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by toddy.

Part 13: Return to Castle Valestein

You waited, I procrastinated. Two weeks later I updated.

We're finally taking Valestein Castle. An evil force has possessed its inhabitants and it's up to us to find the source of it. Somewhere inside Chester is hunting down McGuire and we also have to find them before Chester shanks a bitch.

I'll have all the monsters for this dungeon posted in a later update, as there are some in the list we haven't killed yet. In the meantime here's the bosscard for Death Faleon.

Some things I didn't mention during the bossfight:

Faleon changes his weaknesses in a pattern cycling through wind, fire, earth and physical attacks in order.
In the earth-weak phase, if you hit him with a charged earth attack he'll get hit multiple times in one passthrough. It does a ton of damage and if you time it right you can hit him through the mace projectiles. This is actually a glitch we'll be using in the next bossfight to full effect.
If I haven't made it clear already, don't bother using charged fire magic on anything - it sucks.
The easiest way to dodge the ice missile attack is to move right in towards him when he shoots them, if you can pull that off they'll always miss. The kicker with that is that Falcom actually thought you'd try that and when Faleon uses the missiles he'll bring up a circle of spears around him at a random distance. Try it if you're feeling lucky!

Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST
Valestein Castle

The Oath in Felghana: jdk Special (2010)
Valestein Castle

I really like the jdk arrange. It probably wouldn't fit the same way the normal theme does, but it's a really strong classical version and I quite enjoy the occasional orchestral arrangement.