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Part 12: Nortune, Part II

Nortune, Part II

Fei wakes and goes upstairs Hammer comes running in

Hammer: Huff, huff, huff, I just finished signing you up!
Fei: Gee, that was quick! Is it really that easy?
Hammer: Normally it isn't easy! But a woman called Rue from the Battling Committee seems to have done some pushing and pulling on your behalf!
Fei: The Battling Committee? Oh, you mean those three?
Hammer: Well anyway, thanks to them, the enrolling process went like a breeze! Hey hey! This means you can start Battling whenever you want to, Bro!
Fei: But besides that, Hammer, since yesterday, you've seemed a little too happy! Is there something strange going on behind the scenes that I don't know about?
Hammer: Huh? N-n, no! N-nothing! N-n, nothing at all! The mechanic of champions, me, has had his sins wiped clean so there is nothing to be suspect of! Hahaha!
Fei: Hmm, really?
Hammer: What do you mean? I told you there is nothing at all! Oooh! I've got a lot to do, so I'll go on ahead of you!

Hammer exits

Fei: Oh! Hey! W-w-wait! What are you up to? What are you saying?

Hammer reenters the restaurant

Hammer: Oh, I forgot to tell you! The Battling Arena is on the outskirts of D Block. Talk to the guard and he should let you pass. Bye!

Hammer leave again

Fei: The outskirst of D Block?
Citan: Fei! Hold on a second!
Fei: What is it doc? Last night you said we should act separately.
Citan: Yes I know I did. But there is something that I am curious about! I shall join you in going to the Battling Arena. Is it not too late to split up after that?
Fei: Well, whatever. Anyway, let's get going!

The guard stops them on the way

Guard: Hey, you --huh? Oh it's you! I heard from the Imperial Battling Committee that I can let you thru, but as long as you have that bomb collar on it's no use trying to escape! If you don't wanna' die, stay away from the off-limit areas, such as the civilian section, okay?

Going to enter the Battling Tournament

Fei: So this is the Battling Arena.
Citan: Or the reception area to be exact.
Fei: Hmn!

Rue and her subordinates enter

Rue: Welcome to the Battling Arena, Fei. Several days ago you were adamant about not piloting Gears, has something happened in the last few days to make you change your mind in such a large way?
Fei: Living the rest of my life with sewer monsters is not that bad, it's just, well, there are many factors. Then there's this collar! It gets in the way so much!
Rue: Your collar? Hahah, you're amusing. Are you intending to aim for victory despite it being your first try at Battling?
Fei: Is that strange?
Rue: No, now! Not the least, please excuse me! You seem to have quite some confidence in fighting with Gears I'm looking foward to-! Oops, excuse me! Well, I guess I'll show you the way to the paddocks. We don't have much time.
Fei: The paddocks?
Rue: What, you're thinking that you're going to fight with flesh and blood? Hahahmm, not that I wouldn't mind seeing it, but we told you before that the committee would prepare a machine for you. What did you forget?
Fei: Oh, errr, the Gear I'm going to pilot will be, err...
Rue: Well, come on now. Walk this way.
Citan: Hold on! We are not ready yet, can you spare us a little time?
Rue: Understood. But we don't have much time to spare, so please hurry up now...

Buy some stuff from Hammer's gear shop

Rue: Are you ready?
Fei: You bet!
Rue: Very well then... Over there please...

Rue: It's that way! Beyond there is the Gear paddock, not much time till the first bout.
You had better hurry.

Fei, Citan and Hammer exit

Subordinates: Rue, ma'am, what shall we do?
Rue: Report to the officials. Pilot confirmation complete. Suggest first bout opponent to be the black Gear. Black gear?
Subordinates: Yes, ma'am!

Fei: Hey, is this...!
Hammer: This must be the Gear that was furnished by the committee!
Citan: My this IS a surprise.
Fei: Doc?
Citan: Hmmm. I do not think this is coincidental, I am simply assuming, but they probably intentionally furnished you with Weltall to collect some data.
Fei: Intentionally?
Citan: Battling itself serves as one of Kislevs's plans. From Battling, they can obtain the various combat data and talented Battlers which can be used for the military.
Fei: Exactly what kind of data could they get outta' him and I...?
Citan: I would not know. But I can assure you that this has something to do with that incident, with Aveh. Well, regardless of what the empire is up to, this is good for us. You are able to get the Gear you are most used to. If you think about it, this just enhanced our probability of escaping.
Fei: ...

Opponent one is Leonardo, I kick his ass for awhile


Leonard: Hm! Not bad. Have it your way then, playtime is now over! Let's get serious!

Leonardo, you cheating faggot

Later in the sewers, Leonardo and Heinrich are walking around

Leonardo: Heh heh, jerk, he's probably in bed somewhere now.
Heinrich: Wasn't that a bit too much? If Champ finds out, we're done for!
Leonardo: Hmph, I don't get it. Let's just get this over with. Tonight's creepy, the rats are restless.
Heinrich: What, this isn't like you, alright then, you take that one.
Leonardo: Oh man, this is bad, the hairs on the back of my neck are all standin' up.

Uh-oh, Kill-o-Vision

Heinrich: Umph, huh? Hmm, must just be my imagination.

Something jumps out of the water and attacks him

Heinrich: What!
Leonardo: Tch! So you came out!

Leonardo runs, but gets caught

Leonardo: What the!? Crap, This monster's... St-Stay away! Uaaahhhhh!

In the hospital

Fei: W-Where am I, oh, the infirmary?
Citan: Well hello Fei! Are you wide awake yet?
Fei: Doc, what happened to me? How did I get here?
Citan: During the Battling match, there was a sudden explosion remember?
Fei: That's right, in that explosion I lost consciousness!?
Citan: It was a large explosion, but you were fortunate the Gear was Weltall! Any other
Gear and I would hate to think... Anyway, you are safe, that is what matters!
Fei: Thanks to Weltall, huh? Doc, how many days have passed since then?
Citan: Only a day has elapsed since the accident. Your injuries were relatively minor, so...
Fei: Only one day...
Citan: What is the matter, Fei?
Fei: I had an awful dream, I can't remember it, but, just know it was awful...
Citan: A dream?
Fei: It was nothing, I guess. Don't worry about it, doc.
Citan: ...
Fei: Doc, I've got to get back to the Battling Arena. I want to get this explosive collar off of me as soon as I can.
Citan: Fei, how is your health holding up? I do not want you to push yourself.
Fei: There's no use saying that. Time is not going to wait! I can't just do nothing!
Citan: I suppose you are right. I understand what you mean, Fei. We have got to try and get outta' here as soon as we possibly can. But that does not mean you have to over-exert yourself again, straight away! Take time to rest up a little more.
Fei: You're the doc, doc! I'll get more rest...

Back in the Battling Arena

Receptionist: Due to mechanical trouble, your competitor for yesterday, Leonardo Sniper, yeah, Sniper, what a tool has had to drop out. Heinrich Clive has also had mechanical problems and has had pulled out. This means you, Fei, win by default and can compete in day two's bouts! If you win two matches today, the second day of the games, you can progress on to the third set of bouts. Do you want to enter the bouts for day two?
Fei: Let me enter!

I kick some ass

Then I go back to the hospital

Fei: Huh? Someone's coming downstairs. I guess it'll be Hammer.

Fei: Hey, you're Rico!? What are you doing here?
Rico: Calm down, kid! I didn't come here to fight with you.
Fei: Then what purpose do you have here? What other reason could you have?
Citan: What is going on out there? This is a place for rest! Can you be a bit quieter.

Citan walks in

Citan: Why, it is only you Fei! And, The Battling Champion? What would the likes of you have to do coming to a prison barracks? There must be some special reason for you to grace us with your presence?
Rico: Yes there is, I came in regards to the incident of the explosion during the first rounds of the Battling contest.
Fei: Explosion incident? Oh, you mean what happened the other day!
Citan: The explosion accident that Fei was enveloped in during that bout? What has that got to do with you?
Rico: I'm sorry. That 'accident' was set up by my subordinates! After the results of your
'Baptismal Ceremony', it seems my men didn't come to like you very much.
Citan: So they made it look like an accident, but it really was meant to kill Fei, but why tell us now? Did they come clean and confess the crimes they committed?
Rico: They're no longer with us! You're the doctor, don't you know what's been happening? What's going on here in the Imperial capital's D Block?
Citan: You mean the series of mysterious murders that happened in the sewers!
Rico: Yes. A line of skilled Battlers have been murdered one after the other! All of the victims that have been killed were my subordinates. Kid, I mean, Fei, they were the very people who had set the trap to kill you!
Fei: So what are you trying to say? That their deaths are connected to me somehow!
Citan: Let us see, the murdered battlers had set a trap to try and kill Fei. When Fei comes to know of this he has good reasons to kill them. Out of hatred of his would-be killers, he plots revenge on the Battlers. And turns to murder!
Fei: People think I am the killer?
Rico: Exactly! This morning there was yet another victim, the fifth! It's not unusual for people to die in the sewers. If you become weak, you die. That's providence! But five Battlers were killed in a row! That this is unprecedented alone casts doubt on you. To say that I don't doubt you would be lying, but I don't think you're guilty either. The only thing that can prove your innocence is if there's any truth in that story going around. The story of a monster in the sewers that is strong enough to kill five Battlers! For the sake of my men too, I am about to check out the sewers. I've said what I wanted to say.
Fei: Wait up! Let me, Let me go with you! I want to prove to you that I am innocent myself!
Rico: You want to tag along, huh? I don't care, but you've got to look after your own neck!
Citan: It is up to Fei himself to prove that he has been falsely suspected. There is no alternative then. Please allow me to accompany you in solving this sewer murder case!
Rico: The doctor too? I don't take any responsibility if anything happens to you!

We head to the sewer, the entrance is on a roof... yeah.

Rico: Thanks for watching the sewers. I'm going down there now, don't let anyone besides these guys in.
Man: Yes sir, Champ!

Something is watching as they enter

Fei: Where is this place?
Rico: Let's look for it. We'll talk more if we really find it.
Fei: Do you really doubt me?
Citan: Shh, quiet!
Fei: ?
Rico: What's wrong?

Whatever is watching backs into the sewer

Citan: Well, let us look around.

We find a map

Well, that looks bad
Fei: Here...?
Rico: Well, this is the murder spot.
Fei: What's this slimy stuff?
Rico: No way it's human.
Citan: Look here!

They walk to the pipe

Rico: More of the same.
Fei: Something the monster left?
Citan: Still we cannot be sure, but it is very likely.

We keep finding murder sites

Rico: Looks like he got it here.
Fei: Here too?
Rico: Hey, this is the same stuff as that stuff over there.
Citan: Something is written on the wall, Re-Red monster. This must be his dying message.
Rico: Must've written it as he way dying. Yeah Rico, that's what dying message means.
Citan: A red monster with a taste for blood, very interesting. Or fucking creepy
Fei: !
Rico: Something's down here, that's for sure.

They do the ladder something's watching thing again

Citan: !
Rico: What's wrong, Citan. Is there something here?
Citan: A tinkle sound, I heard some kind of a tinkle sound!
Fei: A bell?
Rico: A bell! A bell?
Fei: Do you know something?
Rico: Now that you mention it. There is a rumor of a strange ringing down here

They find a broken little robot, I forget to take a screenshot of it

Fei: What's this?
Rico: This is a rat-sweeper machine. We call them the 'Catless Rat Removers'!
Fei: ... thinks: you are so dumb:
Citan: What is this?
Rico: No, it's not broken. Why isn't it moving? Let me see it.
Fei: Ha! There's something inside. What's this?

Fei pulls out some keys

Rico: These were Vargas' pass keys to the sewers. They must've gotten caught up in this thing. That's why it wasn't moving.
Fei: I wonder what these keys are for? um the sewer, he just said that
Rico: These are the keys to the sewage treatment plant.
Citan: Sewage treatment plant?
Rico: That's where all the sewage ends up.
Citan: That is strange, where is it?
Rico: From here it's northeast through the door and near the furthest waterfall.
Fei: Let's go and see.

Before we do that I want to bring up one of my favorite parts of the sewer
We find a door at one point, Fei struggles to open it to no avail

You assume Rico is going to rip the fucker off it's hinges, but he's really like, "Fei, you asshat, it's a push door, not a pull door.[/i]

Anyway, on the way to the treatment plant we find another chalk outline Who's drawing this shit, the monster?

Fei: Here too.
Rico: Ugh! There's that smell again. It's like something's burning.
Citan: Burnt? Hmm, I see.
Rico: Hey, look at this. The slime is over by that drain too.
Citan: It appears this slime was left behind by the monster.

They find a little green guy

Gramps: Who're you?
Rico: Hey gramps! What are you doing here? I thought the entrance was blocked off.
Gramps: Hmph. I've lived here a long time.
Rico: All by yourself? In a spooky place like this?
Gramps: As you can see I'm a mutant, so the monster never bothers me. But lately, my new neighbor's been going around bustin' things up.
Rico: What, really? We're looking for him.
Gramps: Oh! Would you get rid of him for me? If you need to know anything ask me. I'll help you.

Finally, they get to the treatment room

Fei: Hmm, this is... Damn! No, it must be this one -What?
Rico: Hurry up.
Fei: Why are there so many keys?

While Fei is dicking around

Rico: Maybe this one.
Fei: Not that one, umm, this one! Whew, open!
Rico: Are you ready?
Fei: Of course. Okay let's go.

They go in

Fei: What!
Rico: It's not here.
Fei: Look up!
Rico: It moved.
Fei: It's not here. We've established that. I swear this sewer makes people repeat themselves
Citan: It appears it can move outside through these sewage drains.
Rico: Damn! We should of found it here!
Fei: What's this?

Fei finds a bell in a chest

Fei: Why would it have this?
Rico: Wait! We can lure it with this thing!
Citan: Hmm, it does not look like it will show up now.
Rico: Where can we use it?
Citan: Let us think about what we know so far.
Fei: Slime in the drain, there should be several places like this.
Citan: Yes. This must be the one drain it comes and goes from.
Fei: That's it! We'll use the bell to lure it out!

The determine that it must come out of pipes with slime but no murder site

Fei: Here!
Citan: I am sure. This is the only drain with slime and no murder site nearby.
Fei: Alright. Got it!

Ring, ring, ring!

Fei: Umph!
Citan: It is here!
Rico: Outta my way!

Approaching monster vision
Fei: !
Rico: What!?

Bam out of the water

This is Redrum (murder backwords), it's a pretty good fight since it has an ability to instantly kill a party member and gain health equal to their life. That said, I still kill it with only Rico dying once.

Rico: What the hell was that?
Fei: Why, did it have a bell?
Citan: I, it had normal, human-like intellect. No, it is better to say, 'had left remaining'.
Rico: What! Whaddya' mean? No...
Fei: !
Citan: It is really, rather sad.

As they leave the sewer Rico grabs his arm

Rico: I'll see you later, I'll wait at your dorm. Ugh...
Fei: Hey, your left arm! In that fight, you got...
Rico: It's nothing...

Rico leaves

Citan: I wonder if he will forfeit the Battling because of that injury?
Fei: ?

Fei leaves

We see Citan talking to Emperor Cain

Citan: Yes. Twice, no, three times to be exact. May I ask you this, why would he be moved to a place like this? Was it the elders?
Emperor: Nay. They're hoping for a more immediate disposal. I don't blame them. They have a deeply etched fear of him.
Citan: Then...
Emperor: Yes. Probably...
Citan: It would be hastly to dispose of him now. I do not think it is too late to wait until we find out his purpose.
Emperor: If that is your judgement, then, so be it.
Citan: Your will is my will, your Majesty. Well then, allow me to...
Emperor: Wait a moment, I see...
Citan: Yes?
Emperor: Their judgement has been handed down...
Citan: What is it, then?

Black screen

Emperor: A purge!

In Bledavik, Elly and her group of misfits are being briefed

Commander: Its interface waves make guided weapon use impossible in this area. So up to the last minute the Hecht must be piloted manually. After canceling stealth mode, you will provide direct escort for the Hecht inside the enemy defense zone. Any questions?
Elly: Well...
Commander: Yes Lieutenant?
Elly: I understand our escort orders but what is our main objective?
Commander: That is classified.
Elly: But without knowing our objective, our response to any orders will be slow. Even if we're just ordered to provide cover, we need to at least know the attack objective.
Commander: The objective will be issued during the mission. It will be relayed directly to the Hecht's pilots.
Elly: But...
Commander: Your only concern is to protect the Hecht from the enemy's anti-aircraft weapons. Any problems with that?
Elly: No. I guess not.
Commander: Anything else? Then this ends the main briefing. Confirm terrain, weather and enemy defense details with the information at hand. The mission starts at 1700. Until then wait in your assigned units. I shouldn't have to remind you that this mission is a purge. Remember, we have complete authority over the Lambs. Dismissed.

The Commander leaves. Elly and her tards begin to leave

Stratski: This sucks Lieutenant. How can we go along with this? What's he mean the objective has nothing to do with us?
Elly: Be quiet! I'm thinking!
Stratski: Don't snap at me.
Vance: I hate hysterical women.
Elly: Are you ready to take the consequences for that remark?
Vance: Uh... Is it sexual

They enter the hall

Elly: Whew.
Renk: What's wrong? Something bugging you?
Elly: Sorry I'm so edgy. Those self-detonating bombs are just air units with Kief class bombs on board. I don't see why they need to use them all of a sudden, there are just too many. One of those alone would have enough firepower, but 8 of them is overkill. They haven't told us our target yet, and we're not just going to drop them for fun. You bet I'm worried.
Helmholz: Maybe to purge the Lambs?
Elly: They're human, the same as us, right? They have to give us a reason. I can't go along with this just because it's an order.
Renk: Hmm...
Elly: What?
Renk: Nothing, even though we are called Solarians, we are 3rd Class Citizens or 'Worker Bees'. Us 3rd Class Citizens have our origins in the 'Lambs'. I can understand us having doubts in such orders. But you, you're different, you're a pure 1rst Class Citizen and come from a good family. I've heard your father has a lot of pull in the military,
Elly: My family and father have nothing to do with it.
Renk: Well, if you ask me, a 1st Class citizen thinking like this is a little unusual.
Elly: Not really, it's quite natural.
Helmholz: So, how about it? Are you gonna' do it?
Stratski: The army will demote us all back to being 3rd Class citizens!
Elly: Don't worry. I'll just do my duty. But I'm only escorting the Hecht. I won't help with anything else.
Helmholz: But, what if something happens? You're just backing yourself into a corner.
Elly: Can't be helped, I guess...
Renk: Well, either is fine for us. Just do what you're told. Nothing else matters.

Back to Fei meeting Rico in the barracks/hospital/whatever it is

Rico: You're late! You made me wait for ages!
Fei: Oh, errh, sorry! Later, the doc said he wanted to pay the courtesy of burying the monster, so I waited outside.
Rico: Is that so? Oh well, at least the murders have been brought to an end!
Citan: Yes, that is right. And Fei has been proven innocent as well!
Rico: And I guess the out of bounds order on the sewers was lifted straight after that too. Anyway, my allying with you ends here. The next time we meet, Fei, we will be opponents! C'mon, try and beat me! I'd enjoy seeing you try and settle your scores with me!

Rico begins to leave

Fei: Hey, what about that wound to your arm? You can't try to battle in that state!
Rico: Can you really afford to worry about your opponent?
Fei: But, Rico?
Rico: Worry about yourself before others! Don't hold back now! Give me your best fight! If you don't do your best, you could be the one who dies.
Fei: Understood.
Rico: Right. That's good.

Rico leaves

Citan: Right, now that that matter is resolved, I have done all I can do to help. What is left is up to you, Fei. You must settle these other problems with your own hands.
Fei: I guess so.
Citan: Does his arm wound bother you that much? Fei, you realize we don't have...
Fei: I know doc, we don't have much time to spare! What's more, what he says is right -you shouldn't hold back in a battle. Etiquette dictates a true fight!
Citan: It seems I was overly concerned. Anyway, let us rest up now. Remember, you must win up to the Finals League first. And the Champ is not the only one you have to beat!

Fei continues to kick ass at the tournament

I beat Vectorman in one round

The day before the finals

Hammer: Bro, you did it! You won! You're the Battling Champ! Or, close enough anyway! Victory is in reach! If you just win tomorrow's Finals League we'll have our names cleared and be released!
Fei: But Hammer, you know my opponent is no pushover! His power is incredible, he's been Battling Champion for three years straight! Beating him's going to be no easy task. Up till today I've managed to win somehow, but tomorrow is another matter! I doubt that I will win.
Hammer: If that's your attitude you'll lose even if you could've won! Come on Bro, show some fighting spirit!
Fei: Hahaha, I didn't think you'd be the type to say something like that! You're right! I'll never win with these pre-battle blues. Thanks Hammer! Well then, let's head back to our lodging now.
Hammer: I'd like to be able to say 'no problem', but tomorrow's Finals League is important! Don't you think you should take care in servicing and customizing your Gear? Our fates might depend on it!
Fei: Gear serviceing, heh? Leaving it just to one mechanic worries me a bit. I'll ask the doc to give us a hand also!
Hammer: A bit of a worry!? That's not so Bro! This here mechanic is doing the best he can y'know!
Fei: I didn't mean it that way, so don't get all upset now, Hammer! Anyway, let's go back to our barracks and call the doc, shall we?
Hammer: Wait! Don't you think you should save your Battling record in the 'Memory Cube'!
Fei: Don't tell me what the fuck to do. I suppose I should...

They leave

Fei: Is that all?
Hammer: Yep. This is the best that can be obtained 'round here.
Fei: You think I can win with these crude parts?
Citan: You have a point. Compared to the Champ's Gear, the quality just does not match up.
Hammer: There's nothing we can do. Master Rico's Gear is a special make of Gear provided by the Committee. From maintenance to parts, it receives the best of everything! As long as money is involved, the Champ will go all out. That's one of the reasons he's so powerful.

Fei hops off Weltall's knee

Fei: Can't we get better parts? This...
Voice: Hah hah haha ha! As usual, you haven't learned anything, have you?
Fei: Who's there!?

Fei: You're the one from the Aveh Tournament, what do you want? I'm busy right now!
Wiseman: Hmph. No matter how high quality your Gear may be, you won't be able to defeat him.
Fei: Wh-what're you talking about!?

Wiseman vanishes

Fei: !?

Wiseman reappears on the ground

Hammer: Yikes!
Wiseman: You still do not understand do you? Then let me show you.
Fei: Why do you suddenly want to fight for? Are you crazy or something?
Wiseman: Enough talk! Take this!

Wiseman shoots some hadoken-like junk at Fei

Fei: Whoa! Y-you're serious?
Wiseman: Of course! So put up a good fight! Cause if you don't your life is mine!

Fei kicks some ass, but the fight doesn't really go anywhere

Fei: That's the same technique as me! How come?
Wiseman: Fighting brute strength with brute strength is a sign of a great fool. It's obvious that a lighter body such as yours will always be at a disadvantage in a head-on attack. I just gave you a good example. That minor difference between you and I had this outcome. Now, someone else with a mass several times you, like Rico, the outcome becomes highly apparent. This applies to Gears as well, even if you were to get parts comparable to Rico's, there is still the difference in mass. To make up for this, one must commit to a single final strike that thrusts at the opponent's fissure. Vance: Uh... Is it sexual

Fei: ...?
Wiseman: I have given you the hint. It's up to you to figure it out through experience.

Wiseman starts leaves

Fei: Wait! Why is it that you have the same fighting style as I? And, how do you know my name! Tell me!
Wiseman: Hmph, fine. It was 3 years ago. The one who took you, in your mutilated state, to that mountain village was none other than myself. We pretty much realized this in Aveh since we got the maid scene at the beginning
Fei: You're the one who brought me to Lahan?
Wiseman: Yes, at your father's request.
Fei: My father's...! What's you relation to my father?
Wiseman: Khan and I were fellow students.
Fei: Khan? Is that my father's name?
Wiseman: Why do you ask for your father's name? You haven't lost your...?
Fei: Yeah, so tell me anything you can. Will you?
Wiseman: I see, in your injured state I wouldn't have been surprised.
Fei: Wiseman.
Wiseman: Khan Wong. That is your father's name. Since our youth, Khan and I studied the martial arts together.
Fei: Father and you...?
Wiseman: Yes. Eventually your father became an officer of a certain country. There he met a young woman. She was about 20 years old. Her name was Karen. She was like a flower in full bloom.
Fei: Flower...?
Citan: He means that she had extraordinary beauty.
Fei: I, see. Then she's...?
Wiseman: Yes, your mother. Khan married your mother, and I left on a journey to strengthen myself.
Fei: Then my mother? Where is my mother now?
Wiseman: You do not remember that either? I see. According to Khan, when you were but a child, she passed away.
Fei: Oh...
Wiseman: Time passed. During my journey, I received a letter from Khan. The letter said that, his son was taken away by a man. Khan once said you had special powers. The man who wanted that power took you. That man was Grahf.
Fei: Grahf! He took me away!?
Wiseman: You've met him?
Fei: Yeah, three times.
Wiseman: It's amazing you are still in one piece.
Fei: It seemed to Grahf, that I still was not powerful enough to achieve his ultimate goal.
Anyway, let me hear more about this story.
Wiseman: Khan wished to go find his son, and if possible, he wanted my help. I agreed to Khan's request and began searching for you and that man. Then came that one fateful night three years ago, there was a violent storm. The storm felt as if it was thrown at us through sheer rage. That night, Khan notified me that he had located his son. So I headed for that location, as if I was drawn to it. You and Khan were wounded badly. I have no idea what happened between you two and Grahf. By then, Grahf had already gone. I don't know why, but probably he was driven away by Khan. Khan decided to pursue Grahf and left me to care for his son. I provided you with the necessary first aid and left you in the custody of those village people. Then I followed after Khan. You probably lost your memory when you were injured then.
Fei: Why did my father pursue Grahf?
Wiseman: I do not even know. Just that he said it was not only for the sake of his son, but also for the sake of the world, that that man had to be disposed of. He-He added that if something were to happen to him, I would have to take care for the rest, I haven't seen or heard from him since.
Fei: Grahf said that my father was dead.
Wiseman: Hmm, if Grahf has been appearing in your presence then that is a possibility. That is truly unfortunate, do you remember anything about your fighting techniques?
Fei: Huh? No, nothing.
Wiseman: Hmm, your fighting skills were probably taught to you by Khan. Khan and I both studied under the same master. That is why my techniques are similar to yours. Well then, I must be off.
Fei: To where?
Wiseman: I will go find him. I need to pinpoint what his intentions are. And also, for Khan's sake.
Fei: Just tell me one thing. What country was my father an officer for?
Wiseman: Are you going there?
Fei: I don't know. There are other things I have to take care of.
Wiseman: Yes. The floating land which tries to hide behind a wall, protected, as if to conceal their failure. That is Shevat. That is your father's country.
Fei: Shevat? The Floating Land?
Wiseman: Farewell.

Wiseman Vanishes

Fei: Hey!
Citan: What a mysterious person. Is this the second time you have met him?
Fei: Huh? Yeah, since that tournament in Aveh. He sure is a mysterious person. I probably won't understand straight away what he meant today, but I think I get the general idea. I might be able to do something in tomorrow's final round.
Hammer: What was that all about? He disappeared like the w-w-wind! I've only known you since you arrived here! What is this Aveh tournement? What is going on?
Fei: The difference in the performance of the Gear parts are not going to influence the outcome. Well, not as much as I though before.
Citan: Never underestimate the situation. You might lose pretty badly if you think you can just win by getting a grasp of the concept.
Fei: I know, doc.
Citan: Well, let us return to our quaters and rest, Fei. Your fate lies in the outcome of tomorrow's competion. You need to preserve your strength.
Hammer: WTF!!

Next day it's Fei vs Rico, trial by fisticuffs

Rico's Henchman: Hey, your machine has been rigged! I'm gonna' tell the committee on you!
Rico's Henchman: Yeah, he's definitely had his Gear equipped with parts that are in violation of the rules, or somethin'!
Rico: Shut up! Don't embarrass me any further. How could such special parts exist in the Imperial capital anyway! Especially since you can't leave the Imperial Capital with the Imperial Capital collars on!
Rico's Henchman: B-b-but Rico, then...!
Rico: I thought I told you to stop! Keep quiet!
Hammer: That's right! It's impossible! Bro won on his own strength! Stop trying to trump up on false accusations!
Rico's Henchmen: Uh, Bro?
Fei: Enough already, Hammer! I won because of luck, and because I had a good teacher! Also the wound to your arm hasn't completely healed yet, has it? If it wasnt' for that wound I am sure you would have won instead...
Rico: Defeat is defeat, my wound is no excuse. The Battling Champion is you!
Fei: ...
Rico: Well, I have something I must see to. I'll be off now.

Rico begins to leave

Rico's Henchmen: Champ! Wait up! Let us go with you!
Rico: I am no longer the Champ! You guys will just get in my way! Don't follow me! OK!?
Rico's Henchmen: In your way...? But Champ!
Rico's Henchman: Ri-co--!

Rico leaves

Hammer: This means I am acquitted! I am cleared!

Rico stands in front of Stier

Rico: Stier. This is the last... Hang in there with me!

-End Nortune Part 2-
Closing thoughs: Nortune has too much text