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Part 58: All Quiet on the Southern Front

All Quiet on the Southern Front

Another day, another defense. In addition to the hospital, the roof of Sagrada's police station is a passable vantage point.

Rest? We don't need no stinking rest!

Taking Olvega is a tricky job, since it's a small map with a lot of enemies and limited cover. Kelly and Paquito hide behind a building at the north end, while the others scatter to the high ground around the church in the south.

The undertaker never had it easier.

Sebastian rambos through the middle of town. Unfortunately his FAL isn't up to the task.

Paquito to the rescue!

The mayor spawns once Olvega's rebel leader is dead, so he got to see nearly all the firefight up close. Talking to him restarts combat mode, even though all enemies are gone and the Algeiran troops are idle. Probably just a bug.

This mission is good for one thing: highlighting the game's terrible merc pathfinding and poor AI optimization. The rebels are pretty much guaranteed to spawn before your team makes it to the shelter of the base...

... And NPCs going the other way will completely clog the gate and drop the framerate to a slideshow. Sniper got off exactly one round and it was probably a miss.

But hey, consultation fee!

It was a dark and starry night...

Achtung! Palinerischer truppen!


One way in, one way out!

"Oni ne proydut! Urraaaaa!"

Once the shooting dies down, Kelly pulls mop-up duty.

This time they don't even ask before giving the promotion.

Shouldn't have bothered. The guy's selection is pretty paltry.

Your orders, Mein F Senor General?

Sebastian has a better idea: