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Part 51: Mental Beer 2: Sordid Snack

I have no problem with it at all.

Mental Beer 2: Sordid Snack

Unfortunately my testing indicates that the Palinerans not turning hostile is a bug after all, but I won't call it a show-stopper since I already did these missions the hard way in the first playthrough.

Our next objective is the Old Base:

Tang's next mission is to invade Cali-Cantinos, but I'm not going to do that yet because it may conflict with a vanilla quest later.

Our little base still needs a doctor, so away to Campecino we go.

And thence to Cali-Cantinos in search of meds.

If your player character is female, you can get the meds by letting Doctor Dick stick it in... But as we know, the morally correct choice is to stick it in him.

Being that this is the government-aligned run, I should probably do some work for the government.

It's nice that Senor Rebenga cares for the life of one soldier, isn't it?

Tanya wants that soldier dead.

She supplies a Makarov do to the job with, and if you ask around the camp...

Right, let's do this.

The prisoner will walk away from the camp. Shoot him with the blanks and he 'dies'  and you can loot him and remove the body like a standard dead NPC. 

We'll take Tanya's package delivery to the drug baron, just to get a foot in the door with his crew.

Well well well.

We've tracked down the last of the five marked bandits. This is a special occasion!

Oh say can you see

By the dawn's early light

What so proudly we ha

We meet again, Cyrus Lond... who is now Cyrus B. Lond?

It should be evident from the quality of writing that this is another BSM addition.

Hitmen coming from all directions.


This is why you don't get crippled limbs, children.