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Part 4

The often unheard conversations from around Luriam, part one of two.

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Youtube version is sped up a bit. Since I did the subbing myself, there are probably some errors in there (I still can't tell what the first guy is saying).

Today's featured weapon is the Faust.

[ 1 / 2 / 3 ]
Ammo: 90/180 (alt fire: 90/180)
Clipsize: 15 (15)

"Standard military issue .90 caliber concussion pistol with armor-piercing rounds."

The Faust C-41 is your basic handgun with a decent clipsize and firing rate. Early on, it can take down an enemy in just about a second, easily so while dual-wielding. Using first-person with the Faust is pretty useful (and therefore the only weapon that benefits from first-person), since headshots obviously do increased damage, and simply targeting an enemy will only occasionally hit as accurately. Its strength somewhat relies on your ability to press the button or pull the trigger rapidly, which is a big pain on the Xbox.

Unlocking at level three, its alt-fire mode is "Burst" mode, which fires three rapid shots in succession. Most of the time, it seems to run out of ammo much, much faster when using burst, while doing less damage. You spend more time reloading than shooting, and usually first-person primary fire is more effective. But it's worth noting that it fires extremely fast if you're hammering on the button. Combine it with crouching and it wipes rooms pretty quick.

Surprisingly, this weapon doesn't appear as often as most other human weapons, and very rarely inside weapon cases.