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Part 41: Taura's House

Taura's House
The woods around Taura's House are filled with some real quality items, providing you have a Trader Card

Taura:. I want to help you more, but this body can't survive unless it breathes the air here. Looks like I'm just about ready to meet my maker, huh. Ho, huh, huh!
Fei: Oh Taura...
Taura: Don't worry. I'll stop my moaning. Besides, I have a nice present for you. The fate of the world is in your hand. We'll be counting on you!! In the meantime, I will just watch from here

Free loot, and we're off again


Citan: The islanders added a light to make it into a lighthouse. But no one knows what it really is.

Fei: We've come a long way from there.

The chests around Joe respawn every time you enter the room, they have randomly generated loot. I usually just get shit like the books.

Big Joe has the goods

What's that, a sweet weapon for Billy lying around?

The following are two major scenes, one from an abandoned news studio, Fei recounts the events from his past knowledge of Kim's time.

The second event is a direct memory of Kim and Elly of that time. You'll be able to figure out where they split.