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Part 52: Mental Beer 3: Steak Beater

Mental Beer 3: Steak Beater

"Thank you! But our princess is in another castle..."

Guess we'll do more side jobs.

I take it the seller on the street isn't on speaking terms with the seller inside the bar.

You're not Joseph Wiseman! <>

Paquito: all tactilol all the time.

Assange is found in Cali-Cantinos. The town is swarming with hitmen.

So... yeah.

Fuck that political shit, it's dude-killin' time!



Naturally it was a trap.

I bet you staged that call, you spinmeister.

Oddly this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember...


What is this celebrating of which you speak?

This job is apparently the source of much frustration, though it's quite simple to complete. Somewhere in Sagrada are a few "locals" with guns and helmets.

Find them and make them dead.

Position your squaddies to cover all the entrances to the map, then go to the world map and wait until the target comes. Since you killed his friends, he'll trigger combat mode as soon as he appears.

All's well that pays well.

Not surprisingly, the drugs come from the same source as the rebels' explosives.

I need a bigger

Lies, damned lies, and advertizements.

Kelly takes out Nunez undetected. Gunnar and Sniper head into the mine complex.


The alarm is raised, forcing our pointmen to barricade themselves inside. Kelly moves in.

Gunnar drops the last man on his way out and claims a nice memento.

What now, topper copper?