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Part 36: Fun storming castles

I wonder what inspired that remark at this late stage in the game.

Fun storming castles

Tanya needs us to knock over a border fort. No biggie, right?

The militia detachment reaches and takes Ciudad de Oro. So far so good.

As she warned, the fortress is well defended.

But not well enough.

Ivanov charges inside, dodging fire from the parapets, and blows away the garrison commander in single combat.

Paquito follows.

Inside the HQ, an army doctor flings his medical kit at Paquito and draws a knife. Noncombatant status revoked.

You take the high road and I'll take the low road and we'll overrun Scotland by morning.

Clean up, call the militia, go home.

Closer and closer to the endgame. Perhaps it's time to finish our long-neglected task for Mister Rezvi...