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Original Thread: 007: License to Fail - 007 Legends LP



007: License to Fail - 007 Legends LP

Developed by Eurocom and Published by Activision, 007 Legends was released in 2012 on all platforms (PC, XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii U), the game revolves around several of James Bond's most famous exploits. In all, the game explores 5 different movies (With a 6th added via DLC): Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, License To Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker (Skyfall is the DLC movie). The Skyfall DLC is no longer accessible because Activision lost the license to sell James Bond games and thus, anyone who didn't get the content (like me) is no longer able to download it.

The developers took liberties in the retelling of these stories, some more noticeable than others, as well as modernizing the stories to include more recent technologies or developments. I heavily recommend watching the movie versions of each segment that we will come across.

The game received mixed reviews and has settled at 16% and 26% rankings on gamerankings and metacritic, respectively. While it certainly isn't the worst game I've ever played, it doesn't deserve being compared to games like Big Rigs or Ride to Hell. The game was reviewed so poorly that Activision lost the license and it was eventually pulled from Amazon and Steam catalogs and as such is very hard to get a copy for the PC, whereas console copies are easier to come by.

But enough with criticism and text, join Chaos Argate and I on our failure adventure!


Mission 01: Goldfinger - Auric Enterprises

Auric Goldfinger


Pussy Galore

Mission 02: Goldfinger - Fort Knox

Mission 03: Alpine Valley

Mission 04: Blofeld's Lair

Mission 05: Refinery Part 01

Mission 06: Refinery Part 02

Mission 07: Mountain Roads

Mission 08: Ice Hotel

Mission 09: Ice Lake and Graves' Cargo Plane

Mission 10: Space Port Part 1

Mission 11: Space Port Part Deux

Mission 12: Space Station

Mission 13: Skyfall DLC

Concept Art, Production and Gadget shots and other unlockables

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

License to Kill

Die Another Day


Gifs, Fan Art

Dance of Death by Kangra
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