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Part 43: Chapter 42: The Heart Speaks

Chapter 42: The Heart Speaks

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This is entirely voiced. That is all.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes For the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
Since that whole Metafalica thing, Luca and Cloche have been pretty close. Not that I'm spreading rumors or something.


Failure is not an option. You must finish by the deadline. Understood?
Knight: Yes, ma'am!
*sigh *

You know, you just hear things every so often.

Welcome back! How was it?
Hey! Don't just lie down like that! Your clothes will get wrinkled.
But I'm tired. Ahh... my bed, my love... It feels so good...
If you keep that up, I'm gonna have to strip you bare.
*gasp * No! Anyway, I'm hungry. Sis, can you bring me something to snack on!?
Hmph, you only call me Sis when you want something. You're so spoiled...
If you don't mind donuts, here you go.
Thank you! I love you, Sis!

And by hear things I mean Spica bugged them. I don't even know where she gets those things, and I don't think I want to know.

Don't worry. Say, you don't have anything to do today, do you?
Nope, I'm free all day.
But yesterday was pretty bad. Some customer just came out and hugged me...
I'll beat him up for you!
Don't say that!
You really don't get tired of it, huh?
Working three jobs, as a Holy Maiden, Dive Therapist, and a singer.
Heh heh, yeah. But my duties as a Maiden aren't as busy as yours, Leyka.
And when you put it that way, you work two jobs as a Maiden and a politician.
I'm not a politician. That just sounds so bad...
Anyway, if you're not doing anything, want to go out today?
Sure, but where to?
The Fancy Shop, of course!
Nuh uh! Nope, no way!
Huh? Why not!?
You already spent your allowance for the month.
What!? Well who do you think is making all that money!?
You waste too much of it. You can't spend any more this month!

But Sis...
"Sis"ing me isn't going to work!
...Ha! Hahaha...
What are you laughing about?
You know...
Remember when we thought we'd never get along?
Well, I did want to kill you at one point...
That's not funny!
But anyway, there's no mistaking it now...
We're the bestest friends in this world!

Yeah... Um, anyway, since Metafalica I've been studying the Heart of Gaea here. I think I've made a breakthrough, but sadly my initial plans aren't viable, so I've come up with a backup.

Amazing, is it not? It is the biggest one I've ever seen in my whole life.
Ooh! It's so pretty!
Cocona, please listen...
The Heart of Gaea is capable of saving the entire world.
I... came from a place beyond Metafalss.
My purpose was to obtain Metafalica, the theory behind land creation.
...I see. So that's why you were out enemy, and then our ally, and stuff.
Correct. My interest had something to do with the course of this world.
Land creation is not only about giving birth to a piece of rock.
As you can see when you look at Metafalica, this land is alive.
Once it is born, it is full of life, has cycles, and follows the order and structure of this world.
It is the Heart of Gaea that gives birth and runs this land with its own free will.
So this Heart of Gaea thing... can give birth to life?
That is correct...
It can play the tune of our "feelings" at a much higher level of emotion.

What I needed to ask of her required rather a lot of explanation sadly.

What!? The planet has one, too!?
Yes. It is a larger, much higher level Heart than this one.
But, history states that this world's Heart was shattered at the end of the First Era.
And ever since, the planet has no water on its surface. Not a single plant grows on the land...
But if every person on the planet sings together, we may be able to save it...
Like the people of Metafalss, giving birth to this small land of Metafalica.
Cocona, stand in front of me. Yes, like that, and face me.
Wee yea ra crannidale yora.
Heart of Gaea: Wee yea ra crannidale yora.

It was time to get to the point.

Take this and go to the tower that Tyria manages.
There, I want you to meet with my counterpart, Halvastasha, and give it to her.
Wait! Isn't that... where Laude was from!?
That is correct. You remembered.
I had planned to go there myself, but...
I must return to the tower that Eoria maintains.
So... you're going home?
There is a reason why I asked you.
It is because you are I.P.D. positive.
According to my friend, Reyvateil management on the Tower of Tyria is quite thorough.
The society is completely ruled by Reyvateils. Any human outsiders are immediately detained.
Sounds scary...
As for Reyvateils, they are warmly welcomed.
And, you are strong.

In a worst-case scenario, if something were to happen, I am confident you can get out of it.
This request will lead to saving the entire world. Please cooperate with me.
...But, I...

All I can do is hope she comes through. This just left one issue to deal with before I could return to Sol Ciel.


Heh... never change.
Even if I tried to stop you, it'd be pointless... Do you really have to go?
You know, yet you still ask. ...Curious.
I did what I came for on this land. There is no reason for me to stay.

Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised to hear my name in this place. I don't know why really, it should have been obvious how he knew.

In your Cosmosphere...
Mir... even if there's no reason for you, there's plenty of reason for me...
For you to stay.
Your ranting makes no sense.
I love you.

I think I can safely say I did not anticipate something like this possibly happening under any circumstances when I set out from home.

...Are you... stupid? You saw my Cosmosphere, did you not?
I am incapable of liking humans...
Yeah, I know. The more I looked into it, the more hesitation I felt towards humans.
If you understand, then stop trying to...
But that's why I want to be with you.
Because everything about you accepted me.
No matter what you say, my feelings won't change.
Because I...
Promised your conscience.
...But... that is...
No, I do not believe you. You are trying to confuse me with words.
You're right. Simple words are hard to trust.
So I'll show you my mind... my feelings for you.

And then he did something else I wouldn't have expected.


Recently. I only learned it for this song.
You really are... How do I say this...?
When you are this stupid, I don't know what to say.
Honestly... I also...
Cannot deny...
That I am quite attracted to you.
But... I still have many worries.
I will never use the word "forever." I do not believe in its concept.
Yeah. Same here.
So, I'm sorry but, I can only promise you for this moment...
Right now, I love you. And that's no lie. You have to believe me.
...Hehe. Good answer.
...Want to begin here?

I couldn't stay, that never changed. But that doesn't mean I can't bring someone else along...

I have no answer. I will not abandon the path that I desire.
But I want to walk this path with you, and experience much more.
If you are willing to claim a future that you may not desire...
Then I think I can walk into the future with you.

I came here for the secrets of Metafalica, but I left with something I never could have hoped for in a lifetime...

Are you certain? I cannot guarantee a return trip.
It's fine. As long as you're by my side.
Stop that. You're giving me chills.
I want to see it, too. Sol Ciel, the place where you were born.
There is nothing remarkable about that place.
But you still want to go home, right?
Then, let's go...

Loading Stream: Sol Marta Personal Recording System

Do you think this planet still desires us to be here?
Is this new land still a world that is needed by this planet?
Enja, what do you think?
That's a foolish question.
Of all people, Frelia... You?
...I have a question for you. Why am I here?
Because you need me to exist.
Metafalica was born into this world...
Because this world needs it to exist... Don't you agree?
Well... that's what I think.

I'll keep this new world safe, for Infel, for everyone...