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Part 13: Nortune, Part III

Nortune, Part III

Back in Bledavik again

Renk: Hey look, check this out.
Stratski: There's only one control ship, the other seven are all Ether guided. Just who the hell is controlling all them?
Voice: I never thought you'd be escort commander.

A woman enters

Elly: Dominia!?

Helmholz: Dominia, who's that? Hey, not the one from the Elements!

Elly: What are you doing here?
Dominia: This is a vital mission, ordered from central. I already have Ramsus' orders. The Hecht is not to be piloted by a common soldier. I will take the Hecht. I didn't even need an escort, but this was also part of the plan. This will be a good fight.
Elly: Wait! Tell me what our target is! You should know.
Dominia: That's restricted, but I guess I can tell. The electric generator in the eastern sector of Kislev's Imperial capital, the target is a reactor left there by an ancient civilization.
Elly: The reactor! If you attack that then Kislev will... Actually about nothing would happen, unless these retards are using a graphite moderated reactor or something equally stupid.
Dominia: Probably most of it will be destroyed. The rest will be uninhabitable for hundreds of years.
Elly: Why are you doing this?
Dominia: To purge, why else? You may know this already, Kislev has the gatekeeper. The original gate is controlled by those vulgar Lambs. This land barrier was made by our predecessors. The Lambs are trying to destroy the gate. Are you going to allow that?
Elly: That may be so, but do we have the right to get involved?
Dominia: Does that bother you? Since when did you have a conscience? War, strife, betrayal, deceit are all that are on the Lamb's minds. Surely you should know that by looking at the fools in this country. Just let them loose and see what they'd do. They would pillage and loots our world acting as if they owned it. Advanced knowledge or tools aren't necessary for common house pets. We must lead them where they belong.
Elly: You were originally a land dweller. So why...?
Dominia: I was chosen by the Commander! Don't look at me the same as those stupid Lambs! Yes, well, you've shirked the duty that was instilled in you since your Jugend days. Arguing with you is a waste of time. I was a surface dweller myself, but I'm going to purge the -Lambs-. I want you, the Shepards, -Abel-, to see with your own eyes what I can do.

The Hecht takes off followed by the rest of the ships

Fei is taken to Rico's room

Fei: This room! This is the Champ's...?
Rue: Yes, the room given to the Champion. Is it not to your satisfaction?
Fei: No, it's not that. What about Rico?
Rue: Rico? He's the 'ex-Champion', now you are 'The Champion'!
Fei: But, what happened to him?
Rue: After the Finals League, during the group league bouts, his Gear went out of control. The out of control Gear crashed into the Kaiser's box seat, and was damaged. Nothing has been heard from the former Champion, Ricardo, and no one has seen him since the incident.
Fei: ...
Rue: There are no Battling competitions for a while so you can rest up a bit. The explosive collar has been removed. How about taking a walk around 'A Block'- the civilian area of Nortune?
Fei: 'A block,' civilian area?
Rue: The southeast part of the Imperial capital. It is called A Block or the ordinary civilian area. Well then, we shall take our leave. Anyway, this room is yours to use.
Next door is the bedroom. Oh, and Fei, Now you will be given the title of Champion as well as special S Rank privileges. Well congratulations on winning the Battling Championship. We were able to take some very good data. Ha ha hm, one more thing, good news. Kaiser Sigmund would like to meet you, Champion Fei. Please stop by the Central Administrative District. Well, good bye.

Rue leaves

Citan: So, you are now free in both name and reality, right?
Hammer: So, what are you gonna' do now, bro? Leave Nortune?
Citan: We are not yet finished. There is one thing left to do here.
Fei: I-I know. It's Weltall, right? We can't just leave it here. We have to get it back, somehow.
Citan: It is best if we assume Weltall has been moved to a different dock. So, I guess that is where you come in, Hammer!
Hammer: Got it, doctor! I'll find out where your Gear is. I'll bet my name as the 'Imperial Capitals' No.1 Supplier on it!
Fei: Okay then, let's work separately. I'll work by myself, while you, Hammer and doc, work together.
Hammer: Bro, don't you trust me or something? I work better alone! Nothing against Citan, but he'll just get in the way, bro. So then, just leave it to me, okay?

Hammer leaves

Fei: That Hammer...
Citan: We should make a move too.

As they leave Latina stops them

Latina: Oh, Fei, wait a sec. Hammer just went but he left a message for you. He wants you to meet him at the 'Wildcat' bar, in the civilian part of the city, once you've taken care of everything. You got that?

Citan and Fei go to A Block

I go to the barracks

Their security is brilliant, but not much is happening here.

Wait who is that?

No it can't be...

It is
Fei: Something interesting, I want to take a look!
Big Joe: Oh, so you want to go take a look, huh? Well, young man, if all in this world was that easy, huh? You know I can't just let you see for free. So let's make a deal then boy. I'm talking money friend! Cash, mullah, wampum, G! If I was just to get out of your way and leave, well it would benefit you, but it'd be of no profit to me. If I gain, you gain! That's the way it goes. It's a fair trade is it not friend? It's a bargain at 5000G
Fei: It's a deal! pfft, 5000G is chump change
Big Joe: Transaction approved! The fun starts from here. Never fear I'll be here!


Fei and Citan sneak around a roof and jump into a barrel landing in

A bathroom

Exiting we meet a familiar face

Fei: Do you know me?
Citan: Fei, you did not... with this woman while I was gone!
Fei: Wait a minute doc! I didn't do...
Woman: Ha, ha! You probably can't tell with the way I'm dressed.
Fei: ?
Woman: Come on it's me the doctor from D block, don't you remember?
Fei: You, the one from D Block!
Doctor: Yeah, now you remember, long time no see. Oh, you got the collar off!
Citan: Yes, he became the Battling Champ. He is no longer a prisoner.
Doctor: Then you're the new Battling Champ? Wow! That's great! I knew you were strong. And you might be?
Citan; Oh, excuse me, we've never met. I am Citan Uzuki, you might say that I am his guardian.
Fei: G-guardian?
Citan: Presently, I am the doctor in the Imperial D Block-

She moves toward Citan

Citan: Huh? Uh, well, that is...
Doctor: Sigh, what's going to happen if someone gets injured now! Who's going to look at the injury? Don't you feel an obligation as a doctor to, Dr. Uzuki...Don't you have any responsibility?
Citan: I-I am extremely sorry!
Fet: Umm, mind if I interrupt? You're the doctor in charge here? That's what I heard from Hammer.

At this point I seem to have lost my screen shots, essentially she says that A block has plenty of doctors, so she's wait listed. Fei asks if she can take over Citan's position. She asks why, Fei says because they have some things they need to do. She agrees, but tells them to knock if they come again because she might be in the bathroom. The ycome up with a code knock, 2-1-2.

Fei and Citan head for Sigmund's palace

Guard: Huh? Well, if it isn't the Battling Champ, Fei. The Kaiser's waiting. Please come this way.

The guards escort them in

Rico enters

Rico: I thought so. Security's been lightened to lure Fei.

The door is locked

Rico: Hmm, I suppose knocking on the front door's out?
Rico: Guess I'll get in through that air duct up there.

Fei and Citan walk to the Kaiser's room

Guard: This is the Central District. The Kaiser's room is up this elevator and up the west wing stairs.

Sigmund: Who are you? I see, so you are Fei. Welcome.
Fei: You? How do you know me?
Sigmund: Ha ha hah. Excuse me. I am the Kaiser of Kislev, Sigmund. This may sound sudden but would you like to join forces? I need your assistance.

Rico falls out of the air duct, making the best face ever

Sigmund: ! Huh? It's YOU! Rico!
Rico: Not good! Come again! Laaaater!

Rico runs out

Sigmund: Mutant! Security! Arrest this intruder! He wasn't with you, was he?
Fei: Uh, no, We weren't...

Back to Rico at the elevator

Rico: No. Down's not good...

He heads to Sigmund's wife's room it has two guards (it's been locked since his wife died)

Rico: I'll hide over there for now. Hey! The Kaiser's calling you.
Man: What! Is that true?
Guard: Hey! !s it okay?
Man: Yeah. This door won't open for anyone except the Kaiser and his wife.

They leave. Rico is scanned and the door opens

Rico: Hey, it does open. Huh? What's this room?

Rico: When was it...

Rico flashes back to his childhood

Rico stutters this ...other...mother... thing through the whole scene, I'm changing it to mother because it pisses me off and sounds retarded

Rico: Why does Jenny have a father, but I don't?
Mother: Well that is, your father is... So, that's why...
Rico: Mother You have to rest.
Mother: Now listen to me! Your father is a great man, someday, you'll follow in his footsteps. Cough, cough...

Rico:! Mother, mother! Mother, I'm different from the other kids. Even my nails are long and look at my ears...
Mother: ! No, no, it's not like that...
Rico: Miyo from across the road keeps saying I'm not human and that when I get older I'll become a demi-human. I'm, not human? Then you're not my mother? No, I don't want that!
Mother: Oh god, please have mercy on this child...

Rico and his mother look out the window

Voices: G-get out! Go away you mutant child!
Mother: Uuuuhhh, cough, cough, cough
Rico: Waaaaahh! Mother, mother is...

She lies in bed

Mother: Now, listen carefully. From now on, you're going to be by yourself.
Rico: Mother, I'm... I'm? I am...?

Adult Rico fades in

Rico: Is that kid me? My childhood memories. I've forgotten. Why, am I remembering this now. This room? That faint smell...

Fei knocks on the door

Fei: Hey! You in there? Open it up...

Rico opens it up

Fei: What're you thinking, breaking into the Central District? This isn't good! What?
Rico: Forget about it, forget about it....

I find this in the mirror

They exit right into Sigmund

Rico: I just came in through the entrance.
Guard: It shouldn't open unless it scans the right DNA. It couldnt' open that easily!
Sigmund: It was probably a malfunction. It doesn't matter, arrest the intruder. The
Battling Committee is after him for breaking his contract. Let them deal with him.
Men: Yes sir!

Rico is taken away

Rico: Well, I'll be seein' ya' around sometime.
Sigmund: can't possibly be... That man was suspected for trying to assassinate me.
The police are looking into the matter now. Well, I have some sudden matters to attend to, so if you'll excuse me. Please tour the district at your leisure. Oh, and about my proposition, I'll be waiting a positive response. Good day.

Sigmund leaves

Fei and Citan go downstairs to the crane room

This mini-game blows, you have to move the crane so you can jump on it over some boxes. The problem is that it stops when you hit something and this asshole kept pathing into it. In the end I get the incredibly broken Power Magic.

Back in A Block

Citan: Hammer should have been able to get that information by now. Let us go check out the Wildcat.

Citan and Fei head to the Wildcat

Citan: The meeting place was the 'Wildcat', a bar in the civilian area was it not? Well then, let us go!

Hammer runs toward them

Hammer: Bro! With these ears, I've picked up the latest information on your Gear! Hee-hee, I've pinpointed where your Gear is bro!

Fei: Hold on a second. (Don't you think it's dangerous to talk about that stuff around here!)
Hammer: Huh? What's with you, bro? I have info on your Gea---

Fei makes a motion, I think he grab's Hammers mouth

Hammer: Eek! Wha, wha, what the!
Citan: I will explain later! Just move it, O.K.!

Hammer: Wai, bro! Do-Doc, Cita~n! Where are you going? Hey, are you listening? Waaaaaaiiiit!

They go to the doctor's house

Fei: Now Hammer, tell me where my Gear is.
Hammer: As the doc predicted, bro, your Gear has been moved to another dispatchment dock.
Citan: So, where on earth is Weltall?
Hammer: Not 'on earth', but under the earth! It's in an underground dock in D Block! I've checked into it and found out that there are two routes we can use to sneak inside. The first one requires us to enter via the Battling Arena grounds.
Fei: Well there's no way we can sneak in via the Battling Arena! What's the second?
Hammer: The second way is a little dangerous as it involves the supply train tunnel. You have to get into the tunnels' ducts and follow them right through till they lead to the docks. But I couldn't find out the ducts' layout, sorry, bro.
Fei: Oh that tunnel, huh? Well, now that we have the bombs problem off of our hands, we might be able to make a go of it!
Citan: Yes, but we are still left with not knowing the times the trains pass by on. Will a supply train pass at a time that is of any use to us?
Fei: Not all of this has to be decided now. Let's take our time and plan it carefully! Firstly Hammer, I'm sorry to put you out, but could you find out the days and times the supply trains operate on for us please?
Hammer: I'll get right on it, bro. Well then, I'll be off!

Hammer leaves

Citan: Shall we also return to D Block for the time being?

Arriving at D Block

Fei: Who are you?

Citan: Waiting? For us?
Battler: Please, come with us.
Fei: This isn't going to be another stupid 'Baptism Ceremony' is it?
Amazoness: Hey, hey, wait a minute! We're not trying to pick a fight. Keep talking like that and there's bound to be a misunderstanding. Leave this to me...
Battler: Right, sorry.
Citan: Well, I assume you are not hostile.
Fei: ...
Amazoness: Not here. Let's go somewhere else. Come, follow me.
Citan: It seems we have no choice. Shall we go Fei?

They go to Fei's room

Fei: So, what do you want with us?
Amazonesss;The Champ, no I mean Rico, needs your help.
Citan: Help the Champion?
Fei: Hang on, what do you mean?
Battler: Y'know what just happened. The special broadcast on the dorm's vid by the Committee!
Battler: Yeah, y'know, the broadcast said something like this, 'This evening, the former
Champion was found guilty of attempting to assassinate the Kaiser, as well as breaking
Imperial Code section B. Thus, a public execution will be held at the arena'
Fei: Yes. I know he got caught, and was arrested, but, what's this about an attempted assassination of the Kaiser! ?
Battler: Those committee members, the Champ probably got in their way somehow.
Citan: The Battling Committee?
Amazoness: The Battling Committee is made up mostly of people from the 'Ethos'. They used to have a lot of pull in the government, but the current Kaiser, Sigmund, ousted almost all of the 'Ethos' influence from the government.
Battler: On top of that, these past few years, in order to strengthen the military or some thing, the Kaiser has started to interfere with the Battling operated by the 'Ethos'. The Kaiser probably got in the way of them operating the Battling smoothly. So, they used the Champ.
Fei: Why Rico?
Amazoness: Rico was originally born in this town, but because Sigmund whipped up anti-demihuman sentiment, Rico was chased out of this town when he was young. So Rico hated the Kaiser, the capital Nortune, and the whole Kislev Empire.
Fei: And that's why they went after Rico.
Battler: In the past, the Champ has had many chances to kill the Kaiser. That the earlier crash into the box seat was disguised as an accident.
Amazoness: But that failed too. The committee, fearing being exposed, used Rico.
Battler: The Champ is being manipulated by the committee. Please, Fei! Help the Champ.
Battler: Now Fei, I know you have a lot to do but...

Hammer enters

Hammer: B,b,bro-! ! Are you he~re?
Hammer: The supply train times, dates and destinations! I got them all, no prob-! Wha?
Hey bro, what are you doing talking with them?
Fei: Hold on a minute. Hammer, tell me about those supply trains.
Hammer: Huh? Is it alright with these outsiders?
Citan: It is alright, they are our friends.
Hammer: Oh, really? Well, okay. The next supply train's operating date is tonight! But, if that's too soon, then the next one is...
Fei: Hammer, did you say that a supply train will pass through here tonight?
Hammer: What? Tonight? Well there are trains passing through. Um, but Bro, we need a thorough plan. Tonight is impossible!
Fei: The situation has changed, and so have our plans. We move tonight!
Hammer: We move tonight? What the? Are you serious?
Citan: Did you hear any interesting tidbits of information outside?
Hammer: Well, the dorms are in an uproar over that Master Rico thing.
Citan: Do you know any details? Rico is to be executed at the arena, tonight, right?
Hammer: Master Rico is to be executed, is this true?
Fei: Didn't you say there was one more route?
Hammer: Huh? Oh yeah, you mean via the arena, right Bro! You're not thinking...
Fei: Yes I am thinking exactly that! You said it may be possible to get out through the
Battling Arena, right?
Citan: I see! Then we probably can help the Champion.
Fei: Doc.
Citan: Hmm, it might just work!
Hammer: Wait a minute! Might just work? You don't intend to go bursting into the arena, do you?
Fei: Either way, we were going to escape via the arena, so it's on our way...
Amazoness: Then that means?
Fei: No problem. It's just one more thing to do on the way to getting my Gear back.
Citan: Leave the rest to us. And I would like you all to go to the arena tonight. We will leave Nortune, but if they think you were all involved with us, I do not know what they might do.

Amazoness: Sorry, we had to ask you to do this...
Battler: We really appreciate what you're doing. Here, please take this.

He gives me 2000G, score free money

Fei: Hammer, you hide yourself somewhere. When we get out into the arena, I'm just going to go wild in my Gear. We'll play it by ear from there to escape from the Imperial capital. You got it, Hammer?
Hammer: I got you, Bro! Show them your stuff for me too, Bro!

Hammer leaves

Fei: There is still some time until the train passes by.
Citan: Well, if everything is ready then, why not take a light nap?
Citan: Hold on, Fei. Are you fully prepared? You know there is no turning back now.
Fei: Huh? Yeah, you're right. I'm ready.
Citan: There is still some time before the train arrives. Let us rest here for a while!

When Fei wakes up its dark


Amazoness: S-sorry. I can't go in the arena. No matter what you say, I can't. Well it's time. Tonight's train will be coming through here, I wish you success. Maybe we can meet again.

I make the jump straight onto the engine because I'm awesome

In the tunnel I suddenly appear on the back car, because the game isn't as awesome

The train shakes

Fei: Whoa! What the?

Fei: It's all because of those mischievous punks! When the old man's gone they always do this. Oh well. Yeah, cause you're an old timer in Nortune :rollseyes:

Citan: Kind of odd hearing that from a mischievous 'you know who'.
Fei: Huh? You say something?
Citan: Well, anyway we should be alright if we take this all the way. As for the mission, so far so good.

There is a jarring sound

Fei: What's that sound?
Citan: The connector! Fei, hurry up and jump off!

Onto the next car, the old one falls off

Citan: This train is almost falling apart. That was another close one.
Fei: What if it derails before we get to the Gear dock.

Same noise, same deal

Fei: !
Citan: This car is unstable too. Let us get to the front!

Back to the engine

Citan: One disaster after another.
Fei: Pretty unreliable train.
Citan: The entrance to the ventilation shaft that leads to the Gear dock should be coming up soon. Here we go!

They jump off into a shaft

Citan: Someone is approaching. We should hide.

They hide

Man: Everyday work, work, work. Doesn't anything fun ever happen around here?
Soldier: No doubt. That last champion looks like he's been matched with the beast.
Man: Now that's something. Let's get this work done and go check it out.
Soldier: Yeah. We need to do that, we've been working too much lately.

They lock the doors so I have to crawl through the ducts
Hiding behind a door they overhear some workers talking

Fei: !

Guard: Hey, make sure you return the Master Key back to the shelf.
Man: Yes sir. This should do it.
Man: Heeey, did you hear? The battle between the ex-champ and the beast is about to begin.
Guard: Oh, it's already starting. There's no way we can miss this.

They leave I take they key

Citan: Hey, Fei, wait a minute.
Fei: What's wrong, doc?
Citan: This is a part that allows a Gear to recover 30% of its HP. If you have this equipped, you can activate this during battle. It is a highly useful item but the drawback is that you will use fuel, so you must use it with caution.
Fei: That doesn't really matter unless we get back to the Gear, doc. There's no one here so let's hurry up and get out of here.
Citan: Uh, oh yes, my usual habit. Well, we should take it anyway since we have the chance.
It's a Frame HP30, it falls pretty firmly into the "for suckers" category of gear parts

In another room I swipe a minigear. An angry guy runs in mad that I stole his, "Super Ultra great delicious excellent dynamite bomber special DX beautiful wonderful ultimately rare buy complete merging undefeated transforming I was going to put in a glass case in my home priceless Minigear." He and his 3 pals attack me, I kill them and take the Evasion Ring they drop, which is what I was really after.

We make our way to the gear hanger, find Weltall, buy some upgrades from an automated store and take the elevator up.

Rico: Who woulda' thought I'd be Battling using only my body?


Rico: Must be my imagination.

More rumbling

Rico: That's not my imagination. What's this vibration?

More rumbling
Rico: A Gear doesn't vibrate like this it can't be.

[Suddenly, a gigantic Rankar dragon comes out of the darkness and lunges at Rico.]

Rico: That's a Rankar!

Rico: Gear! Huh? That sound, a Gear in flight? A black Gear? Him!

Fei is a pirate

Fei kills the Rankar in 2 attacks

Rico: Why? Why are you here?
Fei: To get this back. It's not that I came here to save you. The elevator I happened to use to escape put me in the arena. I saw you were getting attacked. That's why I saved you, nothing more than that.
Rico: For a coincidence, that's a convenient story.
Fei: It's up to you what you think of it. So, what're you gonna' do now?
Rico: Do what?
Fei: I barged into the arena. We're also fugitives, that's why we must escape. If you stay, they'll probably make you fight that monster again. This time you're gonna' die. Is that what you want?
Rico: ...
Fei: Even you must have things left to do here! But in your state of mind...
Rico: Silence! Shut up! Twice. That's twice you've... If you want to escape from the Empire, do it now. I have no intentions of leaving. Even if this is going to be the end for me!

More rumbling

Fei: Hmm? What's that? A rumbling? What's this vibration?
Rico: This vibration... That's, no? It's not coming from the ground. Is it the vibration in the atmosphere?

Fei: Whoa. That doesn't sound good.

Citan: Fei, it is an aerial attack by Aveh, or should I say, Gebler! They really are intent on attacking the Imperial capital.

Fei: What! What about the civilians?
Citan: They plan on directly attacking the Imperial Capital, Nortune, oh my god!

Shot of the Hecht

Citan: That is a nuclear reactor! Most likely that ship is their main line of attack! If they drop something on the reactor, the whole Imperial capital will...!
Fei: Be blown away! If we can change their course, will that help?
Citan: Yes, however...
Fei: Doc, I'm gonna try. We can't just turn and run away.
Citan: Alright. Be careful now.

Weltall flies up

Citan: If those civilians do not hurry and get out...

He runs off screen

Rico: ...

Elly: That's Fei! What the!
Stratski: Hey, this is Kislev! What's he doing here?
Helmholz: He seems to follow us everywhere!
Vance: What's with this guy? A little too persistent, perhaps?
Elly: ...
Broyer: Third time's a charm! Let's go get 'em!

They go to attack Fei

Elly: Ah! Wait!

Renk moves in front of Elly

Elly: Renk!
Renk: From our last incident, I can tell your friend's with that Gear's pilot. But, there's no way we can stop. It doesn't matter that we're escorting the Hecht. I wanna' fight him, not as enemy soldiers, but as rival competitors. We're the Gebler special forces and we won't be beaten!
Elly: ...
Renk: Sorry, I'm gonna' have to kick his butt. Any objections?

Renk leaves

Elly: I...

Weltall moves toward the Hecht

Fei: You're in the way! MOVE! ! We must change the rear ship's course or-! What, you again!

Oh look Aegisknight, BOOM, oh Aegisknight flees again

Fei: This is meaningless!

Swordknight, yawn.

In town

Hammer: Master, there're people over there that can't get out! We're doomed!
Citan: Don't give up, Hammer! Fei is fighting too! Fei, no longer wants to watch innocent people lose their homes, their town, those that are important to them.

Rico watches

Rico: Hmph, don't make me laugh. Who gives a damn about this crap town?

He hears Fei's words

-Even you must have things left to do here! -

Rico: I'm crap too.

Rico runs off, back to Fei

Fei: Arrgh, I've had it!

I down Clawknight , the Wandknights are ahead

Fei: Only two enemies, huh?

Rico arrives in Stier

Fei: Rico?
Rico: I don't need a reason to beat the crap out of anyone who pisses me off. And of course that means you too.
Fei: That's also, one reason.
Rico: Shut up, let's go

Wandknights die easy

Fei: OK, now to change the last ship's course...

Fei: Rico, sorry, but you go on ahead.
Rico: What! You've come this far and now you're scared?
Fei: I'll catch up, I promise, please.
Rico: Well, even without you, I can make do by myself. Then, I guess I'll go on ahead.
Fei: ...

Rico leaves

Fei: You're kidding? What are you doing here, Elly? I thought you agreed to get out of the military!
Elly: That's asking for too much! I'm an officer of the Gebler forces!
Fei: Then, you're saying this is also one of your duties!
Elly: Yes! My duty is to escort the Hecht. And to eliminate all enemies that get in its way, so you better get out of the way. 'Cause if you don't move then I'll have no choice but to eliminate you!

Elly attacks Fei weakly

Fei: Are you serious? You do know what you're doing, don't you? How can you say that knowing where that ship is headed and what the outcome may be?
Elly: ...
Fei: C'mon, Elly! Say something!
Elly: I know! I do understand what I'm doing!
Fei: Then...
Elly: Change. How I wanted to change, I've thought of changing, but I couldn't. I don't have the freedom like you do!
Fei: Freedom? Me?
Elly: Yes! Am I wrong? To be able to choose where you belong, to be able to fight alongside those who believe in their own cause. Even if you have much more anguish to deal with. At least you have the freedom to choose your own path! Unlike me!
Fei: Then why don't you do that too, Elly?
Elly: If I could, I would already be doing it! But I can't, this is my place. And that's how it is here! So, please, understand.
Fei: Elly, I don't have a place to belong to either.
Elly: Huh?
Fei: Bart and his crew, even their whole ship are all missing. They disappeared after the battle with Gebler. So, I don't have a place to belong to anymore.
Elly: Really? Then, why are you fighting now? Who are you fighting for?
Fei: Do you enjoy this?
Elly: ?
Fei: Barging into someone else's country, and destroying the place. Dragging innocent people into becoming victims! Do you enjoy fighting that much! Is it that much fun for you to watch people die?
Elly: Don't be ridiculous! I would never find pleasure with that!

Elly: Ouch! What? Just come!

Fei: Does the word, 'duty' justify all of this? Does it! Elly!
Elly: But that's all that was left!
Fei: You're still saying that? .It's just not like you. If you don't want to then don't do it you shouldn't have to force it just to have a place to belong to.
Elly: ...
Fei: What was I fighting you for just now? You wanted to know? I don't really know. I know I was helping Bart and the others. But I still don't know what I should do. Maybe I'm just looking for a place to fit in. But I think it' better to fight then do nothing. If fighting help you or your friends even a little bit, then it's worthwhile. That's not
Nothing, It's something.

Fei starts to leave

Elly: Fei!
Fei: I'm going.
Elly: No! You can't! Dominia is not like the other soldiers! She is an elite within the Gebler elite. She's one of Ramsus's personal guard! You won't stand a chance!
Fei: Still, I have to stop this.
Elly: Fei...
Fei: Citan and Hammer have nothing to do with Kislev, but they're trying desperately to get the civilians to safety. Even Rico, who must hate this town still stays with me. That's why I have to go.

Fei leaves

Elly: Fei...

Rico: Were you expectin' me to do all the dirty work of clearing away these punks for you, alone?
Fei: Sorry about that. Oh, but I see you've made a girlfriend. If we can defeat her, we should be able to change the course of this ship. Let's go!

Dominia: Just one more extra runt isn't going to allow you to down the 'Ship-Bomb Hecht'!
Fei: Of course not! We're not gonna' take this ship down, we're gonna' take 'you' down!
Dominia: Hah! What insolence! But what do you expect coming from Lambs!

Dominia is supposed to be hard, but I didn't even remember to put Beam Coats on and her Aerods barely scratched me before she went down. He does have some amazing loot though

The HP Drive gives a permanent boost to HP spoiler:  I'm saving the drives for Chu-chu 

Dominia: Eeeaaaahh! Guh! Why you? Remember this, one day I'll pay you back for this, I promise!
Fei: There's no time! Rico, hurry and change the course.
Rico: NOOOOOO! !
Fei: Whooooaaaaaa!

Elly runs to Vierge

Fei and Rico are pushing the Hecht, trying to change its course

Fei: Damn! There's too much mass!

Elly: Hold on! We can avoid a direct hit on the reactor with three Gears.
Fei: Ah, ahhh.

The Hecht moves a little

Rico: OK, we've steered it away from the power station. Let's bail out! Fei!
Fei: But, now it's heading right for the residential district!
Elly: He's right! We need to bring it down somewhere it won't cause so much damage.
Rico: Impossible! We can't change its course anymore than we have!
Fei: No! We've got to hold it up as long as we can!
Rico: What are you, Deaf? Huh! We're overheating!

Fei and Rico's booster start to shut down

Fei: Damn! Not now!
Rico: There's nothin' more we can do! Hanging on anymore will be suicide!
Fei: But...
Rico: That's it, I'm bailin out! C'mon!

Fei: Elly! Stop! What're you doing? If you do that...
Elly: Don't worry. My Gear is from Solaris. It's still all right.
Fei: Elly! What are you doing? If you keep going you'll...
Elly: But what else can we do? At least it will reduce the damage. Sorry. It's better than doing nothing.
Fei: Elllyyy!

Elly: Just hold on a bit more! Please!

Vierge's boosters shut down completely

Elly: ...! Is this... it...! ?

A strange gear flies in

The explosion starts to expand

The gear shields Elly, it looks similar to Grahf's gear

Elly: I'm alive?

The winged Gear flies off

Elly: Wait...
Voice: Elly, Elly...
Elly: Who...?

Fei: Elly!

Fei: Stupid, foolish...
Elly: Are you crying? Sorry.
Fei: It's okay.
Elly: Can you forgive me?
Fei: It's not your fault, Elly. It's not your fault...
Elly: Fei...
Fei: Elly, let's go back.
Elly: 'That person' where...

We're finally finished with Nortune, for now.