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Part 6: Sand Cruiser Yggdrasil and Bart's Lair

Sand Cruiser Yggdrasil and Bart's Lair

Yggdrasil, the oft used JRPG name, originates from the world tree of Norse mythology.

We're now aboard the Yggdrasil, just outside of the gear paddocks

F: Doc!

Sigurd (the guy with the white hair) and Maison show up

Maison: Welcome to the sand cruiser 'Yggdrasil'. We apologize for that earlier incident.

Bart approaches them

Maison: I'm sure everyone has already had the courtesy to introduce themselves. But allow me to introduce the sand pirates' leader, Master Bartholomew. By the way, may I ask, young master, did you apologize to Master Fei?
B: What? Uhh... Yeah... I told him I was 'wrong,' Right?
F: ...

Sigurd approaches Bart

S: Just telling someone you were 'wrong' after the event isn't going to solve everything young master. I'm sorry I've delayed introducing myself, my name is 'Sigurd', the first mate of this sand cruiser.
Maison: Well then, please let me know if you need anything.
B: That's the situation, so now, forgive me, will ya!?
S: Young master! Stay out of mischief.

Sigurd grabs Bart by the ear and drags him off

B: Ouch ouch ouch! Don't pull my ears!
C: Let us go and wait in our cabin until we arrive. It is well made and comfortable.
F: ...
C: What is wrong? You look down.
F: No... well...
C: Something happened?
F: No, nothing.

Before we do that let's take a short tour of the Yggdrasil.

These are the gear paddocks; this is where they store all of the gears used by our party members

This guy gives the low down on each gear.

Here's the gear shop, they keep a pretty up-to-date stock of gear parts, but we still have to pay.

Near the elevator to the bridge is this guy

Guy: With it our hopes and dreams grow to fruition too.

The nurse will check out weights, everyone is ideal at the moment.

We can sleep here for free; we'll be back in a second

Maison runs a character item shop, and he has a story for us

Essentially he thought the ship did not befit the price, but to make the room he had to take a side-job, hence the item shop.

And here's the engine room, with the story of how Bart and Sigurd got their eye patches

Guy: When we had engine trouble a long time ago, the young master jumped in to fix it. Sigurd tried to help the young master and the both ended up injuring one eye. We are proud of the young master, but sometimes he rushes into things. The chief thinks it's all his own fault.

We go to the cabin and sleep, then to the bridge

B: We'll probably stop there for a while for supplies and repairs.

Ah the welcoming committee

Kid 1: Bart! What did you bring us?
B: Well, I've got a new model Gear and two people that we helped out.
Kid 2: Ehh! A Gear, how boring! Don't you have anything more interesting?
B: I thought you'd say that, look! This is amber I found in a stalactite cavern under the desert. It's rare to find one with a bug in it! Bart's a sucker for kids
Boy: Wow! Thanks Bart!
Kid 1: We got some amber!
Kid 2: What's that?
Kid 3: Let's go! We gotta' show it off to everyone!

The kids run ahead

B: Well then, I'm gonna' tune up my Gear a little. Why don't you two go have some tea with Old Maison? Thanks Old Maison. I call him Old Maison because he's OLD lolz!
Maison: Please, walk this way.

We follow Maison

Maison: This is the residental area. Walk this way.
(No pic, it looks like a generic hallway)

We go into the dining room

Maison: This is the dining hall. I'm sorry it's so gauche. Please take a seat.

Citan and Fei sit down and Maison gets some tea

Maison: Young visitors are rare indeed, the young master must be very happy. If things were normal we wouldn't be living under the desert, but rather back in the royal palace.
C: Royal palace? You mean that young one is connected to the old Fatima dynasty?

Maison: Pardon? N, no, I'm just a senile old fool who talks too much. Pay no attention to what I just said, Hahaha. This guy is as smooth as Balthazar
C: But, that one-eyed youth does have a certain bearing.
Maison: Oh...oh... oh...! Well spoken sir! Awfully good of you to notice! If I may, I would like to tell you. The young gent is the last forgotten reminder of the once proud Fatima dynasty. That is, before it was destroyed by Shakhan's minions. Prince Bartholomew Fatima.
C: Bartholomew? Edbart IV's successor? I am sure they announced Bartholomew died of an illness 12 years ago.
Maison: Officially, yes. However, in reality, we rescued the young prince from Shakhan's evil grasp.
C: Then why must the prince, the rightful heir, resort to piracy.
Maison: Since fleeing here, we have had only one wish: that the young master would grow up to be a great man.
C: Not to reclaim the throne?
Maison: That is correct. Of course, to say we have absolutely no desire to restore his rule would be a lie. We have plans for that as well.
C: And part of those plans would involve piracy?
Maison: Well, yes, but there is a reason for that. Both Aveh and Kislev are devoted to excavating the ruins. Each country's strength is increasing daily. Even if we could get the help of all our comrades to start a revolution, the combined strength of all of us would still not be enough. We would certainly be suppressed by Shakhan's guards in to time at all. We needed power.

We tried excavating the ruins using the Yggdrasil but it didn't work as well as we expected. Excavating requires large amounts of time, labor and capital.

The best we can do with our sand cruiser is find small items in the sand.

C: And the piracy?
Maison: Regardless of who gains the ruins' technology, one thing is certain, both Kislev and Aveh will simply use that power to oppress the other. I agreed with the young master's idea of creating a new power to balance things out a little.
C: I see, it is far more effective to plunder from the shadows, than to excavate the technology oneself.
Maison: Of course pillaging is an unpardonable act. However, for Aveh, for Ignas, to continue like this --I'm sorry if it sounds rather self-righteous.
C: That is something which outsiders, like ourselves, cannot comment upon. From what you have told me, I feel that the result of what you are doing will be good. Seeing your children here tells me that.
Maison: I am so much relieved by your words. Another cup of tea?
C: Yes, please. Thank you.
C: You mentioned you had plans. Why have you not put them into action?
Maison: With Miss Margie imprisoned, we dare not do anything.
C: She would not happen to be Nisan's...
Maison: You are well informed, my dear doctor. She is the Great Mother Marguerite of Nisan and the young master's cousin, as well.
C: Why would Shakhan take her captive?
Maison: For the 'Fatima Jasper'!
C: The Fatima Jasper that is said to show where the great treasure is?
Maison: My, good doctor! You do know an awful lot. I am most impressed.

Maison goes to fill Fei's cup, but it's still full

Maison: You do not like my tea, Master Fei?
Fei: No, I'm just not thirsty now.
Maison: Well, we have no idea what the great treasure actually is, but it is said to be strong enough to save our kingdom even if it is ever in plight!
C: And Marguerite has the Jasper that tells the location?
Maison: Only half of it, to be precise. The young master and Miss Marguerite each have half. Only by combining the two halves will anyone know where the treasure is.
C: What exactly is the Fatima Jasper? When you say a half of the Jasper, I imagine some kind of necklace.
Maison: Only the heirs to Aveh and Nisan know what it really looks like.
C: I see. So that is why they have her locked up. My guess is that when they do find out, her chances of living are not...

Maison turns away

C: Ah, I apologize. I simply, I mean... I was only supposing the worst case. So please do not take it to heart.
Maison: No, that is a terribly realistic scenario.
C: Ahem. What exactly do you mean by great treasure?
Maison: Well, I haven't the foggiest...

A voice cuts in

Voice: The Gear! He means the Gear! That has to be it!

Bart walks in

Maison: Young master, are the Gears alright?
B: Yeah, even though they were sealed, sand's gotten into the joints. It's a pain in the neck to fix, so I'm having the crew take care of it now. My job is just to pilot them anyway. Besides, I'm bad with machines, so I'd just get in the way.
Maison: Young master.
B: Anyway, what were we talking about?
C: Whether the great treasure could be a Gear.
B: Oh, yeah. You know, something like that is drawn in one of the Aveh picture scrolls.
C: Picture scrolls?
B: Well, if you're interested then let's go to the planning room, I'll show you what I mean, since you're my special guests.
C: That sounds interesting.

We go to the planning room

C: They probably do not even have equipment like this in the capital! The capital must suck balls.
B: Heh heh. Surprised? All this technology is thanks to Sig.

They walk to a screen on the floor

B: Hey, Fei! Don't stand on the screen. We won't be able to see!

Fei moves

B: Alright men! Display my special file on the main screen.

C: What is this?
B: A picture scroll, nearly 500 years old. This is King Fatima I, 'body cloaked in flames making a blood oath with giants'. They say he used the strength of the giants to found Aveh.
C: It is amazing that such an ancient scroll exists and in such good condition too! I though the 'Ethos' controlled all things such as these.
B: Normally, yes. But this was one of my father's prized possessions. Next!

B: After founding the country, Fatima forced the giants into slumber, to protect his kingdom's people if needed in the future. But we don't know where they are hidden. In another record, one of these giants is called the 'Great Fatima Treasure'.
C: What about the 'Jasper'?
B: Hey, you sure know a lot. Perhaps you're one of Shakhan's spies?
C: Of course not. It is only an intellectual interest.
B: Just kidding. It appears the Jasper is the key to finding our treasure.
C: A key, could that be what Shakhan is looking for?
B: Not just him, Gebler is also looking for it.
C: Really? Then we must rescue Marguerite as soon as possible.
B: You're telling me! Since we helped you, I was wondering if I could, in turn, ask you a favor?
C: Would that be, for us to help you rescue her?
B: Bright boy! This line is strange coming from Bart That's exactly it. I heard from Sigurd, it seems both Aveh and Kislev are after you! So we can help you and you can help us, how about it? It's not to much to ask.
C: Well, if it pays for my room and board then I will help in any way I can. What do you think, Fei? You have not said anything for a while.
B: Yeah. You were great back there in that Stalactite cavern. Your strength alone is greater than ten or twenty of Shakhan's guards.
F: ...
B: I'd love to have your power on my side!
F: Why does everyone want to make me fight?
B: H, huh? What's wrong with you all of a sudden?
C: Fei?
F: I just don't feel like it! 'Love to have my power'? I don't have any! What's wrong with you doc, everyone! You're driving me to the brink. Then there's that Gear, Grahf and my father. I don't have the time to help you out with your problems when I've got enough of my own!

Fei leaves

B: What's with him? Is he always that short-tempered?
C: No, that is not, I am sorry. Things have happened so fast that he has not had time to deal with it yet. Try to understand.
B: ...

Some children are on the elevator looking at Fei

Kid 1: We're gonna' help service Gears now!
Kid 2: Yeah!
Kid 1: Let's go!

Fei finds Bart's room

I'm glad you didn't bother to equip this before, ass.

Fei: !!

Bart walks in, Fei shows his amazing hiding skills

For the love of God, he isn't even on his blind side.

Bart: Boy! What's up with this Fei guy? I try and become his friend and he suddenly explodes in anger. Well, looks like he's got a lot on his mind. I don't want to force him. But he would be fun to fight, maybe I'll ask again. If I lie in wait under the elevator...

Bart leaves

Fei: ...

Fei takes the elevator down

B: Citan told me all about your story. Do you want to talk about it? Why didn't you tell me? It sounds pretty rough. Listen, I'm sorry for being a jerk just now, forgive me, will ya?
F: ...
B: Whoa! Anyway, sorry to bring it up again, but...
F: No!
B: What?
F: I don't like fighting like you do. I only got into that Gear because I had to. I'd rather not ride them. If you want that Gear so much then you can have it! I don't want it!
B: You think I like fighting? Is that it?
F: Don't you? Sure looks that way. It looks like the only thing you do enjoy is fighting.
B: I can't let that slide. Who likes fighting? Take it back. Like it or not, I fight because
I have to. I got my reasons, but you wouldn't understand.
F: Well I don't have a reason to fight! I don't want to fight. But you people keep on hounding me to get into a Gear? Why don't you just leave me alone!
B: It's because I see you skill and think...
F: Well I hate it! Whenever I get in a Gear people get hurt. If I fight, people die. I don't want to hurt people! I don't want anyone to die! I hate it, can't you see that?
B: Yeah, I know the feeling of just wanting to run away from reality. But do you think the kids left behind in your village would understand?
F: ...
B: Citan told me what happened in Lahan. Would it have been better if you had done nothing? Sure, that happened because you were in that Gear. But even if you hadn't, people would have died, right? You weren't the reason. War, no, the people who started the war are the reason. And unless you get rid of the reason, nothing will change. I fight to get rid of the reason. Right now there is no other way so I have to fight, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. I understand why you would feel guilt towards the kids in your village. And I know you don't want to harm others. But if you want to make it up to those children, don't you have to fight? You do have a reason to fight. A reason you must fight. But as long as you ignore it and continue to run away, those kids will never forgive you. Just remember that. And another thing, I'm not saying that helping me is running away. You don't have to help. This is my own problem. I don't wanna' get you in this against your will. But, if I had your skill I could bring all of this to an end, and make it up to those kids. At least that's what I think. Anyway, sorry to hold you up, the mechanic wanted to talk to you about your Gear. You probably don't care now, but at least listen to what he has to say.
F: ...

Bart leaves and Fei goes to check out Weltall
I really like that speech, the first time I played I was afraid Bart was just going to be an obnoxious ass in the tradition that Square started immediately after Xenogears (Zell, Zidane, Wakka...), but this and a scene in a few minutes really helped to prevent that. Instead he just comes off as a charismatic pirate with some bravado and a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Mechanic: Looks like someone really knew how to tune up your Gear, attack, defense, Ether amplification, an exceptionally balanced machine. But we don't seem to be able to dismantle some parts to see what they do, I guess you could call them black boxes. There are quite a number of them on this machine. Do you have any idea what they actually do?
Fei: No...

Voice: Fei!

It's Sigurd and Citan

F: Sigurd, doc, what's up?
S: We would like to have a word with you.
F: Oh, okay!

They go back up the elevator

S: Look over there.

[They watch as Bart stands on the hull of the Yggdrasil and talks to himself.]

B: I have no confidence. If I follow after you, Dad, it'll just be like I'm some decoration. At the moment I can't carry out your will, let alone rescue Margie. I told him he was running away but I'm really the one who wants to run away.

S: The young master asked me to apologize to you. Pretty strange, huh? He knows it's best to apologize in person, but the young master isn't that good at this sort of thing. He may not look it, but he's really quite lonely. He's always searching for a friend. We, his minders, can't become his friends. Even if we wanted to, he just wouldn't see us that way. He knows that. Why you ask? It's because of the burden that he bears. It must be difficult for one so young to carry so heavy a responsibility, but he does try to do his best, you know? That is why we stick by him. It has nothing to do with him being the prince. Fei, I sense you too are carrying a heavy burden. This might be a selfish request, but... would it be possible for you to help the young master? I'm not asking you to burden yourself with his problems or responsibilities. But could you two, with whatever it is only you two each know, help the other? Please?
F: I'm sorry, I need time to think.
S: Of course, take your time. It is completely up to you. Whatever you decide, we will be leaving early tomorrow morning. After you're finished preparing for tomorrow, you probably should get some rest. You can use the bedroom in the residential area above.
C: I wish to speak to Sigurd some more, so you go ahead and get some rest.
F: ...

Fei goes to sleep

We get a night view from a gear

Broyer: Confirmed! It's their base, alright.
Helmholz: That rock was easy to break through. I thought it would be a little harder.
Stratski: These surface-dwelling -Lambs- sure live in a nice place.
Renk: Look at that! They built this place far better than the facilities at Bledavik. It's probably a hidden fort built when their old king was still around.

Stratski: So, where are the Gears?

The head to the hanger

Stratski: Over here?
Helmholz: To the right! There's a hangar!

They approach some of the generic gears

Vance: Fond them!!
Helmholz: These are 'Deurmods'. They're standard pirate Gears.
Vance:Ha! Ignore those! We can take them out fast.
Stratski:Why not take a few? Even if we only get those, it was worth sneaking in.
Renk: Alright! Schpariel is now in place at the back! Get ready to take out anything that gets in our way!

Intercom: Gears have entered the Yggdrasil's dock! Five Gebler special force Gears, and one single unidentified large Gear. All pilots report to the Gear hangar!

Fei heads to the elevator

Intercom: All noncombatants go to the Yggdrasil! Immediately!
Children: Wah, I'm scared!

Fei heads to the Yggdrasil, Citan yells at him

C: Fei! Fei! Quick! Get to Weltall now!

Fei continues to the Yggdrasil

C: Bart and the others are already fighting! Aren't you going to do anything? Do you still think it has nothing to do with you? Do you still think it has nothing to do with you?
F: ...

Citan heads to the gear paddocks

F: I... I... What am I? That old man, he called me... the slayer of God. I don't want that kind of power...

Fei looks at his hands

F: My strength, my, my, home...

The screen moves to Bart

B: How many Gears are there! I think I took out most of the small fry, I think this si a screw up, since the intercom only identified 5 gears and Schpariel. but!

Pirate: There are at least four, maybe five of them left! Their performance and technique is far greater than any of the ones we faced before!
B: Dammit!
Pirate: Young master! They're approaching!

Bart and 2 pirate gears take on Swordknight

The pirate gears suck hard, even their X attacks do 0 damage

Fortunately Bart can handle himself

Citan and Maison approach a gear

Maison: Pardon? Yes, it works but...
Citan: Alright!

Citan gets into the cockpit

Maison: Out of the question! It is still under maintenance. It is nowhere nearly operational.

Sigurd enters

S: It's alright, Maison.
Maison: Master Sigurd! But, for a gent like the good doctor...?
S: It's fine. He'll be okay. It may not even be enough for him.
Maison: Master Sigurd?

C: I hope I can still remember. Oh, a wild stallion, eh? Well then, it is high time someone broke you in. Derrr, YEE-HAW!

Broyer: Eeeaaarrrgh!!
C: Reinforcements?

Citan charges Aegisknight

Broyer: H, hey, that hurts! WAHH! Getting attacked hurts! Gebler employs the biggest douchebags ever.
C: Compared to the pain my friends are going through, yours is nothing! I cannot allow people like you to persist in tormenting those who cannot fight back. I will take you on in their place. Come on! Citan is no longer allowed to make jokes or impassioned speeches.
Broyer: What are you talking about!? I have no clue, Broyer, not a fucking clue.

Citan in Heimdal (the gear), polished off Aegisknight

C: That's it? I know I am a little rusty, there is a limit to what I can learn seeing as I started so late in life.

C: Young one! They are using -Drive-! They are battle enhancement drugs. Normal attacks will not hurt them! That's right, drugs make their gears tougher.
B: Are you serious? So, that's how they keep at it, huh? Crap, this'll never end! If you experience erections lasting more than four hours see a doctor immediately.

C: Fei!
B: It's okay! We'll get by without him!

These Wandknights are also weak as hell

Vance in Clawknight is busy terrorizing some children

Fei charges in in Weltall and clownhouses him

F: Why are you fighting?
Vance: You! What are you doing?
F: What does fighting get you? What if this was your home!

Fei takes out Clawknight easily

C: Fei!
B: I knew you'd come around!
F: We'll talk later! We've got big trouble coming down on us now!

Schapariel descends from the roof

He's tough with about 10 times as many frame points as the other gears and way better attacks

Unfortunately, Bart "accidentally" uses Wild Smile 5-6 times and he can't hit a damn thing. Get used to that being how boss fights go.

Now out of their gears

Bart leaves

F: Bart...
S: Thank you, Fei. Don't know how we could've done it without you. Pretty much the same thing, lots of Wild Smile, kick the hell out of Schpariel.
F: I still don't know what I should do.
S: Fei...
Fei: What Bart's doing isn't for his own gain. He walks the path he believes in, one step at a time, wishing only for the happiness of those around him. I, on the other hand...
S: ...
F: I thought I didn't have a path that I could take laid out before me. But like he said, that's just running away. I must find my own path. Right, doc?

Citan nods

F: If Bart wishes, I'll cooperate with you guys. That's all I can do now. But I think I'll find the path I should follow as I help others like you. Moreover, I can't turn my back and ignore what such a terrible group of people are doing to others.
S: Thanks Fei.

Later on

Maison: We must infiltrate Aveh and rescue Margie now! Gebler has discovered this base. So we should leave a small garrison and evacuate while we still can. Fortunately, the Yggdrasil is undamaged, so we are able to embark immediately. The crew's preparations are complete. Whenever you are ready, Master Fei and good Doctor, please accompany the young master to the bridge. Doctor Uzuki, Master Fei, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would truly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to stay with us and help us on our rescue mission!
B: Hey, alright, alright. Let me say goodbye to the women before we go. Bart has his priorities straight.

They go to the bridge

S: It's time to sneak into Aveh at last. First of all, our party should inspect the town and work out a plan of action. We're currently anchored at our hideout.
F: Let's leave the hideout!

But first I'll introduce you to two of the bridge crew


The German dolphin wants to share his porn sounds with us.

This is Map Guy

He shows us a large version of the world map