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by Sperglord Actual

Part 38: Endgame


Now that Algeira is hers, Tanya seems to have no more use for a hardworking mercenary. Swallowing his bitter feelings of deja vu, Ivanov resolves to finish the job that brought him to this miserable country in the first place.

The last cartel stronghold is well defended.

The guards keep coming...

And coming...

And coming...

Most of them die on the footpaths in the hills, cut down one by one in the dark.

At last, Bashirov in the flesh.

And another familiar face.

James Sullivan is another free merc with good skills. Sadly, he arrived only at the eleventh hour.

Had we completed the Bashirov job when Tang gave us his location, we would have gotten Sullivan and a cool million eldos in the bargain.

It took just under two months of game time, involving the overthrow of an entire government, hundreds of thousands of bullets, 1351 screenshots and 39 installments, but we got it done.

Apeiron went bankrupt after developing a third game in the E5 series. It was never released in English.