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Part 14: Goliath Factory

Sorry for the late update, I laid down and fell asleep for like 5 hours.

Goliath Factory

The next day, we're still in Nortune

Elly: There's no one here.
Fei: Where did the owner of the house go without locking up the place?
Citan: The furnishings are untouched. They probably left when Aveh attacked.
Elly: ...

They hear a knock

Fei: Looks like Hammer's here.

Hammer comes in.

Hammer: Bro, Citan! I got the key info that should help us get outta' the capital!
Fei: So what's the info?
Hammer: The Empire's new super airship, 'Goliath'. This is it, bro.
Citan: The Empire's new creation, the super airship 'Goliath'?
Elly: Super airhip. Is it that big?
Hammer: Tsk, tsk, it's beyond big! ...?
Elly: It's Elly.
Hammer: As I said, it's beyond big, Elly! The 'Goliath' is of extraordinary magnitude.
It's said that the Goliath can even make a Gear look like a pea. It's rumored that it can even decimate the Aveh capital, Bledavik, all by itself.
Fei: By itself, annihilate Aveh! It must be a monstrous battleship.
Hammer: According to my reliable sources, it's located north of Kislev in an underground dock at some military facility.
Elly: The military facility, north of the capital!
Fei: Elly? What's wrong?
Elly: I know that facility. I've talked to you about it before. The Imperial facility, I infiltrated. I never knew that something like that was in the basement.
Citan: Elly, do you think you still remember how you infiltrated the base?
Elly: Yes, Citan. Way north, beyond the Kislev Imperial capital, beyond the 'carved out portion of the mountain peak' lies the Imperial city's military facility.
Fei: Good, let's take that before the empire decides to launch a counter-attack against
Hammer: Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you about Master Rico, Bro.
Fei: You've seen him?
Hammer: Yeah, and I brought up your plan to escape the capital, says he can't help us though.
Fei: I see.
Citan: Fei, he has his own path he must take. Now, let us go.

Elly: Fei, we must hurry to Aveh.
Fei: Huh? Uh, yeah, I know, Elly. We have to hurry, if we go through the front gate we might have to fight the guards. So? I bet I can 1-hit them Hammer, once we break through, fall in behind us.
Hammer: That's my specialty. Leave it to me, bro. And put up a good fight!
Fei: Doc, Elly. Let's go. Our destination is the Imperial military facility up north.
Hammer: Ju-just a minute! There's something I have to tell Elly.
Elly: Tell me?
Hammer: Yes'm! It'll be real quick.

Hammer tells Elly in secret

Hammer: All right!
Citan: All right?
Hammer: Uh, nothing! Good luck in breaking through the front gate, Bro, and you Citan!

Oh look Elly is in my party again this should be good ti-

They start to leave, but run into some guards

Imperial City Guard 1: Due to the attack on our Imperial capital, by our enemy, the Kingdom of Aveh, non-army personnel are not allowed to pass into the Central District where the Kaiser Government operates! Please keep back! Oh, and by the way, you look awfully familiar...?
Fei: Huh-ha! Oops, sorry my mistake!

Imperial City Guard 1: Yeah, they say that everyone has two or three people that look exactly like them in this world. Besides, even if he was that 'wanted' guy, what chance would mere guards like us have against him? I like how this guy thinks He's the ex-Battling Champ! Let sleeping dogs lie, huh?
Imperial City Guard 2: Exactly! So even if we were to se him here, then we'd just pretend that we haven't seen him, OK!
Imperial City Guard 3: Hey, that Guy! He's the ex-champ who broke out of the arena with his Gear and is now wanted!
Imperial City Guards 1 and 2: Are you stupid!?
Fei: Damn! We're done for! We've got to give it a try! Doc! Elly!

Citan: So it is the only thing we can do, right?
Elly: Wait a second! Do you really intend to do this?
Imperial City Guard 1: They're serious!
Imperial City Guard 2: There's no way we can beat the Champion!

Rico pops up and kills all three with one shot

Imperial City Guards 3: Egads...!
Imperial City Guard 2: Didn't I tell you that, Oh, our reputation...
Fei: Hey, you're Rico! What are you doing here?
Rico: I changed my mind. I'll leave Nortune for a while until things calm down. You plan on seizing the new mega-battleship 'Goliath'? Well, I'll give you a hand, up to the city limits.
Fei: You don't want to fight together with us?
Rico: Make no mistakes here! I don't intend to become friends with you guys! I have something I have to do and I have to do it on my own! When we leave the capital's precincts, you can let me out anywhere that is convenient, O.K.!
Fei: ...
Citan: Well, at least until we escaper from the city area we have got a secure ally. That is good enough for us, is it not? Don't you think?
Elly: Well, yes, I suppose so...
Rico: We have not time to dawdle here! We better get outta' here before other guards who heard this scuffle come causing us trouble! So our destination is the 'north lands' of the outer Imperial city area. Right! Then the Kislev Imperial Capital's military facilities await us! We had better make haste!

Well, looks like it's part choice time, bye-bye Rico

Let's go, hey what's that on the city map?

Big Joe: You want to hear my super muchacho information?
Fei: H-hey! You're the one who stole my 5000G! Give it back to me now!
Big Joe: Hey, hey, that's just a minor thing. Being picky will only turn you into a boring adult. You gotta' be, how would you say, more open and deep, like the sea. Well, setting that aside, you need to listen to my super muchacho information
Fei: You're funny, but keep it up and you'll piss me off.
Big Joe: From the look of it you're all in a group. In that case you need to change your party. If you go to the Wildcat pub, there'll be a new waitress. If you ever want to change part members, stop there. Oh, one more thing. There was a deep, deep reason, as deep as the deepest ocean, for doing what I did. As a way of making up for it, go back to that backstreet one more time and search the area, you just might find something good for real!

Score, it plays game tracks in the jukebox. This is the only way to get it that I know of.

Now I run around like a tard getting Elly's deathblows caught up

Look what I found, this is inconspicuous.

The party goes down an empty hall and finds Hammer in a gear

Hammer: What? The Gear? Nah, don't worry about the details. I'm the information man! There's nothing outta' my reach. But hey, there aren't any enemies though. Somethings suspicous. Oh yeah, you can change your party and even shop. Need anything?

Hammer sells me some sweet upgrades and I swap out Elly for Rico because her EP is a bit low to make ether amplification stuff worth while. I blow through it way too quickly, meanwhile Rico can 1-shot most of the enemies in here with X

Periodically enemies jump out from wall slots and behind boxes, nothing hits that hard, aside from the Shinobi MK0's

These guys will repair your gears if you kill the gears that they accompany

There are a lot of conveyer belts in here

Playing with some levers nets me free chests

Oh look, a boss

This is Fis-6, All I can say is that he give crazy XP awards for how easy he is.

Citan: Shall we see if it works?
Fei: Doc, do you know how to operate it?
Citan: Not really, but, Fei, you were not thinking of stealing this big thing without knowing how to operate it, were you?
Fei: Err...
Citan: Well, anyway.
Rico: ...
Citan: I think we can do this. Well then, shall we go?
Fei: Yeah, let's go.
Citan: Well everyone, this could be dangerous, so please be seated. Is everyone ready?

Rico: Couldn't you just tell us...
Hammer: a bit sooner,

This thing is retardedly designed, it has like 20 helicopter blades keeping it up. But, whatever I just got my own airship!

Citan: The shaking has subsided. We should be in good shape for now.
Hammer: Bro, what're you gonna' do now? Go to Aveh as planned?
Fei: Yeah...
Citan: Fei!
Fei: What happened, doc---!

Elly: Th, that's...
Fei: It's him!
Elly: Fei, where are you going!
Fei: I'm going out with the Gear.

Fei leaves

Elly: Fei!
Hammer: M, Master!

Elly and Rico leave to join Fei

Hammer: Even Elly...
Fei: Grahf!

Grahf: You must remain on this land a little longer. I can't allow you to leave.

Grahf has this fun attack, and he pretty much hits Weltall exclusively, with one wild shot at Stier

I still beat him (you can also lose this fight, and continue with different dialogue)
Grahf: If that's the case then...

Citan: Fei! Hold on tightly now!
Grahf: Huh!

Hammer: Aaaaah! Looook ooouut! Master Citan! It's alright to throw the black creep, but Bro and Master Rico as well!?

Citan: If it is them, they are okay. Nevermind that. Hammer, go to that trigger!
Hammer: Trigger? You mean this? What do I do with this?
Citan: You must fire. Look, it is coming.
Hammer: ?

Grahf approaches

Hammer: The~y're he~re!
Citan: Hammer! Calm down and concentrate. It is heading straight at us. All you have to do is aim well, pull the trigger and fire.
Hammer: Aiming...
Hammer: Li, like this?
Citan: Good, keep it there and do not move your aim. Get ready to fire in.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Fire!

Hammer: Y, ye, ye aaaaaawwww yeeeaaahhh!

I just might be a genius! What? By the way, what's up with Bro and the gang? You don't think they fell off? Well, at least you still got me.

Rico sneak up behind Hammer

Hammer: It should be a piece of cake with me around. Right, Master, sir?

More flying

Fei: Doc. I don't know how to say this but, I've got a bad feeling.
Citan: Are you thinking of that man in black? Thinking of him will not get you anywhere. First of all, it is not like you...
Fei: It's not that. It's not like, it's like this feeling of uneasiness that
I've had before.
Citan: You too! Well, to tell the truth, I am getting a terrible feeling of
deja vu...
Fei: And I feel like we're being watched...

Voice: Bingo!

Voice: It's Kislev's, it's huge! It appears to be a, that's it! The Goliath! The one from the underground factory we've heard so much about! Crap, they're taking revenge! Bet they're going to bomb Bledavik!


Bart: Gunner, prepare the Bart Missiles!
Gunner: Gungany, no, Bart Missile, fueling! It'll take 15 seconds from opening the hatch to engage the illuminator!
Bart: Franz!
Franz: I don't hear anything other than the surface wind waves and our engine. Threat is minimum from looking at the radar and sonar.
Bart: Here we go! Battcom 1!

Maison and Sigurd enter
Maison: Y, young master! What is happening? What was the alarm all about?
Sigurd: Young master! Again!
Bart: Battle stations, everyone! Surface navigation! Close the vents! Blow the main tank! Prepare for anti-aircraft battle upon surfacing!
Sigurd: Just doesn't know when to give up.
Maison: Y, young master! The Bart Missiles, you need permission of more than half the crew to...
Bart: Surface-combat! Stand by with the anti-aircraft guns. Gunner! Give me the trigger for the Bart Missiles!

Elly: What's wrong?
Fei: Oh, it's nothing.
Elly: Okay, I'm glad. Anyway, Citan is it okay? We're flying in such a large ship. What if Kislev or Aveh finds us?
Citan: We are fine. I thought ahead and picked up a course over the sea. There are not any military units stationed out here.

The Bart Missile hits the Goliath

Citan: This cannot be right! Are we being attacked!
Fei: Enemies!
Citan: I do not know. But I did not think they would be submerged here...
Elly: Are we okay!
Citan: Unfortunately, there is no way we can avoid descending. Fei, Elly, get out first. I will follow later.
Fei: But...
Citan: We have no time for a debate now, Fei! Do you think you have the skills needed to keep the Goliath in the air as long as possible! Hammer has the MAD SKILLZ though, maybe he should fly it
Fei: ...
Citan: Then hurry up and get out.

Fei and Elly leave

Citan: Now then, and you too, Hammer! You are going too!
Hammer: Y-y-y-yessir!
Rico: Argh! Quit dawdling. We're going.
Hammer: Yessir!

Rico and Hammer leave

Citan: Now, where did they---! That ship, Sigurd, I think you need to rethink your methods of discipling.

Bart: Even Kislev's prototype can't stand up to it!

The Goliath is flying towards the Yggdrasil, which Bart is standing atop

Bart:Uh, hey, S-stay back! Keep away!

[Meanwhile, on a Gebler ship...]

Crewman1: vibrations. N24, E92, Ignas, in the Lahan region, the northeast ocean. From the wave pattern, it's definitely a Gate Keeper.
Crewman: There are no regular mainland flights.
Ramsus 2: Could it be Shevat's Aphel Aura?
Man: No. The mass is different. It's a much smaller pattern.
Crewman 2: I can't believe that the Lambs have a ship equipped with a Gate
Ramsus: It probably is Kislev's. The last purge was not complete.

Grahf materializes behind Ramsus

Ramsus: Damn you...
Grahf: Shouldn't you pursue?
Ramsus: What?
Grahf: The one who caused you so much pain and grief is on that ship. And it's headed for Aquvy.

Grahf vanishes

Ramsus: Put all the crew members on emergency alert. We're attacking the Kislev ship.
Miang: We can't, Commander! We don't have orders from the capital yet. If we move from here...
Ramsus: I don't care! I won't allow them to escape!

Miang leaves the bridge

Miang: I'm just trying to help. Didn't I help get those 'shackles' off? They don't know this, but he's necessary for Kahr. He's the very meaning of Kahr's existence. Yes, I must thank you. After all, you did help me, didn't you?
Grahf: ...
Miang: Was it for me? Or for him? Or for yourself?

Ramsus' ship leaves leaves Bledavik.

Man: We will take the boundary between gates 1 and 2, it's the shortest way to
Ramsus: Fine.
Crewman: Message from Kelvena. Dominia is withdrawing in Haishao. She will pursue the aerial battleship.

Back to the Gazel

Gazel - Red 3: and to watch over the Lambs. What is he...
Gazel - Blue 1: We can recover the 'Anima Relics' anytime. Moreover, we learned that 'he' was on the transferred ship. Ramsus was probably after 'him'.
Gazel - Blue 3: So it was the trauma.
Gazel - Red 4: Nay. In this case, Knigret, it was the severe external wounds.
Gazel - Red 1: According to the memory cube, we've found multiple subjects around him that possess the 'Animus' factor.
Gazel - Blue 4: Is it -Sufradi-, the subject of the M Project?
Gazel - Red 1: Yes.
Gazel - Blue 2: Coincidence?
Gazel - Blue 3: Nay, it is beyond that. They were either attracted to 'him'
Gazel - Red 2: Unexpectedly, it's developing into the same condition as 500 years ago.
Gazel - Red 3: That does not rule out the possibility he planned it this way intentionally.
Gazel - Blue 2: The transfer point is Aquvy, it's near the Thames.
Gazel - Blue 1: If it is Aquvy, Krelian's headed that way.
Gazel - Blue 4: Krelian? Himself? What for?
Gazel - Blue 1: It seems they've found it. For over 4000 years he searched for Zeboim's legacy.
Gazel - Red 3: Legacy... Is that the technology he was talking about?

Emperor Cain appears on a monitor

Cain: Yes. Molecular engineering, nanotechnology. The land of all creations, the capital of Zeboim culture, resting beneath the ocean of Aquvy. For 19 years, the 'Ethos' kept it secret.
Gazel - Red 2: Is this acceptable, Cain?
Cain: Yes, it will do for now.
Gazel - Red 1: 19 years, that coincidence with the time when the earth shifted...
Gazel - Blue 3: Indeed.
Gazel - Red 4: But, I don't understand. That technology doesn't seem that crucial to us...
Gazel - Blue 2: He is still a Lamb. Giving him the ability to do as he wishes is questionable.
Gazel - Red 1: There are times when even we do not know what he is thinking.
Cain: Let it be. I will take the responsibility for that. On another matter, weren't you all going to 'eliminate' it?
Gazel - Blue 4: It's just be chance.
Gazel - Red 3: It is probably the location is Ignas.
Gazel - Red 1: Anyway, I never believed it would be eliminated so easily.
Gazel - Red 2: The purge was a failure. This shall never happen again.
Gazel - Red 4: If the 'Animus' are together, it is all the more reason.
Gazel - Blue 2: Yes.
Gazel - Blue 1: Cain, why are YOU so concerned about it? To us, 'he' is insignificant...
Gazel - Red 1: It could only be a poison to us. It could never be a remedy.
Gazel - Red 3: 'Anonelbe'... you don't still believe that, do you?
Gazel - Blue 4: That is merely an illusion. Not even an ideal.
Gazel - Blue 3: The result is it the 'emotion' you have long forgotten?
Cain: ...
Gazel - Blue 1: Cain, we are gods.

Elly: Where am I? I was with Fei, heading for the rear block --Fei! Where are you, Fei?

Rumble, rumble

Fei jumps out of a hatch

Fei: Elly, you are awake.
Elly: Am I awake? What were you doing!
Fei: I was looking around inside here. There's less than 2 days worth...
Elly: Of what?
Fei: Food. We're lucky we even found any.
Elly: But, where is everyone! Are we the only survivors?
Fei: We gotta' do something. Guess I'll go catch some fish.
Elly: Fei!
Fei: They're okay.
Elly: What?

Fei: They're okay, doc, Rico, Hammer, everyone. They're all going to be okay.

Speaking of

Citan: Hammer, Rico, wake up!
Hammer: Where are we?

Citan: We are inside the ship of Bart and his crew. They rescued us after we were shot down in the Goliath.
Rico: Who the heck are 'Bart and his crew'?
Citan: Let us say they are bandits, robbing Aveh. Bart is their leader, although he is still a young man.
Rico: A robber in this day and age? A man with an attitude, I like it!
Citan: Do you want to start off by going to meet Bart?
Rico: Hmm, you read my mind!
Hammer: I'm staying here!

To the bridge

Bart: I see you've woken up. I am terribly sorry about what happened, please forgive
Rico: I have a name, you know, it's Ricardo Banderas, but everyone calls me Rico! So, what are you apologizing to us for?
Bart: I suppose I had better stop beating around the bush, I'm not usually this frank but, well...
Citan: What he is trying to say is this, the people who shot us down, and the people who saved us are one in the same, this ship's crew!
Rico: You don't mean that Goliath, which we were riding in, was shot down by...?
Bart: Yes, you're a bit slow there, errh, big friend! Actually our Yggdrasil did a good job in shooting down that monster of an airplane! It was great! You should've seen it! Wow! My 'Bart Missiles' sure were awesome...!

Rico: AAAARRRGGHHH! I won't forgive you so easily!

Back to Elly and Fei

Fei is chasing a fish

Fei: C'mon you little...
Elly: But even knowing that, there's no way we can get them out, right?
They're right under us, but covered by water and a thick wall. It's probably
Weltall and Vierge. For better or worse, they have stuck by us this far. But, they are useless now at this point though.

Fei hops on deck

Elly: It appears our Gears are underneath here, Fei. But, we can't reach them, what're you doing, Fei?
Fei: What am I doing? Can't you tell? I'm trying to catch a fish! This one's been jumping up and down, right in front of me, trying to make me look like a fool. You little punk! I see you!
Elly: Uh, umm, you're not going to catch it and eat it are you?
Fei: If we don't eat, we're gonna' die. Alright! I gotcha!
Elly: You're joking. You'll get sick.
Fei: You're not gonna' eat? Let me see. We need something to cook it with.
Elly: Hey, come on, stop it. I'm not to blame if you get sick and die.
Fei: Don't worry. Once it's in your stomach it's all the same.
Elly: I'm not going to, Fei! Look, there...
Fei: What! Did the fish get away? What're you talking about? It's still
There, what the--! That's...!

Fei: That's that thing I saw in the desert. It's flying a lot higher this time.
Elly: It's Shevat, that's its usual altitude.
Fei: Shevat, where have I heard...? Yeah, that's right, that weird masked man! He said my father was in its military. So that saucer is what doc and that masked man said was the country my father and mother lived in?
Elly: Really? I wouldn't know, it's a country outside the reach of Solaris.
Shevat uses the same kind of barrier that Solaris does, so you can't reach it by conventional means.
Fei: How can something that flies that high in the sky be a 'country'?
Elly: Yes. I don't blame you for being surprised. It usually hovers over the region known as the Aquvy islands area. You probably saw it on some sort of specail mission. That's why it was flying so low.
Fei: Shevat...

Bart stand on the deck of the Yggdrasil II

Bart: Ouch, I guess the Bart Missiles weren't such a good idea, huh? We were able to save you and your friends, Citan, Citan isn't here, he's talking to himself but I wonder what happened to Fei and Elly? I'm sure they're alive somewhere. And, once again -man! The sea breeze stings my eye, So this is what they call the sea. First of all, I have to apologize to those two.

Bart: Um, about my shooting down the Goliath. I'm, errh, really, errh...
Citan: Oh, is that it? I guess it could not be helped, but, jumping the gun is your bad habit. A king should always keep calm and judge carefully.
Bart: (Maison says the same thing). Yeah, I know, I know! By the way, I have something to ask you...
Citan: Oh? That is unusual.
Bart: Well, it's about the warship we're on, which is the same type as the Yggdrasil. Years ago, my old man told me it was scrapped because the peace talks with Kislev made progress. So I knew it existed.
Citan: Hmm. Then what is bothering you?
Bart: The symbol on the ship It's not our Royal Crest! Look at this.
Citan: This is...
Bart: I thought you knew it. Whose crest is it?
Citan: I am not positive, but it looks like Shevat's.
Bart: Shevat? What do you mean?
Citan: The Yggdrasil may not have been made by your father. At that time, much of the potential technology was not understood and hence, was hidden. Maybe your father might have been scared of its power and so sealed it away.
Bart: Hmm, I see. So this may not have been ours from the start. If so, I wanna' meet the guys who made this amazing baby.
Citan: Actually, they may be closer to you than you suspect.
Bart: Huh? What did you say?
Citan: Anyway, enough worrying, but I do think you should apologize to Rico. You may get more than a bruise this time though.
Bart: Yeah.

Once more the gear shop foreshadows a future companion

Rico: ...
Bart: Quit the silent treatment! I came here to apologize!
Rico: What's your problem! I thought I dealt with you a while ago. I'm not the type to dwell on the past.
Bart: ...
Rico: I'm amazed you tune them to run so well! I thought Fei and I were the only ones who could work Gears that well.
Bart: Wow you really are the Battling Champ, oops, I mean ex-Champ. I'm amazed how you can tell how good a Gear is just by looking at it.
Rico: I guess you can't learn all about the world inside a dark prison. Really interesting, I was gonna' move on but now I've changed my mind. Let me join you, boss.
Bart: I guess it's alright.

Back to Fei and Elly at night

Fei: Constantly drifting... Sounds like me right now.
Elly: What do you mean?
Fei: I've just been drifting around, being led by circumstances.
Elly: No, that's not right. In Aveh, you helped Bart when he needed it. And in Kislev, you gave your all to defend, to save everyone. You've even shown concern for me many times.
Fei: No, I'm just no good.
Elly: Why?
Fei: Probably deep inside, I'm not really trying to help. Somehow, I get the feeling that all I've done I did because I wanted to be needed. That if I did something for them... then maybe, I'd have a place to belong. There's a side of me that comforts itself like that. That doesn't mean I don't want to help. But, that doesn't mean I really want to help either. It might not be 'nothing', but it sure isn't the 'whole' either. I'd been drifting, led around until I met you, Elly. Now, we're stranded out in the ocean. I'm sorry, I got you involved.
Elly: It's okay. Don't worry about me. I've been thinking about why I'm here. I could've just gone back. But for some reason I didn't, probably because you said it's better to do something that nothing. I think that's why I felt I had to do something. It's OK not to feel 'whole'. Even if you only feel partly complete, if you repeat that enough, eventually it'll be 'whole'. A part is better than zero. You're right, I'm sorry...
Fei: If we're saved, will you go back?
Elly: I probably won't go back to my squad. Right now, I really don't want to be there. Besides, I could probably do something else; I don't have to be in the army. So, I'm thinking of going back to my country.
Fei: Is that possible? But what about the army?
Elly: It's not like anyone knows what I did. They've probably already classified me as MIA.
Fei: Hmm. I hope at least you'll survive. I'm sure you'll find what you want to do in your life.
Elly: You said something about being comforted.
Fei: Yes.
Elly: Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone wants to be needed at times. All of us want to give something inside ourselves to others to be accepted, even me. Remember how you forced yourself to eat those emergency rations?

Flash back to earlier that day


Fei: It tastes horrible. The last time I had food this bad was doc's cooking.
Elly: ?
Fei: But unless we do something, we're going to die.
Elly: I guess there's no other way. I was hoping to save this a little longer. This should hold us for another day, but it's only for emergency calories so I can't promise how good it'll taste.
Fei: Huh! What? It's dry and crumbly?
Elly: I thought so, you don't like it, do you?
Fei: Wha? N, no, it's good. Yeah, ah, it's great. Whatever you'd share with me couldn't be that bad, could it?

Back to night

Elly: You forced yourself to eat those rations earlier, didn't you? For me to survive, it would have been better not to share it. But, watching you, it made me feel a little better.
Fei: For your own sake?
Elly: Yes, for my own sake. Selfish, I admit. But, I think it's okay to be that way at first. But little by little you learn about your own happiness, and someday you are able to share that important part of you with someone else, someday... Ah!
Fei: What's up?
Elly: Nothing. It just felt as though I've told you the same thing long ago. It must be my imagination. I couldn't have said it to you before, because we've only just met, haven't we? Yes, it's probably just my imagination.