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by toddy.

Part 19: Genos Island ~ Lap 2

Oops, forgot about that update thing!

We do our second run through Genos Island as I realize that the fast Adol lives longer and make a sprint for the finish. Will I make it in one piece? What awaits us at the end?

I have a tremendously easy time with this boss, it might just be because I time-attack against this boss a lot. I personally think this boss and the next one are the best designed and most fun bosses in the game. It has the perfect blend of fun and challenging without being total bullshit.

Enemies from the Clock Tower and Genos Island (to make up for updates past):

Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST
Tower of Destiny

Just one video left! There's nothing too difficult to record either so I should have it done around the weekend. Then it's all bonus material from there, of which includes:
- Final looks at the art book.
- Material from the game's alpha development that didn't make the final cut.
-  Berhardt and Black Pikkard secret bossfights 
- PS2 Wanderers from Ys "quick-look" video.

I also have one other thing I'm still ironing out to do late November, possibly after the thread is finished. I'll detail that more when we finish the rest of the thread up.