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Part 33: Anima Dungeon II

Anima Dungeon II

I take Rico and Emeralda with me for this one (I know Citan and Elly have been our standards and Billy just got a new gear, but trust me on this one.)

Speaking of, here is Billy's new ride

Pushing a rock

This puzzle does what scientists refer to as "sucking balls hard." You have to move a certain amount of steps which is not a good measure in a 3D sprite game. In fact it's a god-awful idea. I run around in circles pressing X until it works.

Now I need to drain this room to get the treasure

Oh shit

Tricky camera angles, you got me, you got me...

Remember the water bottle puzzle in Die Hard 3? Well this is like that only shitty.

And now a ramp comes out

Now I can get the goodies!

I remember this

I like how Elly pops up whenever you find a shinny

Rico: Hmph, so ancient people worshipped meaningless things too, huh? Who's that? Wha'd you say? Say something I understand! Who're you!? Get outta' my head!
Fei: Rico, are you okay?

Protip: It's the gear you've been using for the last 40 hours

Fei: Wasn't that Rico's Gear? So it looks like it was your turn, Rico! Well anyway, we'll soon see when we go outside.

On the way out we get a boss fight and some resolution on Rico's past IN VIDEO!