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Part 31: The second Santa Maria slugfest

The main dev guy is still missing. The 2.0 beta seems to work fine, so I'd say there's no point in waiting.

The second Santa Maria slugfest

No, Kelly. They die.

And die and die and die.

Oh sh-

Still not a crazed gunman, Dad.

Nice to get a warm welcome for once.

At this point we have another chance to go ahead and finish the original mission... But why leave this job half finished?

Now it's time to grab Puerto Viejo. Those tourists will be so impressed!

The army, not so much.

By now Rob Yu can reliably make shots from one side of the map to the other.

Benny does not like these soldiers loitering around hospitals. Bofors'd!

Kelly does not like these Guardia loitering on the bank steps, either.

A group of enemies have holed up in the upper floor of the bank! How will Kelly dislodge them?

A general reminder: underbarrel grenade launchers (and shotguns) wear out independently of their host guns, though using the repair kit will fix the launcher and the host at the same time.

This mayor is not so glad to see us.

His replacement is more understanding.

Back to our home away from home. says Puerto Viejo won't hold out for more than a couple of days.