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Part 35: Elly at Golgoda

Andrigaar posted:

Been slowly following this thread in jumps. I've played through the game at least 3 times, so I've mostly been skimming.

To the point: did you guys ever find a translation for Perfect Works? I have a bunch of text-only PDF's from an old Xenogears appreciation thread. They're an English translation, but I've never seen the book in person or a scan set. And, no, I have no idea why I never deleted it.

Do you have a full translation? Because I've only ever found partials. If so I'd be interested in getting it.

Also update!

Elly at Golgoda

Elly: People mutating, one after the other, like some eternal nightmare that made me wonder just how long we would have to keep on nursing them.
Margie: Are you okay? You haven't had any rest, have you? I can handle things on my own for a while. Why don't you go out for a walk?
Elly: Thank you. But I'll be alright. I'd rather keep busy, so that I won't worry about things too much.
Margie: Is that it? Hey! Elly, what's that?
Elly: This?
Margie: Can I see it?

Margie: But, why do you have it, Elly?
Elly: It's Fei's. I'm holding on to it for him. But, it feels as if I have always worn it.
Margie: Hmm, when you wear that, you look even more like Sophia!
Elly: Really? Hmm, flattery won't get you anything, you know? Anyway, we need to hurry up and test the new mutation suppressant assemblers on those other people there. We can't afford to have them change any further. Ah!

Elly: Oh no! Something has happened to Fei and the others!

Elly runs off screen

Elly: Awaiting me there was a transmission from Krelian. He told me that if I wanted to save Fei and the others, I would have to come to Golgoda. Krelian wanted me. In order to save Fei and my other friends, I departed in the last Omnigear left remaining in Shevat. My previous fear of riding in this machine was surmounted by my desire to rescue the people dear to me.

Elly: Krelian told me to come by myself. I can't afford to break the agreement.
So, please, stay behind and protect everyone here.
Helmholz: But, it's a trap!
Elly: I know.
Stratski: Then why!?
Elly: If I do not go, Fei and the others will be executed for sure. Krelian isn't concerned with anyone else but me.
Renk: So what makes you think he's going to hold his part of the bargain? Do you have any way of knowing that you will definitely save your friends by doing this?
Elly: No.
Vance: Then it's suicide!
Elly: It might be. But, I've made it this far because of Fei and the others because they accepted me as their friend.
Renk: If you go away what about us? What about all the people who have assembled in Nisan that you leave behind? Everyone's depending on you for their spiritual support.
Elly: The people in Nisan will be fine. They can stand on their own feet without any support from me. This is also true of you all, right?
Broyer: But why do you do so much for him?
Elly: I don't know. I guess it's a woman's prerogative to be selfish perhaps.
Helmholz: A woman's prerogative?
Elly: I'm not a holy woman of any sort. I'm just a regular woman. I get angry, I cry, I laugh. Although at times I can resent others, I also know how to love others, loving whole masses of people at times and loving just one person the rest of the time. I am in supreme bliss when I am embraced by the man that I love. Giving what I have to him, and receiving what he gives to me, we become one flesh. Too much info there Elly That is the moment when I am most at peace. It is my prerogative as a woman to simply want to save the man that I love!
Vance: Boss...
Elly: I'm sorry for saying such selfish things. I'll go and do all that I can do for my friends. So I want you all to do whatever it is you can do for our friends here.
Renk: ...
Elly: Well, I had better get going now.

Fei: You idiot! Why did you come here!? Krelian's after you! Forget about us!
Run and save yourself!
Elly: I came as I was told. I'm the only one you need. They have nothing to do with this. So let Fei and the others go!
Krelian: How gallant you are, Elhaym. It's as if 'that scene from the past has been brought back to life in the present'. So, you came in an Omnigear. That too is 'her
Gear'. Hmm, allow me to confirm something.

Krelian: I'll consider what kind of treatment your friends will receive on one condition! That you first defeat these two men here with that Gear you came in. How about it, Elhaym?
Fei: Forget it, Elly! He's up to something! Don't accept it!
Citan: Fei is right! Krelian is not a man of his word, and he always has ulterior motives when he sweet talks someone! What's more, those men are fighting machines created by Krelian. Their combat skills are immeasurable! They are not opponents you can handle by yourself! Do not take him up on his offer! Escape while you can!
Krelian: My, my, such harsh criticism. I am not that brutal. So, what will it be Elhaym? Even if you were to try to flee now, it is not likely you would be able to. You see, I have this whole area surrounded by my guards! Wouldn't it be logical to take the choice where you may still stand a chance, no matter how slight it may be?
Fei: Don't do it, Elly!
Elly: Alright then, I'll do what you say.
Krelian: Good. You are indeed my precious little bird. Now, get on with it!

Krelian: Either way, it does not alter the fact that she is the -Mother- existence that I have been searching for! Now men, recover that machine. Place priority on the safety of the pilot. Do whatever it takes to preserve her life! Well then, I shall be taking this girl with me! As for the rest of you, why don't you just wallow there pathetically while you meditate on your own lack of any real power.

He leaves, Grahf appears

Grahf: You can't even protect a single woman. It is not even worth the effort of putting a spineless wretch like you out of your misery!

Grahf leaves.

Fei: And we had to find out...

Gazel - Red 3: The Anima and Animus have all been obtained...

Gazel - Blue 4: All that is left for us to do is change into the Animus, and become one with the mother -Persona-...
Krelian: That is incorrect.
Gazel - Blue 3: What? What do you mean, Krelian? What did you just say?

Krelain presses some buttons the SOL-9000 begins to change

Gazel - Blue 2: What are you doing!? Krelian, have you gone totally insane!?
Gazel - Red 2: What are you doing to the memory banks?
Gazel - Red 3: Do not touch them! We cannot survive without the...!

He disappears; the others begin to slowly follow

Krelian: You were the only ones who could have activated the key.

Gazel - Red 2: How dare you!
Krelian: The only obstacle that kept me from my goals was Cain. He was the one person who had total control of the people and thus was my greatest nemesis. But the only person who could terminate Cain was Cain himself. That's why I created 'a copy of Cain'. Ramsus acted exactly as I predicted, killing Cain. Now, there is no one who can stop 'me'. And I'm not interested in your power of authority. Did you really think you were acting on your own free will? You are all just parts of the system. Created only as weapons of invasion and oppression, you are just terminal interface weapons.
Gazel - Blue 1: We... can... become... god! And... you're...
Krelian: God? Who said you'd be god? What impertinence! We are 'humans.' We were created to be terminal interfaces of god. It is the same for you, who were once humans. 'Man cannot become god'. We can only entrust ourselves to god.
Gazel - Blue 1: Ri... diculous... Going... a... against the ... Mother...
Krelian: I have not gone against her. This is the will of the 'other mother'.
Gazel - Blue 1: You... think... you... can... and ... still...... revive... god...?

Krelian: It can be done. Your genes were scattered in order to keep the world alive after the 'Fall' in the days of destruction. Those genes live on today within the humans.
The -Anima- vessels, and the recipients of their alignment, the -Animus-, and also the
-Persona-. By combining these with my nanomachines, humans will become living beings very much the equivalent of you. Actually, they may far surpass you in becoming terminal interfaces for god. So you are no longer of any use to me. -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god, only wants results. The means are insignificant to him, so this is my 'Ark Plan', my -Project Noah-!
Gazel - Blue 1: K... re... li...

The last Gazel minister winks out

Krelian: May all your worries cease. Rest in peace... ancestors of mortal man!

More to come soon!