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Part 36: Merkava


Fei: Oh, it's you. I-I wasn't able to beat Grahf. I didn't stand a chance against him. It was obvious from the start. It was impossible to try and defeat a monster machine like that to begin with. And Elly, why was she so damn foolish? I implicitly told her not to come. I told her to run away. She had to have known it was a trap.
Wiseman: Hmm, yes, you won't be able to defeat him like that. As long as you continue fighting with that kind of attitude, that is.
Fei: ...?
Wiseman: The reason you lost and that young lady was taken was because of your pride. Weren't you depending far too much on the power of your machine? Not to mention that new 'Id Power' you're now able to control! What is Grahf's source of power? His machine? His technique? His experience? I do not think so. It is his feelings. His heart, his feelings, are dominated by his resentment and his hatred of this world. That hatred is his source of power. Your feelings weren't focused enough to fight off Grahf. That is why you could not win. Your feelings must be in the right place. That is strength. I'm not surprised you lost, seeing as you do not understand the true meaning of strength.
Fei: Wiseman.
Wiseman: That young lady, the only thing in her heart was her desire to save you all. She set aside her fear and piloted that machine. It was because she had such strong feelings that you are all still alive. That is what I think. Of course you have been defeated.
However, that doesn't mean it's over. How do you plan on responding to her feelings? It is now your turn to save her; is it not?
Fei: ...
Wiseman: Well, what are you going to do? Fei...
Fei: I, errh, I'm going to...

Fei: Using the data obtained from Razael and his own nanomachine technology, Krelian had begun the construction of god's ark 'Merkava'. Its completion was imminent. To prevent its activation and to rescue Elly we headed for Merkava!

Dominia: Don't get any wrong ideas there. We are here to help our commander. Miang and Krelian have been manipulating his emotions for the sole purpose of eliminating the Emperor. We simply want to free the commander from those bonds so that he may be saved! It's neither for the sake of the world nor for the sake of your girlfriend, Elhaym! We have no intentions of fighting on the same side as you!
Fei: Fine. You have your own battles to fight. And we have ours. Let's leave it at that.
But, if things get out of hand, you head back. We'll handle it.
Dominia: Hmph, we'll make you eat those words, you wait and see!

Fei: Ramsus!

Ramsus: I-I, We're going to settle this now!
Fei: Stop it, Ramsus! What reason is there to continue fighting me? Who are you fighting for? Why do you always have a bone to pick with me? Tell me why!
Ramsus: It is all because of you. If only you hadn't come in and destroyed my prospects in life.

Ramsus: To be born as the superior being, above all humans. But then...

Woman: The previous one got too old.
Krelian: And the name?
Woman: Karen, but individual names have no meaning to me.
Krelian: So, what brings you here?

Krelian: Huh? Oh, Recognition code 0808191-'Ramses'. The Emperor's been told it's a prototype for an artificial 'Contact'.
Karen: What's its status?
Krelian: It has entered the so-called first growth stage. From now until the binding, its growth will be several times faster than that of an ordinary human. But its psychological development will be a little difficult to control. It is a replica, so that is to be expected.
Karen: It is moving, can it hear us?
Krelian: Yes, it already has a will of its own.
Karen: Then, I have a better way. Let us dispose of it. We do not need this. We have my child. My child will be 4 this year.
Krelian: Your having a child is Significant?
Karen: Yes, I checked it out, there is no mistake; it's a contact.
Krelian: What's its name?
Karen: My child's name is 'Fei'. So, you understand what this means?
Krelian: A corresponding 'Antitype' is...
Karen: Yes, probably already born somewhere -The final one!
Krelian: Then, this thing is worthless.
Karen: Yes, totally useless. Haha...
Karen: Chase after it, 'boy'. A love that's unattainable for you, no matter how hard you try to pursue it.
Ramsus: Until then...

End flashback

Ramsus: Because of your existence, I was discarded! I was determined to be the representative of god. Having the might of the Emperor, I was destined to be the ultimate existence, having the power to exercise absolute control over all! But, I lost it all because of you!
Fei: M-my mother? How do you know her? Ramsus!

Dominia: Commander, if what you say is true, then that is even more of a reason to fight! You were just used by Krelian and-
Ramsus: Silence! You! Even you dare to censure me!? I saved you from nearly becoming a test subject and now you turn on me?
Dominia: You are mistaken! We are only thinking of your best interests.
Ramsus: Silence! Ultimately, only I can help myself! I am the only one that can correct this! This is the end for you! En garde! Cause, here I come, Fei!

This attack is pretty brutal. I brought Chu-Chu to throw heals so I could keep Fei and Emeralda for damage. Kishin and Emeralda's huge ether attacks defeat Ramsus in short order.

Ramsus: Guaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Fei: Who's there!

Krelian: I would have liked to have been able to commend you for making it here, but your efforts were all in vain. The resurrection of Deus is imminent. Sacrificing this girl will bring about the awakening of god.
Fei: Who are you talking about? Why does Elly have to be sacrificed!
Krelian: There's no need for you to know. For all of you, it will end here.

Fei: Ah?

This is different than Ramsus' attack. It deals damage based on how much you dealt to it since its last use of the ability. Not that it makes much of a difference since I am so low after the previous fight. Essentially Chu-Chu heals and Emeralda hits with an ether attack, repeat twice. Then I go all out with Fei in System ID mode and Emeralda's ether attack and take her down

Miang: You think you can beat me this time?

Fei: What the...!? I thought I defeated you...!?

Krelian: Unless you can decompose her atomic structure, you don't stand much of
a chance.
Normal attacks are futile against the one who has the ability to regenerate
using nanomachines.

Miang: Now, the time has come for the great awakening!

Fei: Is that our Anima Relics? Deus is swallowing up our Anima Relics!?

Miang: To attain their respective -Animus- and return to the persona. The Anima Relics are really one set of parts that make up -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god. They regain their original powers or functions by aligning themselves with their destined partner. An Omnigear that has lost its respective Anima Relic, is but a puppet. It becomes a mere vessel or container in which there are no contents.
Krelian: And this girl too was destined to become one with god. You see, Lieutenant Elhaym is really one of the parts of god as well.
Fei: What the hell are you talking about?
Krelian: Put simply, you served to help bring all the parts of god together, here, for me.
You're a bunch of stupid fools. It's as if you're all clowns.
Miang: You believed the legend of how our world and the universe was created, but the
Ministry and I fabricated that very myth a long time ago to suit our purposes.
Fei: That's a lie! How can that be true?
Miang: I think you'll find that your friends' Omnigears are all dead too. I'm talking about your friends who split up and took a different path than you into this place. They were all parts of god that were disassembled in the past, but once again, are all gathered here.
Krelian: Yes. It is indeed time for the resurrection of god.
Voice: W-what was it all for, everything that I have done up until now.
Fei: Ramsus!?
Krelian: Hmph, it's just you...
Miang: What are you doing here, Kahr?
Ramsus: What about me? My existence, what was its purpose?
Miang: There was only one purpose to your existence: to eliminate Emperor Cain. Cain's will had become too much like that of humans'. He was too concerned about them. He had forgotten his mission to revive god. That is why you were created. You were only made to remove our main hindrance, Cain. But, as the original living being, Cain had absolute power. To make you turn on Cain, it was necessary to focus your mind on a single point. However, being an artificial lifeform, you were mentally unstable. That is why we used Fei's existence. Resentment, that is the source of your strength. And you have excelled superbly at fulfilling our expectations of you. But, we no longer have any more use for you. Haven't you realized that yet? You're a piece of trash. And being the reject you are, why don't you just leave? Hah hah hah.
Ramsus: I-I, what was I born for? What was I living for?
Krelian: A pathetic excuse for a life. Why, you're not even human! Khahaha...
Hah hahahah...!
Miang: Now, what to do with the lot of you? Well, I can't just kill you all, seeing as you have served me so well. So, as a reward, I'll allow you to be assimilated into Deus along with this girl.

Ramsus stabs Miang

Miang: Guhhhh!
Fei: Ramsus!

Miang: I am fated so as not to be able to kill myself... Now ...all ...wishes... have... come... true. Thanks... to!

Ramsus: Miang...
Ramsus: Uh, uhaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

He stabs Krelian

Ramsus kneels at Miangs' body.

Bart: Anyway, let's hurry up and save Elly!
Fei: Yes, I know!

Citan: Fei! Now you hang in there!
Billy: Sh-she took my gun!
Bart: W-why did you do that, Elly?!
Citan: Elly! What happened to you? How could you!
Bart: Don't tell me she's been brainwashed!
Krelian: It has nothing to do with brainwashing.

Krelian: Not only for longevity, but also to unify with the 'mother.' So don't be surprised. This kind of damage can be repaired rather quickly.
Citan: Unify with the mother?
Krelian: That girl Elhaym is our mother.

Fei: Elly?
Bart: What are you babbling on about!? Snap out of it, Elly!
Elly: You're as dense as usual, but, I don't blame you. So be it. I will explain to you all about it. This Deus, the one you call god, is an 'interplanetary invasion system' that was built in ancient times by humans from another planet. It was created as an automatic weapon which could act upon its own will to take control of a targeted planet.
But you should've known that from looking at the Razael records. Anyway, during a test run, Deus became uncontrollable. It released its power and annihilated a whole planet.
The creators of 'Deus' found its immeasurable power to be too much of a threat and hence forcibly shut it down. In order to analyze the cause of the problem, its core was dismantled and placed on an inter-planetary emigrant passenger ship to be transported to another planet. Becoming aware of this, the disassembled Deus resisted. It tried to take over the passenger ship that was transporting it. However, as a last line of defense against the escape of Deus, its creators unexpectedly destroyed the whole ship, sending it crashing to this planet. Deus knew that it would not be able to get away from the explosion or the imminent impact and so it detached itself from the 'Zohar' power reactor.
Fei: Zohar?
Elly: Yes, 'Zohar'. It is what drives all of the Gears on this planet. It is the master generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in our Gears. It is also the source of all the Ether power that the inhabitants of this planet utilize. By utilizing the energy displacements caused by actualizing potential future phenomenon this 'Zohar
Modifier' has the ability to produce infinite amounts of energy.
Bart: The source of all our Ether power?
Citan: Are you saying all our energy comes from that one power reactor or engine?
Elly: Yes, but there is more. The core that was detached from Zohar, the 'Biological Computer Kadomony' crashed onto this primitive planet. It activated -Persona-, its life support plant, that can generate organic material. Using this it would be resurrected. Thus, the first humans were created from there, Emperor Cain and the elders of the Gazel Ministry.
Rico: Are you saying the Emperor and them Gazel geezers were people born from
Elly: Do you know why the Gazel Ministry desired the Anima Relics and your bodies? Well, here's the reason: before becoming human, the bodies of the Ministry were once part of the organic elements in the core circuit that made up 'Deus'. There were two types of organic elements. The female type was called 'Anima', while the male type was called 'Animus'. They were also created with the added ability to become mobile weapons for Deus. In other words, those Omnigears you were using were one form of such weapons. The Ministry, which were Animus, were to become one again with their separated Anima at the time of the resurrection of god. But in a war, 500 years ago, they all lost their physical bodies. It was then that they decided to extract their own genetic factor from certain individuals of their human descendants who carried the appropriate sets of D.N.A.. All so each of them could become one with their respective Animus again.
Maria: Descendants?
Bart: Then we're all...?
Elly: Yes, you humans are all descendants of Cain and the Gazel Ministry. They were born from the -Persona-, gave birth, and propagated. They followed their inbuilt program to someday resurrect the heavily damaged Deus.
Citan: All the people in the worlds were created solely to resurrect Deus?
Elly: Yes. But it wasn't just to restore its old body. More than half of Deus is constructed of biological parts. Do you remember those mutated humans? Those are all people who were destined to become replacement parts for Deus.
Billy: We humans are parts for god...
Elly: Yes, almost all the people are destined to become parts for Deus. But you people gathered here are all different. You could say you escaped that destiny by existing through multiple generations. In actuality, there weren't enough parts for Deus, but Krelian compensated for what was lacking. The reduction in the number of parts, was due to humans living through multiple generations, but that deficiency in the human factor, was made up for by the nanomachines created by Krelian. Not only that, but his nanomachines added additional functions. Deus has evolved into the ultimate weapon.
Fei: Elly, what has happened? Why do you know all that?
Elly: I am Miang, the keeper of time, the representative of our god -Deus-. I was born to guide the people toward the path of the resurrection of Deus.
Bart: That's ridiculous! Miang was just...
Elly: You're limited in your ability to understand. Miang's factor exists in all women, the one who transcends the generations, the caretaker of humans. When the previous one dies, somewhere another Miang is awakened. It is programmed into all women's DNA to be that way. Who inherits the duty is just a matter of probability, Fei. That Miang over there and I are the same existence. We are all parts for Deus, all caretakers of humans. Let's end this discussion now. Deus has been awakened. I am one of the parts that composes Deus. Hence, I must become one with it.
Citan: Elly! Why did it have to be you? If Miang is a part for Deus, why did it not happen earlier?
Krelian: It's still not enough for her to just have awakened. Although she may be Miang, she still isn't the 'true Miang'.
Citan: The 'true Miang'?
Elly: Let's go, Krelian. All that is left is to vanquish this planet's civilization and return it to how it was. Then I can complete my unification with the final fragment of Deus. The
'Zohar Modifier', the power reactor that fell upon this planet and became our genesis, and now, our apocalypse.
Citan: The eradication of civilization! What is the purpose of doing that?
Elly: Who knows? The creations of god will someday be a hindrance. That is why they must be eliminated. I am just programmed to act in this way.
Krelian: Come, it is time for the awakening of the 'true mother'.
Fei: Please, wait Elly!
Elly: Farewell Fei. May you have a peaceful awakening...

They leave

He jumps in after them

Citan: Do not release the system!