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Part 16: Episode 16: Acre - The "Rich" District

Episode 16: Acre - The "Rich" District

(Note: The MP4 download might show double length (~1hr) and cut off midway in. This is an inconvenient bug, but the video still plays just fine)
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Notes -
- Unfortunately, I kinda stumbled through the Gothic Church style part, so I'll paste a segment of my notes here, as well as a screenshot that shows the three major segments:
"They were usually composed of three major chambers: a Nave, a Transept, and a Sanctuary. The nave refers to the roof that is basically high-elevated and is directly over the aisle leading to the altar; this was usually the main chamber and made up most of the church. The name comes from the Latin term for "ship", since the vaulted, arching ceiling in these resemble a ship's keel or general underside shape. The transept is usually not as long as the nave and lies perpendicular, the nave intersecting the transept halfway across. The transept is an intermediate chamber that separates the nave from the rounded or dome-like face of the church, which is known as the sanctuary. When seen from above, the structure as a whole is built in a cross-like design."

- The new microphone is pretty awesome in general, but I've been sick all week with a throat bug. So it kind of pans out My apologies if the commentary is a bit dryer than the norm.

- So, a recent update of MeGUI evidently is wrecking some havoc on MP4 conversions. The cases vary from machine to machine, and the usual end-result is you'll get the video and it'll be twice the actual length. If an update is 30 minutes long, then the file will be the proper size, but its total length will show an hour. Once you get exactly halfway (where the recording should end), it'll stop. I was fretting over it last week as well. If, for whatever reason, the file isn't working for you at all, try different media players.

Spermando posted:

[The part] where you put the asterisk is "The Oc et Non". Apparently, that's Occitan for "yes and no", and that's what bards called Richard because he would quickly change his mind about everything.