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Part 91: Jacqli's Miscellany Edition

Jacqli Talk Topics: The Miscellany

Legendary Menu:

Your favorite food or something?
I know a Reyvateil who sucks at cooking.
Her specialty cuisine is based on it.
Bad cooking doesn't surprise me anymore. I have Luca to thank for that.
Her cuisine's called "BBQ Soda."
Wait a second. What did you just say?
BBQ Soda. It's literally a glass of soda with a few pieces of barbecued beef hanging over the lip.
...Whew. Just imagining that already made me sick...
But, unlike its repulsive appearance, it is pretty delicious.
Even if it's delicious, I still would never eat it.

I Kinda Like It:

I like the design of it. Maybe I want one of those toys in my room.
Oh, you didn't like it? I just tried to be girlie like Luca for you.
Oh, no... I just didn't know how to react to it...
First of all, what makes you think the design of that monster is cute at all?
There are various types of cuteness.
There are cute things that you can tell why they are cute and those you can't.
Zodom is categorized at the latter. Don't think of it, just feel.
There's something I can tell you for sure: I never can.
...You give up so easily. You're gutless.
I'd rather be a gutless man than think it's cute.

Bad Sense of Taste:

I don't know. This is some kind of cake, isn't it? I kind of like the way it tastes.
...Is it good?
Yeah, it's not bad.
But, that is... a Pippencuit, you know?
Is that the name of this cracker?
No, it's Pippen food.
Oh yeah!? It's such a waste to feed Pippens with it.
Stop eating it, or you'll have a stomachache.

Lovey Dovey, Luca:

Well, we did live together before.
Oh, like moved in with each other?
It was when we were little. We're not like that.
Oh, is that so... I thought it was recently.
You guys are talking every day. I thought you were secretly seeing each other...
Yeah, right... We only talk, like, right now.
...I see.
...Was that bothering you?

Lovey Dovey, Cloche:

Oh, yeah, I have been talking to her every day.
Knowing her, I thought she would freak out about being in the same room with a man at night.
it's not like that. We just talk.
If I did anything to offend her, you know my head will be chopped off...
I see...
Well she looks like she might give in pretty easily.
Stop giving me ideas...

Good & Bad Memory:

What are you talking about?
You remembered the promise you made with Targana, right?
Don't make fun of me. I made the promise when I was a child...
I'm praising you for living up to your promise even though it was made when you were a child.
I know this guy who not only forgot his childhood, but also the existence of a person he made a promise to as a child.
...Who is that guy?
He's beaten me in a duel.
What! That's incredible!
He was, except for his memory.
...What a surprise.

Dangerous Object:

One time, as an "experiment", she gave me a spear that blew up out of nowhere...
I didn't find any dangerous things like that anywhere inside the shop...
I even looked through places where they might hide it.
Ah... well, it happened once before.
They bundle the spears and put them in the corner of the shop. Out of nowhere, one of the spears blew up.
The rest of the spears caught on fire and blew up half of the shop.
...Sounds like a disaster.
Since then, I think they started storing those explosive in a well protected area.
...I don't understand why anyone "well protect" such a dangerous material that blows up randomly.

Never Eat it Raw:

I dunno.. It's very chewy and kinda good.
It's called a Kururuku Meatball on a Stick, and it's full of goodies that girls need!
Well, I'm not a girl. You mean, it's good for a lady like me, right?
Well, yeah, I guess so...
...That's not heated all the way.
It's good cold. Plus, Meatballs are supposed to be cold right?
Um, well no...
It's too much work anyway. Plus, this is good cold, so I have no problem with it.
...Don't you think you're being too lazy?


...You pervert.
No! I mean, is there such a chaotic place in this universe.
Well, at least, I have never worn clothes there until now.
People always told me to wear clothes, but I always liked to be naked.
...All they did was tell you to put clothes on?
Someone jealous of my figure called the police, and I had to run away from them. Insecure people really get on my nerves.
That's not the point...

Embarrassing Thing:

What do you mean?
I was thinking about the Thread of Binding. Don't you think it's kind of silly?
Well, yeah...
We're probably the only people who travel with it.
...I know someone who did.
...You serious?
I'm more surprised that it existed in this world too.

I Love Taking Baths:

Not like into it. I'm just a little interested in the ways.
It's better to add something to it, than just taking a bath.
I was just thinking of different ways.
I see. I do want to use that thing called Fruity Palette.
That's a good idea.
I didn't know dunking myself in a bath was such a relaxing thing.
I regret not taking a bath until recently.
...You're making me get a second thought about your lifestyle.

Looks Comfy:

It's nothing to brag about.
...Well, that's true.
But... it's very cozy.
Cozy? What do you mean?
...I mean that.
No, I don't get "that".
I mean!
...I wouldn't mind living here, or something...
Ohh... I see.
That's what I mean...
...Well, we have things to settle first, right?
...True, we shouldn't talk about it now.
Yeah, right.
Well... I'm looking forward to it.

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