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Part 29: The first spetsnaz update

SpookyLizard posted:

Is it just me or do the rebels suck at taking and holding things?

Also, I woulda kept that dudes rifle. that rifle owns.

That's what they get for signing on to a battle-of-the-week format program.

I didn't take the SR-25 because it doesn't own as much as the guns I have already, and traders are selling it anyway. I vaguely remember finding one in the army base safe when I first played vanilla, instead of a UMP, but I think that's another thing BSM changed.

The first spetsnaz update

Ivanov stalks through Santa Maria, eradicating the garrison with single headshots. He manages to kill all thirteen of them without ever triggering combat mode.

When the Guardia sends reinforcements, the team is ready.

Noisy here, noiseless there, people dying everywhere~

Next we set things up with the mayor, saving the cost of hiring our own militia.

Disaster struck the rebel camp in our absence.

It's a solo sneaking mission this time. Ivanov drops off the others at the army base and takes the uniform from the top cop who got snakebite in Puerto Viejo.

Strange things are afoot in El Vertigo.

Silver bullets have poor terminal ballistics.

Who goes there?

Ahahahahahahahaha... no.

The excavators run home and Ivanov runs into the tunnel.

So far so good, but the uniform won't fool guards up close. Time to go quiet again.