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Part 43: Deus: The End

Deus: The End

Here is the entrance to the final dungeon

You get a map of the final dungeon by pressing select; it's not that helpful though

I hop these bars to avoid damage and get to the next part

Time for a leap of faith

You have to maneuver around these light beams or take some damage, it's pretty cake even at 2x speed (I was in a rush).

Where the hell am I now?

Thanks, that helps

Sure, why not

The switch swings the platforms; essentially, this room is like a poorly constructed maze.

Switches and beams of light like these

Move some of the walkways

This guy repairs and refuels you for free. There are no enemies in this big room, but to get the whole way through you have to go through these corridors

They have angel-type enemies. They deal heavy damage, but my trader card means they easily drop Angel Ar, Angel Ar +1, and Anti-Angel Systems. These all act as armor and reduce angel damage.

After running in circles I get the opportunity to descend

Wee, this shit again!

The angels again...

From here there are two options, go right and meet shopkeep Jonny

Or go forward to the final series of battles

Fei: Deus!?
Chu-Chu: What are those four orbs spinning around it?

Rico: So that means that big thing in the middle is the core of Deus?
Citan: Probably.
Bart: Who cares about those orbs. Let's just crush the core.
Citan: Striking directly at the center rather than using fuel unnecessarily, that is one strategy. But, I believe another plan of attack would be to defeat its surroundings first. If we decide to attack the supporting orbs first, then it might be wise to leave the battles up to us. We should be able to do something about them without using up Fei's power.
Emeralda: That'll allow him to use the full power of Xenogears to defeat Dues. And yes, of course, to save Elly!
Billy: Whether we do a direct strike to the core or take down the supports first. I guess that is best left up to Fei to decide.
Fei: Thanks everyone. To attack Deus directly or to take out its supports first, I wonder which is best?

Ok, so there are four Sub-bosses. Each grant abilities and HP to dues; he loses these for each one defeated. It's do-able at this point to go straight for Deus, but we might as well get the others for completion.

Marlute (I meant to get him second, but oh well) is a fucker. He drains fuel and has an attack that does percent based damage to your party. I take Chu-Chu since she is fuel-less, Maria because she sucks balls, and Bart because he also sucks. With tank guards the fuel drain is pretty much a non-issue so it's just a matter of attacking until it dies.

I forgot to get screenshots of the others before I killed them so I ran back and got them with my main party (sorry for any confusion).

Harlute is pretty easy, but also obnoxious. He freezes all but one party member at a time, then hits everyone for 6k or so damage, then they get a few rounds and it's back to one at a time. His Heavenly Anointment ability hits a party member for one of several negative effects or ether damage (I think, I got hit for 0 a lot so I assume it was just my high ether defense) I get Bart up to infinity mode to do most of my damage, Maria dies early and Chu-Chu keeps chugging along.

Time to swap party members, Bart and Maria are out for Billy and Rico, the rest of these fights will be very fast as Billy just does 9999 over and over again with the Jesse Cannon. Chu-Chu sticks around to heal

Metatron is supposedly the hardest sub-boss because he hits really hard, but with Billy and 2 Power Magics this fight is a joke

Sundel is a pain in the ass, he picks one target, and counter attacks them every time someone attacks him. If the target attacks he hits the whole party. So, that character is pretty much restricted to charging. Guess who he picked for most of the fight? Yep, Billy. So I got Rico to infinity attack and hit for about 7.5k Chu-Chu could heal more than Sundel did so it was just time consuming really

And Deus

With Speed Shoes and GNRS50's this fight is so easy

Rico: My Gear won't budge anymore.
Citan: The Zohar Modifier has ceased functioning. That is probably the reason why our Gears cannot move anymore. There is only a slight energy response coming from the core now.
Fei: What about Elly? What's happening to her inside of that thing? The Deus system's bind on her should have worn off now. So why aren't we getting any kind of response? You don't think we hurt her in that battle too!
Citan: Fei, calm down! The sensors are picking up a response from a life form within Deus. It is probably Elly. So do not worry, I believe she is okay!
Fei: Elly! Can you hear me, Elly! Deus is no longer active. It's all over now, so come out of there. Show me your face! Elly! Elly!

[Suddenly the organism starts shaking and electricity starts eminating out of

Fei: Doc! What's going on? What's wrong?
Citan: I am now detecting a tremendous amount of energy coming from within Deus.
It seems as if something that was sealed up till now has suddenly been freed and is growing enormously.
Fei: It couldn't be the 'Wave Existence'!
Bart: The 'Wave Existence'?
Fei: That's gotta' be it. The 'Wave Existence' was just freed from its 'cage of fleshly existence' in Zohar. It's probably attempting to return to the higher dimension that it originally came from.
Citan: Which means this is the aftereffect of the dimensional shift!
Rico: What do you mean 'aftereffect'?
Citan: It is like a shock wave that is induced by the dimensional displacement.
But, so much energy! If this much energy is unleashed here now...
Fei: If so much energy is unleashed, then what will happen, doc? Tell us!
Citan: Then this planet will be annihilated! These numbers indicate that it has more than enough energy to take out a whole planet!
Chu-Chu: Whatchu mean!
Bart: You can't be serious!?
Billy: We fought so hard, only to see this happen.?
Fei: Isn't there, isn't there anything we can do? Can't we stop the aftereffect!?
Citan: Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, almost all machinery, including our Gears, are out of commission due to Zohar being shut down. This time, there is nothing we can do. To put it to you straight, this is the end for us!
Bart: This is freaking stupid! How the hell could it all end like this!? What were we all fighting for up to now?
Billy: Th-the vibrations are intensifying...
Rico: Hold on a sec! No, those vibrations are different! It has to be something else causing it...
Maria: Look!

Deus starts flying away

Bart: Deus is...!
Fei: Deus is rising!
Chu-Chu: What is it this time?
Citan: Deus is releasing its remaining energy and is beginning to accelerate. If it continues to accelerate at this rate, it will soon leave the atmosphere.
Fei: You don't think...
Bart: Think what?
Fei: That it's Elly! Elly is moving Deus...
Rico: Are you sure?
Fei: I'm sure of it! Elly is trying to save us by moving Deus away from our planet! She's going to sacrifice herself!
Maria: That can't be... Oh, Elly...
Billy: Can't we do anything? We can't just sit here and watch this happen, can we?
Citan: ...
Fei: Wait, there is still something I can do!
Chu-Chu: What is it, Fei!?
Fei: My Gear still works. Without Zohar, the power source for your Gears, the only Gear that now remains active is mine. What about Chu-Chu, yeah, she's worthless nevermind Just like Deus, my Gear and I made contact with Zohar. We are the only one's who can move now. I am going to go save Elly!
Citan: That is absurd! Even if you were able to catch up to Deus, you will not have enough energy to make it back!
Fei: Even so, I still must go. Elly's taking the whole burden upon herself! If anything happens to her, I want to be there with her...
Bart: Hey! Just a minute! You know I'm not gonna' stand by and let you commit double suicide, if that's what you're planning!
Fei: Bart...
Bart: You better come back alive, you hear! Promise me! Promise me that you will come back. Then I'll let you go!
Fei: Thanks, Bart. I promise. I promise you that I will return, with Elly!
Bart: You better.
Fei: Yeah, of course!
Bart: Alright! Then get going!
Citan: But...!
Bart: Let's let him go, Citan. At this point, Fei's the only one that'll be able to bring Elly back. There's nothing we can say or do about it.
Citan: You are right. Fei, keep your promise...
Billy: No matter what...
Maria: Fei and Elly...
Emeralda: Both of you...
Rico: Come back home...
Chu-Chu: We'll be waiting for you chu!
Fei: I appreciate this, Bart and the rest of you. Well I had better get going now, but don't worry! I will be back soon!

Fei: I'm counting on you, partner!

Fei: That's Elly! This must mean that I am inside of Deus!?

It's Zardoz!

Face: Your actual body is but a physical object. It has merely been absorbed into Deus' outer shell. Only your consciousness is here. Of course, the girl you perceive in front of you is also not a true being. Your consciousness is merely creating her image.
Fei: The 'Wave Existence'? No, that's not you! Who are you? It can't be...! Is that you Krelian? That's right, isn't it? Krelian! It was you who did this to Elly!
Krelian: The 'Path of Sephirot' has been connected. No one can stop god from returning to his world now. So what have you come here for, Lacan?
Fei: I came here to take the person I love back with me! So set Elly free! The
Deus' system has been destroyed. It's all over now! So instead I ask you, what are you hoping to achieve now?
Krelian: The time when all things started, the place where all things were one. I am going there!
Fei: What place?
Krelian: Before the beginning of the universe, in the undulating waves of the higher dimension, all things were one. It was the waves spilling out from there that created this four-dimensional universe of ours. 'Humankind' and the 'Souls of Humankind' that were born from there, are merely leftovers of those spilled waves. So...
Fei: You're going back there? Is that what you desired?
Krelian: Lacan, why such reluctance to become one with the god? What attachment could you possibly have to this wretched old world? What meaning can be found in living out such a short existence, hurting others, hurting yourself, grinding one another down only to inevitably die and return to dust? Why, everything we could ever desire is here, no need to be troubled by the need for love. For this place is filled with the love of god.
Fei: I have not lost hope in humans as much as you have, Krelian, someday humankind will come to understand one another! I sincerely believe that!
Krelian: How can you be so sure? Humans will never come to understand each other. You said that she is the person you love, but can you say that you even truly understand each other? All humans do is place themselves at a comfortable distance from each other and call that 'mutual understanding', 'spiritual unity', or 'true love', but it is all lies! Man cannot associate with others without first deceiving themselves. That is the way that they were created.
Fei: But one being's ego can't determine everyone's fate! People have the right to choose their own destiny! That is why humans have free will!

Krelian: Oh what folly!? Humans are just primitive life forms that have no such thing as free will. Mankind has merely been allowed to live in an imperfect state, "as is", "as will be". It is for this very reason, because humans have this wretched 'will' or whatnot. That humans must experience sadness and loss. For someone to gain something means another must lose it. It is impossible to make humankind share limited "things" and "affections", so I came to the conclusion that everything must be reverted back to where it all began. To go back to when all was one waves, and nothing else. It is not my -Human's- ego, it is the will of the 'Waves', the will of -god-.
Fei: Well that's alright too. We don't have to be perfect. Actually, being imperfect makes mankind live by helping each other, That's what being human is.

Fei: Elly placed the future, -tomorrow-, in our hands, based on our choice, and she is working to keep Deus far away from our planet. She is also trying to steal your heart., you, who wants to journey all alone, to be with god. Can't you understand Elly's feelings? Do you have to become one with god before you are able to comprehend all of this? I understand, I know her feelings as if they were my own. Yes, she and I are one! We don't need god's help!
Krelian: Well then, prove it to me, show me this power of humans! Show me this -love- that you say can make you independent of god...

Urobolus is pretty much a token fight; it's like Sephiroth's final form in FFVII, a fight you're supposed to handle easily for story reasons.

Elly: It was Krelian, Krelian released me...
Fei: Krelian?
Elly: Yes. I came to understand after becoming one with Krelian. His heart was so full of sadness. That is why he desired for he and I to become one with god, because that would be the return to the beginning of everything. He told me, "You should be with him..." That is what he said. You see, he already knew! Yes, he already knew how I felt, how you felt, but there was nothing we or he could do. He had no choice but to go forward, even if it meant he lost all feelings, lost everything that was human! For all humankind's sake, there was no going back. Even looking back held too many memories, and he would have just wanted to go back. Even though he couldn't, so please forgive him; Krelian loved people more than anyone else.
Fei: I-I, somehow knew it all along. I just knew he was really that kind of person.
Elly: I am so sorry, so please forgive me! I was wrong, I thought sacrificing myself in order to save others was the right thing to do, but my actions only brought sadness to all the people who I left behind. And that sadness gave birth to even more sadness. As long as 'I' still live within you, my life is not just mine alone.
Fei: Elly, that isn't wrong. To sacrifice yourself for others is a noble thing, even if it were to benefit yourself, its no problem. There will always be a person healed, one or the other. Love gains its original shine only when there's an interrelationship between the giver and the receiver. It is incomplete when one or the other is missing. The two are one. It was you, Elly, who taught me that. I believe that is what it means to be human. I can now understand the true importance of it. I don't know if it's the right answer or not, but we have a lot of time to think about it. What Krelian himself was looking for all along. We will find the answer to it all ourselves...
Elly: Thank you, Fei!
Fei: Elly, let us return to our planet.

I'm tired now, and I have stuff to do for class tomorrow. I'll do some closing work and thank yous tomorrow or something. Anyway, glad you all came along for the ride!