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Part 54: The Schwerest Subwoofer

Thanks, guys.

The Schwerest Subwoofer

Good news: doing this mission for the government side places your squad next to some decent cover and far enough from the enemy to keep them from going into shock immediately. Bad news: you're surrounded by trigger-happy friendlies who will aggro over any stray rounds.

So I split the team into three, sending out a pair to either side and using the truck to shield the grenadiers.

I think this has been discussed before, and it's explained in one of the loading screen hints, but as a reminder you can arm and throw hand grenades from the quick access pockets without actually placing them into your merc's hand.

The max range isn't much compared to a proper launcher.

The allied forces had a pretty good survival rate, despite being showered with rebel grenades.


Phew... Enough excitement for one evening!

This job is trivial by comparison.

Just after 9:00 PM, the rebels' bombmaker comes to the publishing house and then leaves. Follow him back to the hideout  or just look on the map, since it's not hidden. 

Be warned that the terrists will try to kill the hostage. Luckily for me, she ran right out of the room when Christina kicked in their door.

Done with these puppies.

Team Hope reaches Ciudad de Oro with only minutes to spare. The roads are hastily mined.






Barely a few seconds' respite, and then...

Gunnar punts an HE round into one group of reinforcements.

Benny summons the rain.

Across town, however, lack of a supporting machine gun allows the rebels to break out of the ambush zone. The defenders retreat under heavy fire.

Paquito and Kelly hole up inside the mine and wait for rescue.

Bodies pile up fast around both doorways.

"I shoot eet!"

So ends the battle for Ciudad de Oro.