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Part 39: Something is Rotten II: Something Rottener

Welcome aboard!

Something is Rotten II: Something Rottener

You are ________, a globe-trotting soldier of fortune who played a pivotal role during the recent civil war in Palinero, a small South American state. Your experience in the region has landed you a new job in the neighboring country of Algeira. Your mission is to find a dude and do bad things to him.

Who are you?

Our hero this time is Christina Hope, a Bulgarian-American spy fiction aficionado with a short fuze and a face.

Just you wait, civvie boy.

Like Ivanov before her, Christina starts with odd jobs and small fry: bustin' drunks 'n' cappin' punks.

Buyin' gats, tryin' hats.

From one town to the next, one job to another...

This time we're going to resolve Benny and Clive the peaceful way. First talk to Asshole Dad, but don't offer to murder Clive for him.

Then talk to the neurotic sidekick and get him to look the other way for a bit.

Size matters.

The guards will flip their shit if they see Benny outside her room, so don't take her past the front of the hotel and don't hang around once she's escaped. After the mission is done, you can go back to Santa Maria and recruit Benny as usual.

Back to working for Paco the Taco.

7.62 tok is highly effective against armored trucks.

"Did I always have that thing over my head?"

As always, Paquito stops to loot any and all crates.

Rebels attack Sagrada. The locals give zero fucks.