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Part 34: Mahanon


Alright so I'm supposed to go to Elly, but first we can get some of the choice pieces of advice from my comrades. These are the better ones.

Cause I've seen Billy with so many ladies who weren't under 6 years old

But you have a total girl boner for Bart, king of insensitivity!

At least Rico is honest...

Yeah, Hammer was a regular Casanova

Really? I would have never guessed!

Jesus, I just wanted to go to the bathroom

Well, it would be a lot easier to navigate down here if I could see shit

Hey Bart, shut the fuck up!

Fei: Now for the first time, people, on both earth and Solaris, are becoming one. But then, not all of them are strong like the crew of this ship, or those people in Shevat. Even we almost lose sight of our future at times, so you can imagine what regular people go through. That's why people need someone like you to depend on. As a light to guide us, you freed the hearts of the people that have been used as tools by that Ministry for hundreds of years. Elly, it was you! And now your body doesn't just belong to you alone anymore. That's why I can't let you be in any danger. And that's why I don't want you to fight anymore.
Elly: It's funny, isn't it?
Fei: Huh?
Elly: We used to be enemies but now we're together like this. In the beginning, I think I saw myself in you. I think I see myself in you We seemed to overlap, you being in a similar situation as I was in. When I was with you, I didn't feel alone or apprehensive. That's why I thought I liked you, but it wasn't that. I simply didn't have the courage to look at my true self. I turned to you to run away from it all. I mistook that for love. But, it's different now. I can face my own problems. I am me and you are you. It has all become clear to me now. I also learned that I really do need you. It's not because I need you as a sanctuary for my problems. I need you because I truly love you.
Fei: Elly...
Elly: I know what you're saying, Fei. I know why you're so concerned for my safety, but you know, I'm scared. I fear we may never see each other again. I just have this feeling.
Fei: Don't worry, I won't die.
Elly: No, it's not that; it's something completely different. It's as if I'm being torn apart by something I can't resist, that I'm no longer me, even if you come back safely...
It still it just feels so uneasy. That is why I need to go with you. I can't bear to beaway from you.
Fei: I feel the same way. Ever since that time I met you in the forest, I think it's the same feeling that you've been having. I was also running to you. But I have to solve my own problems. I can't throw my problems onto you. There is another me, 'Id' is within me. I fear that at any moment Id may awaken within me. You're the only one that has been able to keep me from giving into Id. It was because you were always by my side that I was still able to keep from losing myself.

Fei: So, that is, Elly, I want you to be my reason to return, to be my home that I can return to. Elly, if you will wait for me to come back, even if we are in totally different places, as long as you will stay by my side, I know I'll be able to do anything.
Elly: Oh Fei...

Fei: Yeah, sorry. Did I wake you?
Elly: It's okay. I've been watching you all along.
Fei: All along?
Elly: Uh-huh. I was watching over you while you slept., and before I realized it, it was morning.
Fei: W-well, I'm off.
Elly: Alright then, do be careful.
Fei: Yeah, I will. Oh! Could you hold on to this for me?
Elly: What is this? Is this a pendant?
Fei: I don't know whose it is. It seems it was on me when I was brought into Lahan. It may be nothing, or it could be...
Elly: It could be...?
Fei: Oh, nothing. Will you just hold on to it for me?
Elly: Alright. I'll hold on to it for you.
Fei: Thanks. Well, I guess it's goodbye!
Elly: Oh, Fei...
Fei: Yeah?
Elly: Thank you

Fei Leaves

Margie: Don't you want to be with him?
Elly: Yes, but it's because I believe in him. Just being close to a person is not in itself an indication of love, is it?
Margie: But men are selfish. When something big happens, they say, 'It's too dangerous, you can't come!' They treat women like we are weaklings. Although it is true I can't help
Bart and friends much anymore.
Elly: That's not true. Everyone, wants someone special waiting for them. Someone who will protect a place they can return to. If you don't have that peace of mind, then you would not be able to get anything done. Men try to fight it out as much as they can and then some. They're cute when they do that, aren't they?
Margie: Yeah, you're right...
Elly: Anyway, we have things we have to do too, now. And, while we do them, let's prey that everyone comes back safely.
Margie: To god?
Elly: No, to your own innermost feelings that everyone believed in. What's wrong?
Margie: I knew it, yes, that must be it!
Elly: What?
Margie: Elly, it's like everyone says! You must be a reincarnation of Sophia! You have no way of knowing the Nisan Sect's teachings, but what you say, well, it's exactly the same as what Sophia always said.
Elly: Yes, that must be it. The first time I visited here I had the most familiar feeling.
Familiar, sad, like I had visited here many times in my dreams. I know where each room is and what's in them. I just know I must have been here in the distant past. Before, if you had spoken of this I'd have brushed it off with a laugh. But now, now I can more or less believe it. The things I couldn't do then, I'm probably trying to do now.
Margie: Things you couldn't do...?
Elly: Yes. Things I couldn't do.

Fei: Driving back the Solarian interceptor forces, we took to the floating continent, Mahanon.

Fei: Judging from the condition of the hull, we estimated the ship was thousands of years old.

Fei. Alien beings that came to our planet from a far off galaxy, aeons ago. Could it possibly have been that our ancestors were the passengers of this ship and had crash landed here on this planet seeking god and his divine wisdom, 'Razael's Tree', which, it is said, lie here in Mahanon? We proceeded further.

Fei: 'It' gave off an inexplicable air of intimidation. Perhaps it was more than a gut reaction. Perhaps it was the fear of the 'Absolute' that came from the very depths of our inherited instincts.

We fight Deus, it's a weird fight, if you hit Deus he heals for more damage than you can do. But he also has an attack that damages everyone including himself for about half their life. So you let him blow that off a couple times then Kishin of Jesse Cannon or whatever for the kill. In the end it's a pretty lame fight.

Ok here you fight Grafh, some people consider it impossible, but it's mainly just about your gear. I didn't video it because I took a few tries before resigning myself to the classic strategy. Grahf drops this by the way

Pretty decent.

Anyway, for those who want my strategy. First, it's a lot easier if you went to the battling arena before this, I forgot so it's not essential, but the speed shoes and GNS50 make it go a bit faster. For your characters you will want Fei, Bill, and Bart. NEVER take Citan because he will not be included in the fight and you'll only get two gears.

Fei: Evasion Ring, Evasion Ring, Evasion Ring (prepare to see a lot of these this is how you live)
Bart: Evasion Ring, Evasion Ring, Trader Card (so we can get the Robes)
Billy: Ether Doubler, Evasion Ring, Evasion Ring

Fei: Frame HP50, Magnetic Coat, Magnetic Coat (More dodging)
Bart: SonicG Whip (this can shut down ether amplification on an enemy gear), Frame HP50, Magnetic Coat, Magnetic Coat
Billy: Power Magic, Power Magic (2 should get Jesse Cannon to 9999) Old Circuit

Ok the fight is actually very simple, just redundant. Grafh has two main types of attacks, physical, generally dealing 9999 a hit and ether doing between 1k and 4k damage. Sometimes he'll throw an ether attack onto the end of a single hit physical attack. There is a little luck involved in the fight, but if you last the first three rounds you'll probably be fine. Start by boosting Billy, he will ONLY be using Jesse Cannon, so fuel is not an issue. Bart can optionally boost, but I don't, and I never boost with Fei. Fei will be using system ID and Kishin every chance he gets. Bart will alternate between X attack (to apply the anti-ether effect) and Wild Smile. Once you get an anti-ether effect on, throw a couple wild smiles the go back to swapping because it will wear off. If a pilot gets below 9999 use their frame HP. Billy has no frame HP so he may die (he did for me, two turns before Grahf ). The general idea is simple high evasion + wild smile means that Grahf will almost always miss with his physical attacks, and Bart's whip will shut down his ether damage to 0. After that it's just round after round of the same moves to drop him. I cautioned boost use because my first run was Emeralda, Bart, and Fei and when I had him down to about 10% health only Emeralda had fuel left and I got killed while charging. Anyway, that's how it's done.

Back to the story

Grahf: But that is 'only natural'. After all, you are imperfect.
Fei: Imperfect?
Grahf: Yes. You are lacking now. The absence of wrath is an impediment to you utilizing your true strength!
Fei: W-wrath...?
Grahf: The drive to massacre and annihilate, the compulsion to destroy your opponent, such wrath is power for the soul! By eliminating your foe, you attain your first sublimation of that drive. It is this very sublimation that draws out the hidden powers within oneself! But, clinging to reason, suppressing your wrath and desire, makes releasing your true power a dream within a dream for you. You already know this. When wrath appeared in your heart, the machine responded, did it not? What drew out such power from your machine was truly the drive of your soul. It was your 'Id'. The sign of the purpose you've been seeking, the mark of a natural born assassin!
Fei: You're wrong! That's absolutely untrue! I-I am not 'Id'! I...
Grahf: The time has come, I'll take your soul, and draw its power out to the limit!

Grahf: Huh? What are you stopping me for!?
Krelian: He is bait. If you kill the bait, the precious bird we wish to capture will fly away. You know, a very important bird 'needed to fulfill my earnest desire'. You understand, don't you, Lacan?
Grahf: Suit yourself.

Grahf leaves

Krelian: We shall crucify them in the land of Golgoda, to the west of here.
Collect all the broken Gears!

Wait, crucify, that's no good.