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Part 23: Art Updates III: Deleted Scenes, Missed Concepts and Old Alpha Materials

Art Update 3: Deleted Scenes, Missed Concepts and Old Alpha Materials

Probably the most interesting thing about the Oath in Felghana art book is not necessarily the art sketches (though they are pretty sweet), it's the surprise when you find the book included never before seen material from development builds of the game.
Not many people know about this material and I thought I'd try to show off all the stuff they slipped into the art book so that we could speculate a little - maybe see what the game might have been.
I had to use a phone camera to capture this so the quality is pretty garbage, hopefully you can still make out what's here since I don't have access to a not-broken scanner.

Deleted Scenes

If you've seen the second last episode of the Wanderers from Ys LP this scene might strike a chord with you as seeming familiar.
This is the original design for Castle Valestein's church, complete with the elaborate stained-glass windows, for the scene where Elena holds Garland at knife-point. This entire plot sequence was removed from the game as Elena was captured and imprisoned in the castle's dungeon along with Andre and Bob. Instead we got the regular church with the pipe organ assembly deal.
Also note that for these photos the game is using the old Ark of Napishtim interface's textboxes. This game was designed off the Napishtim engine and they wound up making a lot of alterations to it, though somehow I get the feeling Ys VI looked better. Hmmm.

Another deleted scene. Something about Elena meeting Adol at the Elderm Mountains at night. I have no idea where this would fit into any version's plot - how odd.

Again, I have no idea where this fits in or where it takes place for that matter. One would originally assume the Lava Zone, which would mean in this version of the plot Elena got kicked down the hole too? Maybe they didn't want Chester to come across as a complete di-

You know what? Forget it.
I think we can all tell what scene this is, but the drawing is different. I personally would've preferred this one. If I recall, Dogi's face looked ridiculous in the current version but it's been a while since we got that scene.

Another out of place Chester shot. I can't tell what dungeon this would be in but in the shot he has a scar on his face. Maybe it was at the Elderm Mountains and they planned a third Chester fight? Eeeep!

The Garland twist scene at the top of Valestein Castle, but more familiar to the setting in Wanderers from Ys. You can tell because for one it's inside and those large archways definitely lead me to believe this was intended to recreate the Wanderers scene. Instead we got the unwinnable bossfight and Dularn kidnapping Elena instead of Demanicus Galbalan.

The Seventh Dungeon: Redmont's Well

A bit of advance on this, this is probably the strangest alpha part I've seen in any printed or online material and part of me is glad they didn't go through with it.
It's something about going into the well in Redmont, maybe that was where they originally intended to put the Genos Mission Tablet or something, I'm not too sure.

There's a couple of concept shots that seem to involve a bunch of awkward platforming and swimming sections. I just don't see any good coming out of that.

Concept sketches show that the well was originally to be located outside of town, and there's that strange altar which was probably where they intended a bossfight to happen. Maybe this gave them the idea for the Ellefalle bossfight at the end of Tigray Quarry?

Anyways that's it for formal artbook updates. If you want to see anything else in particular feel free to ask and I'll look it up. Next update coming is either going to be a quick look at Wanderers From Ys on PS2 or the first secret boss of Oath in Felghana: Chester and Dogi's master, Berhardt himself.