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Part 28: Delta farce

SpookyLizard posted:

For skills to go up, do they need to actually hurt dudes or could I have someone just mag dump a FN MINIMI into a wall or something like that?

Haven't tested this rigorously, but I'm pretty sure mercs can learn from missed shots in combat. Don't know about non-combat shooting, though.

Delta farce

Today's assignment is to stop somebody from murdering the resident drug baron.

'Somebody' being these bodies.

Ivanov pins down the group outside while the others clear out those who rappelled into the courtyard.

Rob Yu uses his silenced grenade launcher to good effect.

Range report: the KS-23M does not break wrists.

It's not actually PGO, BTW.

If that's how it's gonna be, we need more firepower.

Back and to the left forth we go.

The enemy uniforms will still allow the team to move about in towns, but they don't fool patrols on the road.

All easy-peasy work this time.

Government troops have retaken Ciudad de Oro. Not surprising since Vittori de Castigo and his men withdrew to the jungle camp... I wonder if we can take it for ourselves now.

Maybe later. First we're off to Santa Maria!