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Part 26: Gate III

Gate III

Captain: Point x1507, z1235? Hans, does that sound familiar?
Hans: It's Sargasso point.
Captain: What? The Sargasso?
Fei: Sargasso, what's that?
Captain: It's a cave formed from microbes over many years. It's supposed to have hidden treasure but no one's ever returned from there. The story is that the cave itself is alive.
Are you going to the Sargasso?
Fei: It looks like it.
Captain: Your Gears can't dive that deep. If they did, you would not be able to move. Equip your underwater Gear here. Then take your ship as far as you can and dive in with your Gear. I'll wake those winos up, right now.
Fei: Really? It's okay with you? Thanks for always helping out, Captain.
Captain: Don't mention it.

Time passes

Captain: It looks like they're done.
Fei: That was fast.
Captain: Of course. We're-
Fei: Men of the sea, right?
Captain: Blimey. I think he's got it. Take care then.
Fei: Yeah.
Captain: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you how to operate them underwater. It's easy. You can jump in water without your feet touching the ground. Keep jumping to build up speed. You can swim pretty well in a Gear, but there may be a place you can't get past if you don't do well.
Fei: Got it. Thanks.

Captain: No need to thank us. Maybe you can buy something from our Gear shop, looks like there may be some new booty to sell.

I take him up on that offer and we're off

The Yggdrasil dives

We have to navigate through a series of tunnels.


Rattan: Please excuse me, I'd like to show you my face but as a result of the human-machine fusion...
Elly: A follower of Krelain! Not Ramsus or the Elements?
Rattan: Our current task is totally about inspection of the evidence. It'll ruin everything if someone as dead to the world as he appeared here. A person who's calm and cool like myself would be perfect for the job. Oh, but don't worry. I'll just be inspecting here. Emeralda here, will take care of you.
Green Haired Girl: ......Kill

You know the drill Emeralda hits harder than Fei and Bart combined, but she can only take two shots from Aerods

 God, I'm going to miss Elly, at least I have system ID and Xenogears to look forward too. Emeralda is a decent trade off anyway. 

Rattan: I see, reckless now that you should visit as a release of memory, or maybe a recording. It turned out just as Krelian said. It is a manifestation of the imprinting. At any rate, it is proven. With that, excuse me. I must report the results. Oh yes, go ahead and take the girl. Use her anyway you like. After all, she is your 'daughter'.
Emeralda: Ah, a aha-a-a-a-a!!

Fei: Let's see, what the hell is it saying?
Elly: Fei? You mean he resembles someone you know?
Emeralda: What do you mean by 'resemble'? Kim is Kim?
Elly: Kim? The person resembling Fei, right? Who is he? Is he the one who created you?
Emeralda: What do you mean by 'creating me'? Kim is Kim! Don't you see? Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! You're really here! I thought I was dreaming! A long dream.
Elly: Sounds like you resemble him. Someone important to her, probably the one who created her.
Fei: Huh? H-hey you. My name is Fei. Not Kim.
Emeralda: Now I know, Fei's Kim! Listen, listen, I was dreaming! A long, long dream!
Fei: Kim is fine.
Citan: For her, 'Kim' means more than just a name. More like, 'father'.
Fei: Father?
Citan: No, no, I mean it has general meaning.
Emeralda: Listen, listen, Kim! I was dreaming about really old times. Kim was much older, and I was in a clear tube. Kim was putting many candles on a white soft confection. I didnt' know why he was doing that, but I sensed he was looking forward to me coming out of the tube. But soon everyone was gone. My body disappeared. Then I was in somewhere dark for a long, long time. Please! Promise me you'll stay, Fei's Kim!
Fei: Huh? Uh yeah.
Emeralda: Really? Really truly?
Elly: Really.
Emeralda: Don't bother me! Who is this old lady! I'm talking to Kim!
Elly: Old lady! Maybe I should bury her back at the ocean floor...  Bitch, I'm the one who saved your ass 4,000 years ago 
Fei: Hey...
Elly: Why don't you be her Kim? The Fei... Kim!
Fei: Umm... Oh, by the way, do you have a name?
Emeralda: Oh no! You're cruel, Fei's Kim! It's me, Emeralda, Emeralda! Kim named me because I have emerald hair! Don't you remember?
Fei: Okay, okay. Emeralda, right? Alright, Emeralda. I'll stay with you this time. I promise.
Emeralda: Really? Really truly? Yeah!
Citan: I doubt Krelian acted on his own to use her as a disposable soldier. Some information existed in her which passed over to Krelian. Who knows what he will do next. We must find Solaris before that happens.
Man: Received a telegram from Shevat! Due to a weakening gate, a city that may be Solaris has just been discovered!
Citan: Perfect! Let us go back to Shevat for now!

Zephyr: However, unless we destroy the final main generator on the Solaris homeland. We cannot completely wipeout their gate.
Citan: Maria, this is where you and Siebzehn come in. Now that the Gate is weakened, we can use Siebzehn's heavy particle cannon to distort space and neutralize the Gate for a brief moment! Upon penetrating into Solaris, it would be best to move about in small groups so that we do not attract attention. Well, if possible I would like to...
Elly: Yes, I can guide you through Solaris.
Fei: I'll go too. I'm a little concerned if it's Elly.
Elly: What are you-? Wait, I didn't mean it like.
Citan: Understood! Then Elly, Fei and I will move about together. The rest will form a separate group to sneak in. Maria, it looks like you and Siebzehn will wait outside on standby.
Maria: Fine, I understand.
Citan: Well, let us break up for now. Once you are all ready, we should all meet here, before we take off.

Citan: Yes, I have chosen my own path. There is no turning back.
Yui: You will be hurt. They will also be hurt.
Citan: Indeed, but I could not find any other path to choose. If I happened to be overcome by the darkside. At that point, I have already...
Yui: Don't say anything more. I already know. Now, here. This is your sword. Please...
Please come back alive!
Citan: Then you too. Please take care of Midori.

A bit later

Jessie: Don't misunderstand me. It doesn't mean I'll help you. I don't know what you're thinking or trying to do, but, if you take their side, I'll kill you without a doubt, even from the back.
Citan: Yes, I will be counting on that.
Jessie: Heh, so discouraging.

Citan: Good. Then we are off. We are depending on you, Maria. Please transport us to Solaris on the Siebzehn.
Maria: Yes! Siebzehn is ready to go any time!

Everyone gets on Siebzehn and they launch

Maria: I'm coming, Solaris!

Siebzehn runs into the barrier

Maria: This is the barrier! Please, Siebzehn! A grav field is opening! The space distortion correction is starting!

Bart: It's dangerous to move in a big group. We'll take separate routes.
Citan: Right.
Hammer: Don't worry, I'm good at gathering info!
Rico: You just like to watch other's misery! You'll just get in the way.
Hammer: Forgive me! Sorry!
Citan: Maria...
Maria: Yes, what is it?
Citan: The disorder Siebzehn caused when breaking the gate has almost cleared up. You and everyone else must leave before the enemy detection system activates again. We will take care of the rest.
Maria: Okay. Be careful

The rest of the group leaves

Fei: Seems like the world's upside down, it's creepy.
Elly: Solaris' gravity is the opposite that of the land. We don't have time to explain, you'll get used to it. It's uncomfortable for us on the surface at first.