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Part 56: The Artrigo Avalanche

The Artrigo Avalanche

Good news in, money out.

Stealthily we advance upon the rebel camp.


Launch all the 'nades?

bloop bloop bloop

If you have mercs with multi-shot grenade launchers, like the OICW here, the Record function is handy for fire-and-forget bombardment.

It's rainin' bombs, hallelujah it's rainin' bombs

Sniper wants in on that action.

Nice job getting their attention, genius.

The girls pick up the slack.

Christina methodically stalks and dispatches those who tried to flee.

Gee... Should have saved all those grenades we fired into Tanya's office.

Kelly makes an impulse buy during a pit stop.

Not this dingus again...

I have a bad feeling about this.

Sending a merc into the prison exit from the secret tunnel triggers the attack. Your first warning will be all the guards inside the place dropping dead.

Paquito is the hero of the hour. He disarms Tanya with a shot to the elbow, then holds off her would-be rescuers until guards coming from outside engage them on the stairs.

Outside, another rebel incursion is intercepted by Rob and Kelly. The flag marks the position of an armed landmine Rob found at the bottom of the secret tunnel.

Paquito clears out the survivors from the top down...

...And Christina from the bottom up.

You won't get away, my pretty!

The key to success is to kill all the rebels (the mission log will update) but leave Tanya alive. Combat mode won't end because she's hostile, so you have to move all mercs to the exit point in order to leave.

Points to Apeiron for not making Sosa a sneering tinplate, I guess.