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Part 64: Chapter 64

pun pundit posted:

Each room of the twisty little / little twisty maze with the (little) corridors, all different, have slightly different descriptions (well, all the rooms you showed us, anyway). I'd make a map (probably in a program for designing flowcharts) and make an entry for each room and keep trying new exits. Then once I thought I had it down I'd visit all the rooms again and try all the exits again, in a different order to see if the designers are dicks and put in two (or more!) rooms with the same description.

Bingo. The rooms really /are/ all different, and therefore can be mapped. It's just done in a way that you don't necessarily notice while playing, since the sense of each sentence is the same. I would recommend doing an actual map as an exit list, though, since a real graph would be quite tricky.

pun pundit posted:

Any other exits we can find from the maze?

Nope, just this room and the way back to the western end of the hall.