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Part 30: The second spetsnaz update

The second spetsnaz update

Subtlety? Sure.

More subtlety? Fuck that.

Tanya's in bad shape. Her skills are all zero, so she can't be relied on to protect herself.

But she made it back safely, and there was much rejoicing.

Since we have a fair bit of cash on hand, we may as well hire an actual merc for a change.

This guy is personified.

Looks like Santa Maria is back in government hands.

A pit stop to get Gunnar kitted out, and then back to the rebels.

Tanya wants us to go Sherman on El Vertigo. Sure thing, baby!

Enemy uniforms are no longer an effective disguise, and the infiltration doesn't go smoothly.

A soldier blunders into the team as they attempt to outflank the garrison, panics and runs. Rob Yu drops him with two shots, but more grunts are coming from all directions.

Kelly cuts loose as the tail of the merc chain suddenly becomes its head.

Paquito scores one more kill while the others retreat.

Firing through a fence, Rob Yu thins out the opposition.

Ivanov mops up the remainder.

El Vertigo is ours. With any luck, the militia will keep it that way.

After being unanimously informed that his yodeling sucks, a surly Paquito suggests trying to retake Ciudad de Oro on the return trip.


The team splits up, taking the streets one at a time.

Ivanov's scouting reveals a large enemy formation near the center of town.

Gunnar is unfazed.

Benny makes a daring run around the enemy's flank and comes upon the last holdouts from behind.

Alas, the absence of a mayor NPC makes that victory a brief one.

Santa Maria does have a mayor, though...