Lamb' thing? I'm glad someone said something about it. We're both lost in this forest, surrounded by dangerous monsters; shouldn't we at least be cooperating with each other until we get out of here?
W: ...
F: Good. So what's your name? It's going to be hard for us to cooperate with one another without at least knowing each other's names. Anyway, my name is Fei Fong Wong. You can call me Fei. I would be going by "Wong" if this was my call.
W: I'm Elhaym. But my parents call me Elly.
To clear up some dialogue later, her full name is Elhaym Van Houten
F: 'Elly', huh? Somehow I already 'knew' that. Remember how he said her name before the elf attacked earlier.
Elly: ?
F: Anyway, it's too dangerous to travel in these parts this late at night. Let's wait till daybreak before we continue looking for a way out of here, if that's okay with you?
E: I guess we have no choice, do we?
F: Okay then Elly, how about having something to eat.

They go to sleep and Fei dreams up a cutscene

In the dream, Fei appears to be about 7 years old.

He notices a line of figures trudging through the desert. He chases after them.
F: Wait! Hey! Don't leave me here! Wait!

It's no good. They're gone. Fei collapses onto the ground and starts crying again. A shadow appears from behind him. Fei turns to look at it.

Her necklace glows red for a second. It's the same one as Fei's flashback in Lahan.

Woman: You must be lonely here by yourself.

She reaches out her hand to Fei, who reaches for her as well.

Elly: Fei... Fei...
Fei's dream blends into Elly yelling at him

We walk around and find a sign

Hum... let's see what's up here

Another sign, let's go back to the dangerous cliffs.

I see some hobs, so I chase them, using my sweet jumping skills

Awesome, Elly is now only semi-worthless

We reach a clearing, and it's talk time

E: Fei,

F: Why are you asking?
E: Why? Yesterday you looked like you had a death wish. You think it wouldn't make me wonder. Say, how did you get stranded in this forest in the first place?
F: I should ask you the same question.
E: Huh? Well, I, errh…
F: I… ran away, from my village, or what's left of it.
E: Village? You don't mean!?
F: Lahan, it was a small village that existed between this forest and the mountain range. I ran away from there.
E: That village…?
F: It was a nice, peaceful village. Everyone there treated me like family. Then, last night, a group of Gears suddenly appeared and started fighting right in the middle of the place. The village was engulfed in flames. I couldn't just stand there and watch Lahan be destroyed, so to try and save the villagers, I got in an empty Gear, without even knowing how to operate it. I just thought that maybe I could do it -no- it was more like someone whispering to me, telling me to do it, but it was a disaster! The village…
E: Was it destroyed by the Kislev army? Fei?
F: No, the village was destroyed, by me.
E: ?
F: Yes. It was me. I destroyed Lahan. I'm sure of it.
E: What do you mean you destroyed it? I thought you were trying to help save the villagers?
F: I did try to help. I actually took out a few Gears, but then I came under heavy fire from a new group of Gears. And then my friend, Timothy, was hit by a hail of bullets. Then I lost it. Everything just went dark. Then I don't remember anything after that. The Gear I was in went out of control. Well, that's what doc said. When I came to, the village, and everyone in it, was... Alice, she was such a... Alice and Timothy. Oh God! Everybody! All such good people!
E: Went out of control? The Gear? What about the village? Fei?
F: Yes, the Gear!
E: !
F: If only they hadn't come…

Elly has a flash back here

E: They're still giving chase. We've entered Aveh territory. I'm not giving up now. This Gear's too important!

A Gear blows up in the background

E: That's done it! I'm at a disadvantage now.
Other Pilot: Van Houten! What's wrong? Respond!

E: My thrusters' output is dropping. I can't maintain altitude.
Other Pilot: Damn it! Everyone land now! Regroup on the ground. We'll have to engage them.

Elly lands in the middle of a field in Lahan and then exits her Gear and runs away.

F: If they had never come to the village, never started fighting there, then I wouldn't have tried to pilot that Gear. It's all their fault! Not mine! They're the ones to blame! If they'd never come, none of this would have… if not for them! Them! Them! Them! [he punctuates each "them" by hitting a tree]
E: Enough of that!
F: !?
E: You're a coward!
F: A coward? Me?
E: Yes, you're a coward. All you're saying is 'them, them, them'. Don't talk as if you had no part of the blame, as well!
F: I'm to blame?
E: Yes, that's right! Of course the direct cause of the battle was that a Gear made an emergency landing in your village. did you hear me, EMERGENCY it was totally not that Gear's fault. But all Kislev wanted was the Gear, right? They weren't invading or out to destroy Lahan. The real damage occurred because you climbed in a Gear and tried to fight back!
F: ...
E: What ever made you get into that Gear? Not just anyone can pilot them! It takes training! There is no way a civilian could hope to pilot one! Besides, you should have been helping the villagers flee to safety instead! How can you blame the damage on a Gear when you made the decision to fight in it in the first place? Why don't you take some of the responsibility yourself? Why are you putting all of the blame on others? That's just running away! That's what makes you a coward!
F: Well, if you put it that way, yes, that's right, I am a coward! I didn't realize my own strength and have been blaming what happened as a result on others. I'm a pitiful excuse for a man. But, I just felt this rush of blood in me and I couldn't help myself! Couldn't help myself or help others.

Fei sits down against the tree he was punching; he puts his head in his hands.

E: Fei, I- I'm...
F: Shut up! What do you know? When I came to I was surrounded by piles of rubble. I didn't remember what had happened or what I had done. I remembered absolutely nothing. All I knew was that my hands could still feel what they had done. The only thing that penetrated the Gears barrier were screams; screams accompanied by the stench of blood, the sound of crushing bones, and my own curses.

Fei holds up his hands to Elly

F: Look! Look at my hands! Can you hear their voices? Fei's going all Lady Macbeth here. Can you understand this feeling? The feeling of having destroyed your village with your own hands? Of not being able to do anything for the children left behind? Now they have nothing. I have nothing. I have nowhere, no one. I didn't want to get in it. I had no choice. There was no other way...

Elly walks toward Fei, changes her mind and walks away. She turns around once then proceeds off screen.

Elly has a flashback

E: You talk as if it's not your responsibility!

E: No, I didn't do anything!
E: They died because you had to pilot the gear and start fighting.
E: It wasn't me, can't you understand?

E: Not just anyone can pilot those machines, you know.
E: I didn't want to do it.
E: Why won't you take responsibility?

E: I'm not so strong.
E: Why are you trying to put the blame on others?
E: I'm not even all that talented.
E: You're a coward!
F: That's right! I'm a coward!

E: Yes, that's right, I am a coward.

What's that?

This guy is listed as a Rankar Dragon, but he's pretty much just a spiky T-rex.

Fei, still sulking, hears Elly's cries.

He runs toward the sound only to see this sight

F: Oh no!
F: Elly! Elly! Are you alright? Darn! She's unconscious!

Combat begins

You have GOT to be kidding me

Okay, this looks better.

Never mind; the Rankar is fine

But wait-

Citan arrives in the "land" crab

C: Fei! I have been searching for you! Here, you can use this!

F: Hey! Hold on a second! To tell me I can use this is one thing

F: Doc. I have a favor to ask! I will defeat this monster! But if it looks like I'll go out of control like last time, then shoot me!
C: Fei, let us pray that that won't happen!

This is what I'm talking about

C: Fei! Are you alright?

Fei hops out of Weltall.

F: Yeah, I guess so.
C: That fight with the Rankar was remarkable. An ordinary Gear could not defeat that monster. And you certainly keep yourself in good shape. Considering that normal gears have guns and the ranker was a big iguana I find this hard to believe.
F: Why did you bring this here, doc?
C: This? You mean Weltall?
F: Weltall? This is the Gear that destroyed our village. Why did you bother bringing it here? I never want to see another Gear again.
C: I understand how you must feel, but, in order to protect yourself you need a certain degree of strength, even more since we are being pursued.
F: I agree that a certain degree of strength is needed for self-defense. And if it weren't for this Gear here, Elly and I'd be in that Rankar's stomach right now, but its power goes beyond what is necessary. Does one really need the power to destroy everything?
C: ...
F: I don't need that kind of power, I just hate Gears.
C: Fei, using power or being used by power, is that not a problem of the heart? If humans do not use their power for wrong, it can be a good thing. I believe such power can help us. In that respect, I know you will be fine. It sure helped you out this time. Am I right?
F: I want to believe that. But something is holding me back. This Gear, well, whatever. At least Elly is safe now.
C: She seems to have come to.

E: Huh?
C: I am Citan, a friend of Fei's. You almost did not make it. If Fei had not helped,
I hate to think what may have happened. But I was not too pleased with his rashness in trying to take on that Rankar with just his bare fists.
E: Bare fists?
C: Well, I am glad that you were able to find a use for what I brought you.

Elly looks at Weltall

E: !!
C: Let us just say that we are borrowing what the Kislev army left behind.
E: Oh. Thank you, Fei. This makes twice.
F: Don't mention it. I'll just put it on your tab.
C: It is getting dark. Let us make camp now and start out early tomorrow. The both of you look tired and I need to make some repairs on our friend here.

Citan is repairing Weltall by the light of a campfire

C: It is no use. The knee actuator and bypass circuit are both ruined. The actuator can be fixed, but the circuit needs to be replaced.

Citan starts a conversation with Elly

E: Yeah.
C: I imagine you would. You have had quite a day. This is the machine Fei used when the village was attacked. There was another machine left sitting on the outskirts of the village.

Citan knows moonspeak too

E: !
C: Just as I thought. The missing pilot from the Gear that made an emergency landing in
Lahan, and the mysterious woman found wandering lost in the forest are actually one and the same person. Judging from your uniform, I would also say you are with the military. Am I correct?
E: How? Who are you?
C: I checked the ID tags of the soldiers who died in the attack on Lahan. The design on their tags and the design on your uniform there is the same.
E: !
C: Do not worry, they were given proper burials. But, they may not have been too pleased to die in a foreign land.
E: Maybe.
C: Does Fei know about you?
E: I don't think he has realized yet.
C: Most likely, Fei knows nothing of the world outside of Lahan.
E: I see, so how come...
C: In any case, it is best if we do not pry into each other's pasts anymore.
E: But...
C: Let us just say that I know a little more about the world than most do. Anyway, Elly,
I have a favor I must beg you to do.
E: What is it?
C: Go straight ahead and you will come to a road. Then just keep going. Would you please leave while Fei is still asleep?
E: !?
C: Unfortunate things keep happening around Fei. I would like to protect him if possible. I do not want him caught up in any vain struggles. I am also saying this for your benefit.
Elly, you do not belong here. Go back to your family.
E: Um...I...
C: Do not worry, I will not tell Fei what your true identity is. I will just tell him you went to meet up with your family.
E: No, it's not that! I did something terrible to him. So, I want to apologize.
C: Something terrible?
E: Fei told me it was our fault the village was destroyed. Fei kept saying, "If only 'they' hadn't come." Then, I called Fei a coward because he was trying to escape from the responsibility. But in fact, it was me who was trying to escape from taking the blame. If I hadn't crash-landed there, they would all still be living peacefully now. All those people wouldn't have been caught up in that tragedy. But I accused Fei.
C: You are a rarity. I did not expect your people would ever think like that. To your people, surface dwellers are nothing more than domesticated animals, are they not?
E: The Shepherds, -Abel-, took control over the surface dwelling -Lambs-, possessing the right to give them life and death as they see fit.
C: Exactly. Yet you seem to feel responsibility toward Fei and the villagers. Why is that?
E: I don't know myself. At Jugend I was taught that surface dwellers were stupid and base. And that is why we have to control them, But...
C: But upon meeting Fei, something about him made you feel differently?
E: Yes. He's no different than we are; In fact he seemed more powerful. He possesses something, something we don't. He also risked his life to save me, twice.
C: Most of your people would feel ashamed at receiving such an act. Yet, you are grateful to Fei?
E: It's probably because of my father. He had an open mind to surface dwellers. My nanny was a surface dweller. No one knew about her though, besides, I am the same as Fei.
C: The same?
E: No, nothing. Nevermind.
C: Hmm. I think I understand. I am sorry. After just saying that we should not pry. It is my nature, you know? My wife says I am too persistent and that I talk too much. But, personally, I do not think I talk too much. Pro tip, Citan, your wife is right. It is probably best if you return home to your country. You really should not be here.
E: I'll return to headquarters. But then what?
C: You are worried?
E: Yes.
C: Worrying is natural. Even I used to worry once too, you know!
E: Oh, Citan.
C: Anyway, let me handle what to tell Fei; you had better go now.

Elly heads out

F: Has Elly gone yet?
C: Oh, so you were awake?
F: Yes, I woke up midway, so I only heard parts of what you two were discussing.
C: ...

C: Fei, she is...
F: I know, it's not Elly's fault. What happened to the village is all my fault. I took out all my pent-up feelings on Elly. I'm the one who should apologize.
C: Fei, do not blame yourself. It was not your fault either. You were just trying to protect the village.
F: Thanks, doc. By the way, how is everyone from the village going?
C: Do not worry, Yui is taking care of them. I told her to leave soon and take them all to a certain place. They should be safe for a while. So you just worry about yourself for now.
F: Okay, doc.
C: Now to think what we should do next? Shall we leave this forest and head for the desert town of Dazil? We may learn what Aveh and Kislev are up to, not to mention getting some parts for Weltall. The leader of Aveh is not going to sit back and let the other night's fiasco go unpunished!

Now I get to trade Elly for Citan. Elly is a pretty worthless character at this point anyway, her only good skills are ether related (think magic), and ether damage attacks are for pussies. Citan, on the other hand, has twice my HP and he's several levels below me.

As we proceed Fei spots an object in the sky.

C: I would assume it is an aerial battleship from Aveh.
F: An aerial battleship? I've never heard of Aveh having anything like that.
C: Of course it does not come from Aveh originally. Most likely it belongs to the Gebler forces stationed in Aveh.
F: Gebler?
Pay attention here; you have to work to keep all the politics straight as we proceed.
C: Special forces from the Sacred Empire of Solaris known as Gebler. I am sure you have heard something about them. They are an organization providing large-scale military aide to the kingdom of Aveh. They showed up in Ignas several months ago. Until then, Aveh was being routed by Kislev. But with the Gebler's help they have managed to regain half their losses. They are now expanding their territory and gathering resources buried in the ruins.
F: I've heard the village elders talk about it; is Elly a part of that?
C: Quite possibly so. Their group has superior technology and power. It is rumoured they are here solely to get the resources in the ruins. I am surprised they are using something as powerful as that ship. It must be to suppress the recent border skirmishes.
F: So they are fighting the Kislev Empire?
C: Yes. It seems they have found new ruins on the northern edge of Aveh. Those ruins are under a five-hundred-year-old temple. Three weeks ago Kislev took over those ruins. Most likely they are fighting over that.

Finally we emerge from Blackmoon Forest