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Ys: The Oath in Felghana

by toddy.

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Original Thread: Chester Depreciation Station [Wanderers From Ys/The Oath in Felghana]


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Many years after the memorable trainwreck that was Ys III, Falcom had been rather quiet on the Ys front - in fact, the two Ys IV games weren't directly produced by Falcom themselves but rather by other studios (Tonkin House and Hudsonsoft).

Falcom decided it was high time to stop re-releasing Ys I&II over and over again and try to make a fresh, new take on the Ys series. It borrowed many assets from its predecessors, but it broke the barrier into 3D. This game was released for the PC in September 2003 as Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. It sold really well and Falcom wound up giving their Legend of Heroes series a reboot using the Ys VI engine as the initial release release of Sora no Kiseki FC (Trails in the Sky) in Japan a year later, which sold even better.

In 2005, Falcom decided to completely remake the old Ys III - a game they realized aged terribly (and honestly wasn't even that good to begin with), and in 2005 released Ys: The Oath in Felghana for the PC. A game that used the engine from Ark of Napishtim, and combines it with a better versed plot of Ys III, tweaked engine mechanics from Ys VI, and a completely new soundtrack. It is infinitely better than Wanderers from Ys and if you think otherwise you have the worst taste in pretty much everything.

In 2011, Oath in Felghana was released in the US for the PSP, with slight improvements, a new intro cutscene and a bunch of features that make the game easier. XSEED is known for employing voice-actors of, uh... varying ability, so you're going to hear voice acting in all flavors: good, bad and even downright offensive.

This Oath in Felghana run will be a 100% Inferno mode PC run. This means we'll be starting a new character with no stat carryover on the hardest difficulty setting where most stuff can kill us in two or three hits. We'll also be logging every enemy and NPC in the Topic/Bestiary, and I will be showing off the two bonus bosses not many people know about. I will attempt to teach you everything I know about the game after sinking well more than 200 hours into the game since roughly '07, and tell you some of the tricks and traps of the game. The LP itself will be provided with cutscenes from both the PC and PSP release, so that you can see the dialogue changes and similarities between the PC fan translation patch and XSEED's official release. This will start out being solo commentary, but this may change as the LP progresses.

Secret Bosses!
Secret Boss No.1 (Boss 16) - Berhardt ( (YouTube)
Secret Boss No.2 (Boss 17) - Black Pikkard ( (YouTube)

Art Updates
I: Postcards!
II: Books and Boxart!
III: Deleted Scenes, Missed Concepts and Old Alpha Materials

Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST Buy it on iTunes!
Buy the soundtrack from XSEED for $5 or get the limited edition of the PSP game. Links are to youtube instead of tindeck.
You can also find the OGG files for the soundtrack in the Steam install of the game ([your Steam folder]\steamapps\common\ys the oath in felghana elease\music)

A Premonition - Styx (Piano)
A Premonition - Styx (Orchestral)
Trading Town of Redmont
Quiet Moments
The Boy's Got Wings
Be Careful!
Beasts as Black as the Night
Shock of the Death God
The Theme of Chester
Illburns Ruins
A Searing Struggle
Darling Elena
Snare of Darkness
Steeling the Will to Fight
Tearful Twilight
Valestein Castle
Prayer for Love
Sealed Time
Believe in my Heart
Beat of Destruction
Tower of Destiny
The Strongest Foe
Departure at Sunrise
Wanderers from Ys
Radiant Key

The Oath in Felghana: Super Arrange Version (2005) - Buy it on iTunes!

The Oath in Felghana: jdk Special (2010)
Prelude to the Adventure
The Boy's Got Wings
The Boy's Got Wings ~PSP 2010 Demo Movie Ver.~
The Oath ~ The Love Turns Into the Oath
Valestein Castle
A Premonition
Beat of Destruction
Descendants of Genos
Wanderers from Ys

User-contributed Art From Cool People

Rumrusher establishes that Chester is an asshole who don't need no-one second guessing him. The way he handled that Adol fight was a disaster. Something about a bomb, another Deus Ex joke, something something inside joke.

Seedy Wizard presents Count Eddie McGuire and Dermott "Chester" Brereton, coming soon to your Australian creepy cosplay convention of choice!

Rumrusher finds what really caused Gyalva to be such a pain in the ass for people

Seedy Wizard escort mission escort mission escort mission.

Mush Man found a Gaga fan.

Mico draws thread-relevant swapnotes

Seedy Wizard brings disko

Try as you might, nothing can defeat DOG (also from Seedy Wizard)

(also from Seedy Wizard)

Links for cool people.
Falcom's Oath in Felghana PC site
Falcom's Oath in Felghana PSP site
XSEED's Oath in Felghana Main Page
XSEED's Oath in Felghana outtakes listing. ( alert)

A rather conclusive interview/biopic on the history of Falcom
Crossposted from the previous thread, "How Falcom Melted to Pieces because Wanderers was Crap."
supergreatfriend's Demo Friend episode on the game, posted 20/03/2012
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