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by toddy.

Part 10: Elderm Mountains

Here's another update!

We take on the first leg of the Elderm Mountains, where the air is cold but the fire doesn't stop for anything. Well, for the most part at least.

Want a boss card for reference? Here, take it! I didn't want it anyway!

I'll include the monster cards when the dungeon is over. There was one monster in the episode I didn't log because I never killed it, but soon we will.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST
Steeling the Will to Fight

I like how I've used the exact same encoding settings in MeGUI over the whole LP and YouTube's quality of the same video properties has gotten worse and worse. It's a great testament as to how little YouTube gives a fuck about SD web video.

Edit: There's going to be more Wanderers from Ys updates coming up over the next week or so, just to get us up to speed. I've fallen a bit behind with editing them down, but I keep trying to do dumb gimmicky edits and get distracted (or Premiere craps out). It's just too easy to make fun of that game