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Part 47: Chapter ??: The Birth of Gaea

Resuming retrieved file...

: Hrm, looks like the Replekia attack on Sol Marta. Seems exactly the same so far. I'll just skip ahead a bit.
: Yeah, this simulation seems pretty lazy and unnecessary.

: Wait, is that Cloche? Didn't she get her soul sucked into Gaea?
: I'll scroll back a bit.

: Ok, There's their first Metafalica attempt. <Whimper> That wasn't fun.
: Yeah, it was a bit of a stupid desperation move on their part.

: That Gaea... looks different.
: Yep. Apparently whoever was feeling more confident at the time would become the heart. Looks like Metafalica was in a pretty delicate state.
: Of course, I could feel that.
: Yes, I'm sorry.

: Whoa!

: Grhh...

: Yup.
: ...! Luca! Lady Cloche!
: ...Eh, ehrm.
: Lady Cloche!
: Luca! Where's Luca!? Luca! Get ahold of yourself!
: ......
: ...Luca!
: ......I don't hear a heartbeat.
: What!? ... You mean?
: ......
: You're kidding right!? You have to be!
: ......
: No...Luca! Don't die here. Talk to me! Hey! Lucaaaaa!
: That was interesting.
: Want to skip ahead a bit?
: Nah. There's a little more drama here I guess. Skip the stuff with Jacqli, it's the same.

: that moment... When the lightning hit, she pushed me away.
: Actually I'm pretty sure that was the Annular Confinement Beam. Can't get someone else's brainwaves in the sample!
: I remember when that happened once, in the very early testing. Not fun.
: And I was saved. But... She...
: ......
: ......
: ...This can't be right. This is Metafalica?
: ...Cro?
: The land of Metafalica... Must it be built upon someone else's sacrifice?
: Well, in theory no, but in practice yes.
: Cro!
: Luca... Why did you have to die...? Luca...! This was just the beginning. I told myself I'd give you my all... Lucaaaa...
: ...Cro.
: Grh...
: ......
: If a sacrifice like this is inevitable, I don't need Metafalica. Everyone can live happily? That's a lie!
: Croix...
: Everyone! Things look pretty crazy all over! Ms. Reisha is alright now. She's up and about! But I sent her home just in case...
: Amarie!

: But, we can't just stay here forever.
: Then, we should take her to Promise Hill. Promise Hill has been used to bury royalty since olden times. It's a suitable place for Luca to rest...

: Ok let's skip ahead some more.

: I couldn't protect you... I told you I would, but I couldn't... Luca...
: Pu pupu pu!
: .......
: Her life made many people happy. She gave birth to Metafalica...
: ......
: We'll stay here for the night.

: ......
: Do you want to go home?
: no.
: I know very well how you feel.
: ...After losing her, I realized it for the first time. I can't live in a world without her.
: ......
: I can't believe I didn't know till I got into this situation. I'm so stupid.
: There are many thing you never know until they're lost. I learned that when my daughter died. I was just like you are right now.
: What!? had a daughter?
: Yeah. I don't really talk about it though. Her name was Alicia. She was still little... Because of me, she died in an accident.
: ...Did you regret it?
: I'd have to be a demon not to. I couldn't even eat for a while. But, I still continued my duties as a knight.
: Calm down.
: You see, there were others I still had to protect. Citizens..and other precious people.
: ......
: Regretting it and being depressed is the easy way out. But that choice is a dead end. If you choose to stick to that choice, you should go home and rest. I'll never blame you if you do.
: ...... ...Captain. Thank you for trying to cheer me up. I betrayed you once, but you're still kind to me.
: You didn't betray me. I merely gave you a choice that time. You're strong, Croix. I don't want you to bury your strength. Can't you use your strength to protect Lady Cloche once more?
: This version of the speech is a little more interesting.

: You thought you solved everything by only sacrificing yourself? You're always so nice, and doing good things...
: ...Pupu pi? Pupumo pu pu!
: ...Soope. Thank you for coming.
: Pu pupuma pupu!
: ...Hm? You'll be my pillow? Thank you. You're so nice, Soope.

Linking Infelsphere_v392_loader

: It's nice to see you, Lady Cloche. You look perfectly fine. I'm glad.
: You...what? Is this a dream? Or are you really alive?
: Oh, excuse you. Of course I'm alive. Boldly, above you.
: ...Huh? What do you mean?
: Hehehe... I wonder what it means? I think..I've become more refined compared to when I had a body.
: Refined? Body?
: That time, it was weak, but an Ascension occurred. So I was able to clarify my own direction.
: Ascension...? Clarify? I don't understand. Hey!
: My mind values Freedom and Equality most. So I'll fix the government and lead us all to the promised land.
: Are you...perhaps...
: Ungh...
: Hey! Are you alright!?
: Sorry, I have to concentrate. Those guys from the Grand Bell are...

: But you know, I wonder if they were both real maidens.
: Luca is the Maiden of Fuero. As proof, she was able to sing Solfege. Lady Cloche...well honestly, I don't know. Because I don't know what proof she needs as Aqua.
: According to the Chancellor, Lady Cloche was baptized as Aqua when she was very young. And as proof of Aqua, she has the control authority over Infel Pira.
: Hmm... I see... But you know... There's something that still bugs me. Hey hey! Captain! About the time when they were downloading Metafalica... Was Lady Cloche really able to download the song?
: ...Hm?
: The way I saw it, it kinda seemed like she couldn't sing it that well...
: If that's true, then Lady Cloche isn't a maiden of anything. Meaning, she's just a normal Reyvateil. And if that's the case, that Metafalica couldn't have been a success...
: That's ridiculous! Are you saying everything we did was a farce?
: Well, it did sort of turn out that way. Heh.
: Yeah, the stuff they did up to that point didn't do much good.
: That we were all tricked by some grand deceiver?
: This is kinda funny in retrospect.
: Laude got them to sing it. I'm sure he knew what he was doing. He knew about the statue in Bell Strike Hall, and that there had to be two maidens. There has to be a reason why he would use Lady Cloche for that ceremony...

: Um, everyone, listen... There's a possibility... Luca might still be alive.
: What!?

: Whoa!
: Ahhh!
: The destruction is happening again!?
: ......

: Really!?
: It's impossible!

: Ern...nnn...
: Luca! Is she alive...!?
: ...I'm pretty sure she is. But I don't think her soul is in this body anymore. Luca's soul is probably... Above the sky...
: ...Above the sky!?
: Damn. This crumbling seems kind of different from the ones before.
: Let's go see outside!


: So Luca uses Wizard-Type monsters rather than Angel-Type monsters. Any idea why?
: It's obvious, Angels are frequently used as a symbol of order. Cloche is "Order" and Luca is "Chaos".
: Wizards are a symbol of Chaos?
: Eh, it's not like she could just use demons.
: The land! Why is it being attacked!?
: Wow... Looks like a big ruckus. I wonder what's going on...
: Luca's suffering just might be because of an attack on Gaea...
: What does that even mean?
: Actually, I just met Luca in a dream-like world... At first I thought it was only a dream, but it was so realistic... And I still remember everything she said so clearly...
: So what did she say!?
: "My mind values Freedom and Equality" and "I'll fix the government"... And at the end, it sounded like the Grand Bell was trying to hurt her.
: Sounds kinda like Luca's there on Gaea.
: If what I saw wasn't just a dream, then Luca is a part of Gaea.
: ...Isn't that bad? If the Grand Bell keeps attacking it, Luca will...
: Let's go back to the Grand Bell! We have to talk to Chancellor Alfman!

: Anyway they're returning to Pastalia just like before.

: What in the world was that?
Uncle: You guys! What are you just standing there for!?
Big Bro: This place is dangerous!
Uncle: Hurry, over here!
: What was that monster?
Uncle: Hey, I just realized you guys are knights. Do something about this!
: First you'll have to explain the situation.
Big Bro: They sprang out all of a sudden from the land that was made above us. They'll challenge you if you run into them. If you choose to obey, they'll take you somewhere.
Uncle: Even if you choose to fight, we can't win... So stay away from them.
: Those things....
Uncle: What's going on? Isn't Metafalica supposed to be a paradise? Why are there monsters overflowing from it?
: I understand the situation. We'll go find the cause of this.

: After this it seems to be the same up until Alfman.
Grand Bell Knight A: Reporting in! Another mother ship has fallen to Gaea's magical attacks!
: Grh...damn it. It's called a mother ship but it's weak as hell.
Grand Bell Knight A: Pardon me for speaking, but Gaea's attacks are too strong. The fires of war are severe and...
: I don't want to hear it!

Grand Bell Knight A: Ah, ahhh! Please, don't kill me...

: Lollipop gun never gets old.
Grand Bell Knight A: ......
: Listen! Come up with an attack plan so that they won't skink. That's your job, isn't it!?
Grand Bell Knight A: Y-yes, sir! Excuse me!
: What is wrong with you people? Nobody thinks these days.
: Oh excuse me, Mr. "I closed all the schools". I wonder why they can't think.
: Where the hell is the Captain at a time like this?
: Chancellor!
: Did she write this? That seems a bit contrived.
: Hoh! Speak of the devil... Where were you?
: I deeply apologize for my absence during this emergency.
: Chancellor Alfman! Please stop the attacks.
: Why?
: ...The Maiden of Fuero is inside Gaea.
: ...Interesting. But what does that mean?
: You see...
: I see. There's a good possibility of that happening. But it's no reason to stop the attack.
: Why not!?
: Because I never let selfish brats dictate my military policies.
: ...!
: Yeah he's referring to YOU!
: Alfman is roughly 100x as good at burns as you.
: Chancellor Alfman. Pardon me, but aren't your methods a bit tyrannical?
: HAH! It's a bit late to say that...
: Huh?
: You suppress by force. You try to solve everything with violence. You've always been this way. I won't comment on our war, but I can't stand lying to the public anymore. Was it really necessary to lie to everyone about what was going on? I don't understand. I won't let you use me to shield your plots.
: You know, Cloche, you've always argued with me. When will you ever learn the theory of monarchy? One person stands on top.
: ......
: A leader's always gotta focus on reality. If we dream, everyone'll die.
: I understand...
: No, you don't. If you did, then we wouldn't be talking about this. How, pray tell, can we guarantee the safety of the people, the Maiden of Fuero, and both lands? I don't want to blow away this precious land that was created. But this is our reality! Unless we do this, the chaos is just going to spread.
: ......
: And you know, in all honesty, forget it. I don't need a maiden.
: ...What did you say!?
: Creating such a crappy land...all you've done is caused us more harm. I feel stupid for raising you, spending all that money...
: But!
: ...Looks like I'm out of the maiden business.
: ......
: I will!
: Did the simulation skip ahead? I don't see anything that would be responded to with that line.
: ...?
: I'll go up into Gaea, and see what's going on. I don't mind if you give me a deadline. But for that time, please wait!
: Don't be stupid. What if we get attacked while we're waiting for you?
: A person's life is at stake!
: The same goes for us! Don't get all high and mighty just because one person had to become the foundation for new land.
: Chancellor...I beg you, too.
: Captain!
: The Grand Bell Knights will take responsibility and manage this situation. Please, give us your grace...
: Captain Leglius, have you been corrupted by them? You of all people should know that when you go to war, people die. If one soul can save 100,000 people, it's well worth it.
: ......
: It may be to you, Chancellor... But Luca is irreplaceable to me. All I want is to save her. Please give me time!
: ......
: Shouldn't Alfman remember Croix betrayed him at some point during this?
: The simulation is making assumptions to allow the desired outcome to come about, because it's simulating a prerequisite.
: It's also kind of lazy.
: Like you work harder than you have to.
: HEY!
Grand Bell Knight C: Reporting in! Chancellor, I have a message from Lady Jacqli.
: ...Jacqli?
Grand Bell Knight C: ......
: ...Alright. Fine. Croix Bartel...
: Huh!?
: I'll give you a little time. And I'll give you a one way trip with an airship. Find your own way back. Do your best to try to save that girl.
: ...Yes sir. Thank you very much.
: ......
: ...Thank you for all you've done for me. I've finally made up my mind. I will choose my own path with my own will, and I shall lead the people. Good luck to you too, Chancellor Alfman.
: ...Hurry up and get married! You're going to be left behind.
: OUCH! Although on this path she's predestined to lose. Who the hell could she marry?
: Targana? Maybe he's secretly bisexual.
: I think he's actually Croix-sexual.

: Poor Cloche knows she's outclassed.
: Captain Leglius, are you going, too?
: I was planning to all along.
: It would make me feel better if you stayed behind this time.
: I apologize, but I cannot agree with your decision this time, Chancellor. And...
: ...and we've seen this already. Heh.

: Lady Cloche, are you alright?
: You don't have to care about me anymore. I'm no longer a maiden. And you don't need to call me "Lady" anymore. Just call me Cloche.
: Ironic that Cloche gets her wish to be on a level status with Croix, but only when he's not interested in her!
: No. To me, you'll always be Lady Cloche. And I will continue to protect you.
: *sigh* Do whatever you want.
: Sorry, I'm late.
: Captain, thank you very much for earlier.
: No need to thank me. I just decided to be honest.
: But, is it really okay?
: ...Hm?
: You're close to neglecting your command. And it's for my selfish reasons...
: I will take responsibility for my own actions. Besides, I'm not the type to just watch what happens from "down there". Unlike the Chancellor... I'll go up there and see for myself what's going on. For Luca, and for this world...
: ...Yes, sir.
: Well, how about we head to your home soon? Cocona should be waiting.

: You're late. Did something happen?
: No, it's fine. We were even able to get him to sponsor our trip to Gaea.
: Ooh! Good job!
: It does sound kind of suspicious though...
: ...Huh?
: During our meeting, he got a message from Jacqli. And that's when he changed his mind. Jacqli and this trip to Gaea... they're probably related somehow.
: Yeah, that part about Jacqli is pretty darn suspicious.
: Well, it's better than not being able to get up there.
: That's true.
: Well, if we're ready, let's go. We don't have much time, remember?
: That's right. Let's hurry.
: ......
: ...Huh? Amarie, what's wrong? Feeling sick?
: I'm...alright. Okay, let's go.
: You're coming with us?
: Of course I am. This is for Luca...
: ...You're going to leave Chester?
: ...... Sure. There's nothing between us anyway...

: This is all so very much the same.
: Yes.

: Let's skip ahead to the good stuff.
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