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Part 53: Basket Case

Good morning, America. It's time to shake off that election hangover and stand united in our hate of bolt hold-opens.

Basket Case

Team Hope makes for Puerto Viejo, dodging rebel units on the road.

I'm pretty sure 'surgery' is not the right translation here.

Hi-ho, ho-hum...

They go up, stand around for a bit, and go down again.


A man with a gun. This should be interesting.

Mangosta leaves and all is quiet. Just after eleven, the chief drops dead.

How dastardly.

And the hunt is on!

That, incidentally, was the first time I've failed a quest in this playthrough.

Rebenga isn't too broken up about it, but maybe he has other worries.


Unsuspecting rebels on a treacherous path at night:

Ooh, shiny.

Back at HQ, the pay comes with a change of handler.

I have a bad feeling ab