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Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

by Scintilla

Part 30: Episode 17 - A Bow Drawn

Chapter Seventeen: A Bow Drawn

Music: Intermission

Hello again. Mission seventeen is another mission that is similar to its counterpart, but the differences are getting wider and wider. Let’s dive right in with Cage’s scene at the spaceport.

Music: Sadness

Cage sits at the airport, doing nothing. Someone walks up to him.

: You Cage?


: Hm. Okay. I’m Raiah. They’ve told me to get you out of here. We’re heading for Deimos Spaceport…that means you need to do something about the way you look. Here.

: Duh. Now don’t lose it. It has your fake ID and emigration papers in it. Go put on the clothes that are in there. I got them from the luggage of some Vacilia people, so I’m sure they’re the wrong size.


: (Tsk…why am I, Raiah, doing this? It’s all Dad’s fault. He should’ve acted responsibly as an adult, but he had to go and make a scene like that…Well, this is only a temporary arrangement, but…ach!)

Cage goes to a secluded spot to change.


Music: Promise of Reunion

:…Nobody cares about me. There isn’t a single soul who needs me…

: This is…how it was meant to be. I should…I should never have been born…

The song begins to wind down, but Cage notices something odd…

This next part is interesting, because what Myona says in this route is very different from what she says in the other route.

Music: Sadness

: This voice…Myona?!

:…left, as my final message to you. I’m sorry that I had to do it on something that is so important to you.


: Cage…I remember everything now. I was one of Zephyrs’ subjects for experimentation…And I was part of the plot to sink the ship that day. Heh heh…I am so stupid, aren’t I? I didn’t even know what I was doing…

: No…Myona…

:…long time at all, but for me, it was like my whole life since I remembered nothing of my past. I thought a lot about pretending not to remember, and staying with you…but I just can’t keep lying to you like that. I’m dirty and corrupt…so I just can’t be with you anymore. That would be unforgivable.

: No…that’s not it…You didn’t know…And besides, that day, you saved me…

:…from afar. Always! So Cage, don’t give up. Please become happy enough for the both of us.

: Myona…I…

: I wanted to thank everyone else too, but I was deceiving all of them…even if I didn’t know. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

: I…I am so incredibly stupid!

: Myona was suffering so much…and I was only thinking of myself this whole time! I wasn’t alone!

: Myona…I am so, so sorry…

This version of Myona’s recording is drastically different in tone and delivery. Instead of a pep-talk full of optimism it’s a horribly depressing spiel reminiscent of the things Myona said when she was fighting alongside Ares and Jimmer in the first playthrough.

: Get on with it. Don’t you care that all your old friends are buying time for you? Hurry up, we haven’t got…

Music: Danger

: Hunh? So you didn’t know about it? Ah, so it’s like a surprise party! Hah!

: What are you talking about? Tell me!

: He-hey! L-let me go! Okay, okay! Those rioters…somehow they’re better organised than anyone imagined. They’ve vowed to level you guys at any cost. So, if you wanted to escape, where would be the best place for you to go?

Just a quick interjection – this isn’t a copy / paste error, Raiah really does talk about the rioters here. I assume it’s a writer oversight since Acemos are attacking us instead of the rioters this time.

: I don’t know. Where?

:…at least for a little while. So that’s why we’re in a hurry…

: (Oh no…I’m so sorry, everyone…I was…I was wrong…)

: Mr. Raiah! I…I don’t really know yet, but…I figured out what I should do for the time being!

: Yes!! Let’s go!!

Cage runs off.

: Er…erm, where are you going? Hey! Wait! If you don’t do as you’re told, it’s going to get me in trouble! Shoot! Why am I so unlucky?!

This should read, ‘A Bow Drawn’.

Music: Black Ops

: Look, it’s already been destroyed…

: (Tsk, whatever did I do to deserve this? What’s wrong with swindling people out of some petty cash once in a while? I’m Raiah, the best Broker on Mars!)

:…you next?

: Thank you. This is fine right here.

: Huh? Right HERE…?

: So you’re saying this is good enough? The contract’s been fulfilled?

: Yes.

: Oh, okay. Great. By the way, those clothes look great on you. It’s a little farewell gift from me…good luck!

Cage puts on a spacesuit and jumps out, then Raiah drives off.

: No, there’s no way that they would lose to them that easily…after all, we’ve been through much harder trials in the past! They can’t have died like this!

Just like before several enemy LEV’s show up, this time piloted by Acemos soldiers.

: You’re the ones who…

: Who what? Oh, you must be one of those terrorists, right? You should have run when you had the chance. I’ve been told to blast any human I see in these parts…heh heh…Here goes!

: What in the…?!

: Huh?

Music: Onward to Victory

: The terrorist OF! They’re finally showing themselves!

: Ms. Mebius!

:…Really, sometimes I don’t know what to do with all of these troublemakers.

: Wuh?! It can’t be!!

: Razma…I was wrong. I want to fight with you!


: Mr. Warren! I’m sorry about everything…

: Why? If you had just left, you wouldn’t have had to fight again…

: Myona recorded a message for me. And also…

: Myona? And what?

: It made me think. I was only thinking about myself, while everyone else was worried about me…I’m embarrassed. Please! Let me join BIS again. I promise I won’t get in the way anymore!

:…Heh. I see.

: You lose, Razma.

: Hmph, d-do as you please!

: Hee hee…welcome home, Cage.

: I’m…I’m back!

Here’s where things start to differ even more…

Music: Uncontrollable Fear

:…way they can accomplish anything.

: That frame…it must be Zephyrs!

: What happened to the Animus? I will have you return it to me now. It is mine and always has been. You have found out the truth, have you not?

: Ah. More sensible than I expected.

: But that doesn’t mean you aren’t also to blame. If what I’ve heard is true then you’re the one who made Ares and Myona that way!

: Oh, so it is all my fault, is it? It makes no difference; I will take care of you like I took care of the survivors of that ship!

: What?! You killed the survivors too?!

:…regarding Ares or the Animus.

: Unforgivable…just for that, all those people…


: That voice! How could it be…Why?! You’re supposed to be-

: Why are you still alive?!


Ned shows up again, but this time riding shotgun with Zephyrs instead of in his own unit.

:…does not deserve the release of death.

: W-who are you?

: Mr. Yukito!

: Thanks, Cage. I was going for that mysterious feel, but he may as well know!

: Okay, okay, this isn’t an audition for a sitcom.

: Rrrgghh!! Are you MOCKING me?! Come on, old man, say something!

The HarutMarut moves over to Cage.

: Heh heh heh…You no longer have the Animus, eh? You’re finished, I’ll squash you like a bug!

: (Damn…If only Pharsti were here now…Whenever I called her, she would always come to my rescue!)

: This is the end. Prepare yourself!

: Pharsti…Pharstiiiii!!!

Something hits the HarutMarut!

: It’s…!

Music: Z.O.E. 2173

: Pharsti! It’s really you! Heh…ha ha ha!! Is this a dream?

: Negative. This is reality. Cage, it is I.

: And Myona? She’s with you too, right?

:…Unfortunately she is not. When I rebooted, there was nobody in the surrounds.


A bunch of enemies spawn all over the place and the HarutMarut retreats to the northeastern corner of the map.

: O-okay!

The game gives us control here.

Player Phase Music: Wetworks
Enemy Phase Music: Impact

Mission Map:

Immediately we can see that once again the mission map is exactly the same as in the first playthrough. However there are fewer generic enemies this time, ten LEV’s versus the thirteen we faced last time. The boss also starts on top of a cliff to the northeast instead of right in front of us. He won’t move off his perch for three turns so we’ve got plenty of time to deal with the generics.

Anyway, this mission can be completed in five easy steps.

Step one: bunch up and wait for the enemies to come to us.

Step two: take opportunistic shots at the enemy whilst they shuffle up.

Step three: curse Semyl’s lack of evasion.

Step four: praise Warren for his non-lack of evasion.

Step five:




Of course there are counterattacks to worry about, but overall these guys are easily dispatched.

It takes less than two turns to clean up the rest.

By this time Zephyrs has woken up and decided to step in.

If you attack Zephyrs with Cage you get special dialogue afterwards.

:…so dear all those years were not false!

: Ideals?! That’s why you created this? That was your purpose? How could it be worth human lives?!

: Metatron is a glorious material. Little people like you are unable to fathom its value, but my brilliant mind recognises its power. It holds secrets that will destroy the barriers between man and machine and lead to great advances in science! It is the greatest discovery in history! How can you not see it?! The Orbital Frame is part of that evolution, although feeble-minded humans like you don’t see it that way.

: But I do! If I build it, the Orbital Frame has the potential to be like nothing that ever existed! I am going to show them. Ryan…NUT…Hardiman…this is the true way to use Metatron!

:…and your curiosity?! I don’t get it…I don’t get it at all!

: Of course not. I wouldn’t expect a fool who mistakes weakness for kindness and closes his eyes to the bloody history of our civilisation to even begin to understand!

After that it’s just a matter of wearing Zephyrs down. Like before he starts off with 10,000 HP but also three glaring critical zones.

Still, he’s pretty tough.

His attacks pack a punch, but he only gets one versus our six.

: No, not yet! Cage, be careful!

:…it is solely my own creation…

: But it is far superior to any current OF by virtue of its durability, sensitivity and mobility!

: Shoot, there’s no effect! We haven’t even scratched the interior…how thick is that armour?! And all the while we’re losing battle power…

Just like before the HarutMarut gets tougher once its outer shell is destroyed. This time we only have to reduce it to below 10,000 HP to end the mission though.

With the aid of critical hits it doesn’t take too long.

: Yikes! Oww! My whole body is in painnnnn!! Damn it!!

: M-my…my new body…!

: What IS that?!

: Is that…Ned? What’s going on?!

: It seems the visuals that were being communicated until now were CG’s…this is his true physical state.

: What…this…something like this can be done?!

: Here I commmmme!

: What? What’s happening?!

: Heh heh…I see you’ve angered Ned. He is now a part of the internal defensive mechanism of the HarutMarut! That is why I collected his body and revived him!

As before, Twede appears to lend a hand.

: Mr. Twede! What do you mean? With that Frame? That’s impossible!

: I did not expect your return, but that is fine. At any rate, please go now.

: Then you should come with us!

: Cage, I detect massive quantities of explosives stored within Mr. Twede’s LEV. I posit that he is going to delay the actions of the enemy with the explosion…

: What?! He’s going to self-destruct?! Is that true, Mr. Twede?!

: What is wrong? I have already taken care of all your needs from this point forth. You no longer have a hideout to which you can retreat. There is no reason for you to be here any longer. So please – leave now.

: No…how can I be happy being saved at someone else’s expense?

: But…I can’t let that happen…!

: Cage is right…Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want any victims? I will not allow this kind of selfish behaviour!

: Ms Robin!

: How have you been, Cage?

: (The right hand of Testament has changed…is this what they mean about OF’s and their ‘maturartion’?

: Cage! You’re back!

: Phil! Everyone’s okay…but…what is that you’re riding?

: That would be a transportation spacecraft. It looks to be an old cargo ship.

:…after the attack, I was worried…but I got it to move somehow. And not a second too soon…

: Because a certain person, who will remain nameless, locked me up…I almost didn’t make it in time.


: But it looks like you were about to leave me behind and go off on your own. Who is going to be my secretary when you’re gone? Are you telling me to organise my own files? That prospect doesn’t make me happy at all.


: Just like Cage, I found my own path. I’m completely confident that I’m doing the right thing. But I can’t go down that path alone. It has to be together with all of them…and you. So…

:…I agree. The only one who can handle being your secretary in the entire galaxy is myself.

: Hey, I’m not that bad.

: Well…

: We will see about that, Doctor Dezeele Zephyrs…Excuse me, ‘Ex-Doctor’ Zephyrs.

: Rrgh! What are you…!?

Twede moves over to Zephyrs and Ned!

: Twede!

: Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!

: Ned! Tsk…unable to maintain defence…It is because he is too temperamental? Damn!

: Time to retreat!

The HarutMarut vanishes from the field.

: Ah…

: I escaped immediately before the explosion. In fact, this was my intention from the very start…

: Oh…

: I can say the same about you.

: *Giggle*

The BIS units retreat and the map fades out.

Music: Every Day

: I wonder why. This IS the hideout, Cage.

: Wha! How’s that?

: We buried a fourth-generation freight ship underground and used it as our hideout.

: But it was buried underground for so long…Is it really maintained well enough to be capable of sustained flight?

: Yes. It was our plan from the very beginning. Deckson and I kept it a secret. I’m just glad we made it on time.

: ‘Reincarnated Saviour’, eh?

: Yes…right after you left. Sorry to have worried you.

: No, not at all. I…

: I heard all about it. Forgive Razma, will you? He was thinking of you when he said all those mean things. He meant no…

: No, I was in the wrong. I was only thinking of myself, and being selfish…I’m really sorry. And Phil – I owe you an apology too. Please forgive me.

:…Myona and Pharsti were missing.

Here’s another point where the scenes diverge – Cage actually apologises to Phil this time. And that’s just the start – the rest of the scene is different too.

: Yukito…was something delivered whilst I was away?

: Yes, an anti-stealth chip. But there was a strange series of characters written on the trunk it came in…

: Characters? Show me.

: Oh my…

: I thought you had ordered it, so I went ahead and installed it…was that a bad thing?

: No, it’s fine.

: Sorry to interrupt, but remaining here like this will defeat the purpose of our evacuation. I have composed a list of safe hiding locations, and I would recommend that you go to one of them soon.

: Okay! Everyone ready? Go, Saoshyant!

The ship lifts off and the mission ends.

As of now, we have officially reached the point of divergence. Nearly all of the missions after this will be totally different than the missions we experienced on the previous playthrough. Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to recycle my transcripts nearly so much, and since the Game Script on GameFAQs only covers the first route I’ll have to copy it all down by hand. Fun times!