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Part 1: UPDATES!


Squiggly Square logo check.

Then some fireworks

Bam! Game logo.

We are now treated to the opening video, it's a combination of text, anime, and cinematic

Never forget this, it's important. (It's from Revelations 22:13 the full line is I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."

Sweet we have a space airplane, this is gonna' kick ass

Uh-oh, that looks bad.

These images make little sense, nor does anything the girl says. Essentially something that is like a computer virus, but with an organic component. No ships are in sight the captain wants to know what the hell is happening.

This isn't the best screen, but it flies by in an instant. Essentially know that the yellow things in the middle look a hell of a lot like the save points (and the Zohars in Xenosaga there named for important works of Kabbalah -Jewish Mysticism).

This image means that they're fucked

The captain calls engineering

Engineering is also fucked

The people aboard are ordered to abandon ship.

The laser defense-grid has other plans

This appears on all the monitors. Again, remember this (also these words are referenced in Xenosaga) This comes from the Bible (Genesis 3:5, according to the nearest copy of the Torah I have, this is a later translation and not direct from the Hebrew which says "And you will be like divine beings who know good and bad" This is probably because the Old Testament seems to aknowledge the existance of other gods, whereas the new testament has explicitly 1 god... who is really 3 gods, also evil sounds harder than bad).

The captain sees the and looks at his locket

Only one thing to do here

Blow the ship up

But wait a planet.

Looks like a crashed escape pod

And a naked girl, I guess she was taking a shower when the evacuation order came. That or life-threatening situations get her all hot and bothered.

We see other fragments crashing down

Now we get a wall of text explaining back-story (a lot of time has passed).

And now a shot of our starting village

Oh shit that's exploding too

Town on fire

That's us.

Oh man is our robot badass

Awesome attack cry Fei. Just FYI, the gear he's bum-rushing has a gun

Ok, Fei asks some stupid questions on occasion

This guy looks like our pal, I should listen to him, confirm/deny.



Ok that's a deny

Giant robots are vulnerable to low-blows too!

Being an honorable sort of guy Fei regrets smashing his opponent's junk

And now we survey the destruction

Looks a little bit swirly

Oh it was all a dream -er painting.

Yes, yes it does.

The next section of game is played and capped I just need to write it up, but I'm going to sleep now. Hope this works out.